Casey Donovan

Status: Eliminated
Started: Grand Final
Finished: Grand Final
Twitter: @CaseyDonovan
Another WOW, what a strong & powerful performance by Casey Donovan, she really is a winner tonight! Very impressed and totally PROUD of her! That would be #Eurovision excellence! Love Australia Love #AustraliaDecides2020 #AustraliaDecides
I have a new favourite. @CaseyDonovan that performance was fucking amazing!! You gunna win sista!!! I fucking love you!! Xxx #Eurovision #AusDecides #AustraliaDecides
Casey Donovan is the clear winner in my opinion. Amazing voice but what a bland song. Compare it to everything else Australia has sent. Really hoping it doesn't win #AustraliaDecides
No. 8 I've loved Casey since she won Idols. Still love her and the vocal is EPIC. Imagine her and Destiny on a duet!!!! #Eurovision #AustraliaDecides
casey donovan. geez she is just so brilliant. she'll win it for us no doubt. she's amazing #AusDecides #Eurovision
She always delivers - @CaseyDonovan is a wonderful storyteller & will do us Proud at Eurovision. She looks so beautiful tonight! @SBS @SBSEurovision #Eurovision #AusDecides
I love Casey, and her vocals are outstanding. But, this song still feels like it was cut from The Greatest Showman. #AusDecides
That was so close! Casey did amazingly well, but her song was too generic to win, regardless of vocal strength. Let's hope that the SBS team can work that staging and costume! #AusDecides
Casey Donovan: Queen of vocals. What a powerhouse! She's 'done a Dami' and taken a pleasant studio version of her song and just turned it up to eleven live. She looks fabulous, and with a commanding voice like that, who needs fancy staging?#AusDecides #Eurovision
Casey Donovan is an angel and this song is INCREDIBLE Love Love Love #AusDecides
Casey is freaking beautiful. I kinda hope she wins. #AusDecides
Youch! @CaseyDonovan you just smashed it at #Eurovision #AusDecides Seriously the best performance of the night! Can it get any better? All the artists are awesome.
Dear Australia, Dami Im gave you best result so far with powerful ballad! Treat yo fine self with next powerful ballad and send Casey! Best, the Netherlands #AusDecides
Wow. In the stadium amazing. People LOVE Casey. #ausdecides
Ok, I'm calling it: Casey Donovan and Proud will win. Rabbit Hole is probably the best #Eurovision package but, honestly, I think this is going to be one of the closest national finals of the season #AusDecides
Amazing Casey!!!!! Omg I'm crying, I'm so proud!!! #AustraliaDecides
Stand proud Casey. That was phenomenal. She has my vote #AusDecides
Casey Donovan with clearly the best live vocals of the night so far. Just wish she had a better overall song though. Casey elevates it more than it probably deserves. #ausdecides #australiadecides
Magical just sheer MAGICAL - Proud by Casey Donovan is AMAZING #AustraliaDecides
Casey has a great voice. The song is quite nice, and is better live than in the studio. I feel as if the song needs to built better though, and it does half give me Let It Go vibes musically. #AusDecides
Casey has a great vocal and the arena seem to love Proud! I can see this doing really well tonight Australia #AustraliaDecides
Casey Donovan Love just incredible #AusDecides #Eurovision
Casey Donovan won the popular vote but was just a few votes short of taking the crown #AusDecides
Love Casey but we all know who the true winner of her season of Australian Idol was @TheRickiLee #AusDecides
casey won the popular vote which i admit is rlly cool #AustraliaDecides
Casey, you are amazing! Love Love Love #Eurovision
Wow @CaseyDonovan - just incredible. #AusDecides #AustraliaDecides #Eurovision
Casey Donovan still best for me. But also like Amorosi and Greek girl. Also love my SBS #AusDecides
Well the Jury got that wrong. @CaseyDonovan totally deserved the win. Good on the public for voting her number 1. @SBSEurovision #AusDecides
At first I thought, oh this has a Greatest Showman vibe. But it's an interesting ballad & Casey Donovan is elevating it! Wouldn't be upset at all if it was sent to represent Australia . More staging/costume though please. #SBSEurovision #Eurovision #AustraliaDecides #AusDecides
Love Casey. Can SING. Want great things for her, but that still wasn't it. #AusDecides #Eurovision #AustraliaDecides
Casey was good but it's not a Eurovision winning song #AustraliaDecides
I don't care what anyone says I will always love Casey Donovan. That voice blows me away every time. Also this song is fantastic #Proud #AusDecides
Wow, go @CaseyDonovan! Best performance of the night so far. #proud #Eurovision #AusDecides
Casey is a fantastic vocalist, i wish she had a better song to work with. #AusDecides
Casey would have easily won Eurovision You Decide United Kingdom just for having the best vocal and not song. This isn't the Voice #AustraliaDecides
Do not underestimate how much Australians love Casey Donovan. She has won two reality shows. She could sing the phone book and people would pay tickets for it. #ausdecides
Casey Donovan can SELL A SONG. It came from the heart. It sounded pretty incredible in the hall. #australiadecides
Hands down best voice. Love ya @CaseyDonovan #AusDecides
Look, Casey Donovan's song isn't the best of the ten, but damn if she wouldn't SLAY at #Eurovision She has my vote. #Proud #AusDecides
8. Casey stole Myf's dress! Except she added some gauze to cover her cleavage. Song is nice but won't win ESC. #SBSEurovision #eurovision #AusDecides @SBSEurovision
Yep that's it! #Proud Amazing @CaseyDonovan #AusDecides
Casey Donovan you rock hope you win this #AusDecides
Ok Casey best so far tbh... damn that was good #AusDecides
Omg guys. @CaseyDonovan got the BIGGEST audience reaction of the night. BLOODY WOW!!!! It was AMAZING!!!! #AusDecides
Casey v Montaigne--- whoever wins will do Australia proud #AusDecides
Can we just send her without voting!!!!! @CaseyDonovan that was amazing!!!!! The highlight of the night so far!!!!!! lv Rosie xxx #AusDecides #Eurovision
Wow @CaseyDonovan, that was amazing #AustraliaDecides
Australia #AustraliaDecides #8 is Casey Donovan with "Proud" - and no, not a cover of North Macedonia's entry! This was the second surprise last night for me - it is a absolutely stunning vocal performance... #AusDecides
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