Status: Eliminated
Artist: ---
Song: Kelle mä soitan
Started: Final
Finished: Final
Twitter: @iltaofficial
Instagram: @iltaofficial
ILTA WAS HELLA AMAZING!!!! Flawless vocals and gorgeous angelic staging, an emotive powerful song and she has the biggest package tonight, winner alert! #UMK21
In the small chance that she wins... Might make Ilta my winner, like wtf I don't think I've ever had such a strong emotional reaction to an NF performance before #UMK2021
Ilta is amazing this song is so beautiful and perfect #UMK21
Ilta's vocal was flawless tonight... she gave a compassionate and emotional performance. I absolutely adored it. One to remember for me in the future. #UMK21 #eurovision
Ilta is amazing my winner if she does it tonight god I'll be so happy #UMK21
Kelle Mae Soitan is actually my last place but the live is very good and the staging is amazing ! Ilta is a contender for the win. #UMK21
Holy shit. Ilta's winning this. That was flawless, that's a winner's performance minus the confetti. That'll come later. #UMK21
Ilta is a really great performer! I wouldn't mind her winning but I'd rather see her back with a song I like more #UMK21
Ilta gives us a heavenly stunning piano!! #umk21 ~ Kyriakos
anyway, Ilta looked stunning in that dress and her piano is so aesthetic Love #UMK21
legend says that when you die, Ilta is the first person to greet you to heaven with her angelic voice and a lovely piano song #UMK21
Ilta is my clear winner but I'll be happy with the Teflon Brothers. #UMK21
ilta is flawless stunning ohmygoddd #umk2021
Ilta looks so beautiful!! Love #UMK2021
#UMK21 I'd love to see a Finnish language song win #ilta
So beautiful, Ilta Love #UMK2021
Ilta stands as the best song in Finnish for #UMK21 hands down. It has power, emotion, and meaning with the current pandemic. The staging would need to be amped up though - it's a big small. Otherwise great job!!!
Okay I'm sobbing... ya finally got me Finland. Ilta's performance is so strong, please send it to Eurovision Finland #UMK2021
If Ilta wins, I'll be happy as well! This is a moment #UMK21
Ilta's song is so beautiful and she is a great vocalist #UMK21 #Eurovision
ok the public votes actually make sense cuz ILY has finished 2nd YAY also, Ilta got well deserved 3rd place #UMK21
Ilta for the win Love Love Love #UMK21
this is so beautiful and fragile. bravo Ilta!!! #umk
So beautiful Ilta Love #UMK2021
Goosebumps with Ilta and I don't understand a thing from her song Love #UMK21
My winners for tonight would be Ilta (because excellence) and Teflon Brothers (because more chaos please) #UMK21
Ilta what a performance, what a voice, you are my winner no matter what Love Love Love #UMK21
The most beautiful piano I've ever seen, worthy of Ilta's song #UMK21
Ilta is not singing correctly. #UMK Finland Since she is last, we have a winner, i guess.
Ilta's song is amazing too This overwhelming ngl #UMK21
Late to the party but congrats Netherlands on your excellent taste. 12 points for Ilta! #UMK21
at least Ilta didn't flop!! let's celebrate that x #umk21
Finland Ilta is really putting her heart and soul in this performance and the white staging and dress are simply stunning #Eurovision #UMK21
Big winner vibes for Ilta !! #UMK21
Ilta sounds INCREDIBLE! #UMK21
Finland #UMK21 #Eurovision Earlier Ilta promised that in case she wins, the song will stay in Finnish at the Eurovision Song Contest.
Oh wow, Ilta's performance is gorgeous! #UMK21
ilta please win it all #umk21
Ilta is so beautiful #UMK21
Ilta's song is so beautiful #UMK21 #Eurovision
Ilta looks amazing!! #UMK21
How stunning does Ilta look #UMK21
Could easily see the juries going for Ilta. I have absolutely no idea who's winning this. #UMK21
ilta looking stunning pls I will not be able to handle #umk21
Ilta bringing the classy Finnish language ballad. Really enjoyed this. It sounded like I'd hear it in the Fire Saga movie, but not quite Husavik #UMK21
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