Status: Eliminated
Artist: ---
Song: Lie
Started: Final
Finished: Final
Wow Oskr was AMAZING!!!! I litterally had to cry!! Beautiful song and performance. My winner!!! #UMK21
Missed out on a few songs. How dare friends message me But #Lie by #Oskr really got to me. Proper emotional after that. Beautiful song and sublime voice. May be my favourite so far #UMK2021
Okay but Lie is such a good song and Oskr is incredible. Why does UMK have to be proper strong this year!! #UMK21
That was spectacular! Oskr had a good vocal performance, haunting staging, and he was able to sell the message of the song. This has star potential in my opinion. #UMK21
Every song in #UMK2021 is so great, and all performances are spot on... Lie is no exception. It will be almost impossible to choose a winner after this show lol
I love Oskr's song so much. I really hope this wins #UMK21
Lie is also beautiful Finland you're amazing #UMK21
Wow Oskr delivers great vocals!! His song is the most radio friendly out of the line up, one to watch for sure!! ~ Kyriakos #umk21
Lie is such a beautiful song I absolutely loved it #UMK21
Lie. , is easily my fave in #UMK21 it's so classy . Very underrated i think . Would do so well in #Eurovision
Love Oskr's song but I am already feeling the excitement for what's coming next #UMK21
Lie is good live. Finland is so good this year in the different genre they decided to highlight. This is a selection of pure quality. #umk21
So far Lie is my favourite. Way better than expected Love Love Love #UMK2021
Love this look I won't lie. We STAN a sparkly hot pink harness. #UMK21
Good night for an award show. We had Emmy & Oskr at the exact same time. #nkrmgp #umk21
Lie is so good Love #UMK21
Wow Oskr! Awesome awesome! And finally a staging that make sense! #UMK21
Finland please vote for Lie it's such a beautiful song #UMK21
#UMK21 Oskr is absolutely smashing this performance. Great song.
Oskr, such good vocals. Finland, you have a strong lineup tonight! #UMK21
Come On Lieeeee Finland Love Love Love #UMK21
If the live version is as on-point as the recorded one, OSKR will stand a chance Love #UMK21
Really enjoyed that from Oskr, vocally excellent and definitely upped from the studio! #UMK21
Finland #UMK21 #Eurovision Oskr's performance looks a lot like a music video, something that we probably have to get used to at this year's Eurovision. Very raw vocals and great performance overall.
"Lie" is beautiful and simple, but not really doing much for me #UMK21
#UMK21 he could win this.... Go OSKR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oskr has my vote. Pure quality. #UMK21 #ESC2021 #eurovision
"Lie" is a grower! Oskr sells it so well and he's here to win #UMK21
Oskr's song is so good #UMK21
the lyrics of lie... i'm crying again #umk21
not @/me crying over oskr's song- #UMK2021
That was really great Oskr #UMK21
Lie is such a grower Love Love #umk21
Wow Oskr that was intense! #UMK21 #UMK #UMK2021
Not Oskr being the best of the night so far... #UMK21
I'm surprised how th underdogs are doing so well!!! another great performance this time from Oskar with "Lie" #UMK2021
Oskr is giving everything! Great performance! #UMK21
lie is so good mamma mia #umk
I love Lie, but I wanted more from the performance #UMK21
Oskr is the best up to now #umk
12 to Oskr we Stan the Icelandic jury #UMK21
Great song from #OSKR and so contemporary #UMK21 #Eurovision2021 #Finland
I think Oskr's giving the best performance of the night so far... dark horse #UMK21
Not going to lie, Oskr is my personal fave for tonight. *fingers crossed* #UMK21
oskr's song is so good, I wish he participated in a weaker year tho :/ #umk21
#UMK21 5 "Lie" - Oskr This lacks melody and the lyrics are just too worthy for my liking. Also the staging is rather odd and somehow cold and too contrived for an intimate song. Also lacks a hook or a decent ending. 3/10
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