Status: Eliminated
Artist: ---
Song: Sinä päivänä kun kaikki rakastaa mua
Started: Final
Finished: Final
#UMK21 4 "Sinae paeivaenae kun kaikki rakastaa mua" - Danny 78 year old Danny is a huge star in Finland and this is a beautiful song about how people love you after your death. I think it's terrific, but I know he lyrics. If you don't, the appeal is limited. Not for #eurovision 8/10
Danny is a living legend, respect to him! I enjoyed the whole performance, very elegant and classy one. #umk
I love Danny's song, the lyrics are quite touching and it's a song to think on. I'm not expecting him to win, or come remotely close, but I sincerely hope it finds an audience #UMK21
Many good songs in #NrkMGP One of those where I dont mind who wins. Hoping for a Danny top 3 finish in #UMK21
Danny's song and performance are so touching, I love it so much! It speaks to me a lot. I'm sure he is unlikely to win, but I'm just so glad to have it in my life #UMK21
Danny might not have the Eurovision song of UMK, but thr soul of the performance and the lyrics left me speechless. Such a strong message. Awesome! #UMK21
I don't know if you need to be Finnish to get this feeling but wow Danny was incredible #UMK21
I'm not expecting Danny to win at all, not do I want him to, but I'm glad this song was on UMK #umk2021
I cannot stress enough how much Mormons love to recreate Danny's video for I Want to Love You Tender. YouTube is packed to the gills. -B #UMK21
Danny's song is like Mitt Liv for me - it's clearly not gonna go anywhere but it's a nice song in its own right and I appreciate it being in the lineup, even if it's just for the sake of variety #UMK
I would not rule Danny out he is popular in Finland, his performance gave me goosebumps. If he goes to Eurovision he has English lyrics ready ~ Kyriakos #umk21
Pop quiz: Type Danny's song right now without looking up good luck #UMK2021
Danny's staging was perfect for the song! Good for him #UMK21
I can only contrast Danny's approach to ageing with Eva and Ewa's last week and freely admit that I adore both. Beautiful. #UMK2021
I genuinely love Danny's song. That frame shot is lovely. #UMK21
These long intros give the opportunity to rewatch some parts you missed of earlier songs, and wow, Danny's performance was really great too! #UMK2021
Danny literally sit in the centre of a stage but he had an incredible stage presence. You can really tell when a person is a REAL artist #UMK2021
i'm actually liking danny's song now??? the staging is really good ngl #umk21
I would say there were 4 strong songs but Finland's only chance at making the final is the rock band unless Danny In English amazes which I doubt #umk
I want to hug Danny and tell him that everything is going to get better #UMK21
i love dannys song Hope it gets third place x #UMK21
This is a fraud on the Finnish public. Satakunta, a tremendous victory. Ylae-Savo, a tremendous victory. Frankly, we did win this election. Absolute disgrace. #danny #UMK21
DANNY HAS COMPETED 7 TIMES?!? Wow, he really doesn't give up and I love it! Let's see his 2021 attempt now. #UMK21
Danny for the win??? #UMK21
Danny is up next, the legend of Finland! His song is about what happens when you leave the earth, a song with carefully thought out lyrics. #UMK21
Danny not gonna be the winner either #UMK21
Me arriving on stage to collect my trophy if Danny wins tonight #umk21
I don't understand a single word but you can feel and see the emotion in Danny, simply yet moving performance, bravo! #UMK21
i think danny will win, i'll come back to this later #umk2021
you can say whatever you want about the song but danny is delivering emotions and quality #umk
I like your song Danny. Very nice. Subtle. #UMK21
Pffffff Danny what a king tbf Love 333 #UMK21
#umk21 danny kingi we love to see it
Danny on Danny Love #umk21
The funeral song I can't hate. Danny is shining! #UMK21
Danny starred in a film alongside Jesse Eisenberg and this is his 8th Finnish NF appearance, his 1st was in the year England won the World Cup #UMK21
Danny would change to English if he won?! NO. #UMK21
Finland #UMK21 #Eurovision Danny's song is about funeral and I must say, the atmosphere is similar here. The performance looks good though. The last seconds are extremely haunting.
Danny Love #UMK21
Ketil Stokkan's song was about being ok, Danny's song is about how people only love you when you die. If ever there were the perfect comparison between Finland and Norway... #UMK21
Danny is awarded 38 points from the public. #UMK21
Please don't torture us with Danny in Rotterdam, Finland. Look past the emotions! #umk
Love the way they put Danny in the middle of this graphic. #UMK21
I'm bawling already and I've not even got the subtitles on! #Danny #UMK2021
omg Danny Saucedo in Finland good for him!! #umk21
Finland #UMK21 #Eurovision Danny is a Finnish legend and has taken part in Finland's national selection seven times before.
Danny's somewhat morbid lyrics are exactly up my alley. If only the music was more interesting. I love the uniqueness, though. #UMK21 #Finland #Suomi #Eurovision
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