Status: Eliminated
Artist: ---
Song: Play
Started: Final
Finished: Final
Twitter: @laura_poldvere
Instagram: @laurapoldvere
Wow you cannot argue with that televote score!!!! Good for them. I think it has potential to do okay, people "associate" this type of music with Finland so that could play into their favour. Good luck to them! #UMK21
Laura is an Estonian treasure and 'Play' is fairly pleasant but she needs a much more competitive song to ever reach a Eurovision final. Something like 'Supersonic' with less terrible grammar. #UMK21 #Finland #Suomi #Eurovision
Song 3: Laura is a long-term favourite of mine, and this staging is really elevating the song. Queen takes pawn Love #UMK21
Laura served, loved the staging and her vocals were great. my favourite so far!! #UMK21
Finland #UMK21 #Eurovision Very effective performance from Laura. The big chess piece is very impressive prop! While Laura sings very well, her pronunciation could be better.
I love Laura, she serve looks. You go queen. She is not going to win but you do you gurl #umk2021
Laura you did amazing Love #UMK21
Laura gives us a giant chess piece and a stunning sparkling outfit! #umk21 ~ Kyriakos
I can't believe the #Eurovision fandom is genuinely rooting for this tuneless racket from Juri. It makes Play sound like Euphoria. #EestiLaul2021
Oh Laura my sweetheart. It wasnt good but I feel sorry for you #UMK21
Laura definitely watched The Queen's Gambit and her vocals are on point! Solid performance and the song is still that good from the first listen, yeeeeee-haaaaaw! #UMK21
I'm here for Estonian Laura upselling this bang average song. Iconic behaviour #UMK21
Although I don't think Laura's song is competitive enough, I still love it #UMK2021
Estonia Jueri Pootsmann - Magus Melanhoolia Competent staging, competent vocal. Yeah, this is a definite glow-up from his 2016 attempt "Play". It's staged pretty well, but I wonder how this would fare in #Eurovision... Would people get it? #EestiLaul
laura's smile is so charming :( #UMK21
I FUCKING LOVE LAURA. And I think Play is underrated from what I've seen on Twitter. #UMK21
Laura Poldvere is a superstar from Estonia! That she is #UMK21
My favourite of this lot from the studio versions of the songs is Laura's Play, but it's a strong field. But oh no, the stream keeps freezing! #UMK2021
Oh. I feel bad for Laura. She was better that that. #UMK21
Does Laura stan the Queen's Gambit? #UMK2021
the thing about Play is that the verses are actually nice and kinda promising...... and then the chorus kicks in #umk21
I feel like Play has been treated like one of the ugly ducklings of this year's UMK, but for me, whilst I don't want it to win, I genuinely do enjoy it #umk2021
Saara Aalto would have sang and performed Laura's song better but it's a decent song #umk
laura's existence is so funny to me #umk2021
"Laura is an Estonian superstar" Weeeeeell, she's no Koit Toome is she? #UMK21
Laura is clearly not winning. #UMK21
If Laura wins this somehow, she's going to have a third NQ-er on her hands #UMK2021
Play is good but it's missing that wow factor #UMK21
Finland #UMK21 #Eurovision Two-time Eurovision representative, Estonian Laura is trying her luck in Finland. She lives partly in Finland now and speaks some Finnish too!
Laura's so pretty Love #UMK21
okay play is actually really nice live despite the very distracting chess piece #umk21
Laura's stage Love Love #UMK21
am i the only one who doesn't hate laura's staging?? #umk2021
Estonia I love the play with negative space in the camera angles but I would like him to do more than just stand there like... #Eurovision #EestiLaul2021
I love laura... #UMK21
Is it me or does Laura never sing the "your" in "Like I'm your better mood game"? #UMK21
Estonia I wasn't the biggest fan of "Play" in 2016, so I'm hoping that his performance tonight will help me change my opinion - even if in 2016 we did see his ass.. #EestiLaul2021 #Eurovision
ok so everyone besides laura can win umk, this voting sequence is gonna be a mess #umk2021
Play is quite good. #UMK21
Love you Laura #UMK21
It's Laura's turn Love #UMK2021
#UMK2021 this description by laura has laurell barker brave energy
Song 3 is Laura. Laura is sat on a big golden queen. The chess piece, I mean. And here are some pawns to dance for her. #umk21
laura with 0 lol #umk21
Well, *we* still love Laura in this house #UMK21
thank you for the memes laura #umk21
It's kinda cute how I can't understand a word of Laura's live singing, very Ariana Grande #umk21
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