Status: Eliminated
Artist: ---
Song: Hurt
Started: Final
Finished: Final
Twitter: @AkselKankaanra1
Instagram: @okraranta
Aksel is an excellent vocalist with great stage confidence and "Hurt" is a beautiful song many people can relate to, even if he doesn't win I hope for the best for his career #UMK21
Wow #Aksel voice is stunning. It's silky smooth and just incredible to listen to. Song is giving me feels, liking #Hurt a lot #UMK2021
aksel is beautiful, and should win by any chance that's the tweet Love #UMK2021
Even if Aksel doesn't win, I hope he comes back maybe not next year as it'll be too quick, but in a couple of years or so. Hopefully he'll gain extra experience and skill that makes his music even better. He deserves his chance Love #UMK21
I love how sincere Aksel is as a performer. He has a great ability to elevate the songs he sings. #UMK21
Me on my high horse to Keiino fans - now if they don't win, behave, be supportive, move on, be a good bunch. Me if Aksel doesn't win - I WILL CHARGE ON THIS GIANT HORSE ALL THE WAY TO HELSINKI AND DEMAND JUSTICE! #NRKMGP #UMK21 #UMK2021
my laptop fan is running wild rn but i can still hear how beautiful aksel is and i definitely wouldn't mind this winning tonight #umk21
The power and emotion that Aksel naturally creates on stage is still amazing to me. While it's not as good as "Looking Back" for me, I'm still in love with this song. #UMK21
aksel is absolutely incredible please can he win #umk21
would love to see Aksel getting justice tonight but at the same time it barely has any chance because of the strong lineup and it breaks my heart #umk21
Aksel is such a sweetheart and OMG that performance was sooooo good. Endless Goosebumps. Thank you for this performance #UMK2021
Aksel is such a talented vocalist. It would be great to see him win tonight #UMK21
Hurt feels like such a warm hug... really hope he gets a good result tonight #umk21
Aksel sounds flawless. I'm so happy this lineup is pretty strong but its shame he probably won't get his chance again :( #UMK21
Best lyrics in Finland: "Every time I tried to breathe, you always/only took my breath away". Aksel's song is a timeless ballad about self-respect. Very touching and truthful. like it. #UMK21 #Finland #Suomi #Eurovision
I'm very happy cause my winners won, but I'm so sad for Aksel. He truly deserved to go to the ESC :( #UMK21
Aksel won't win but I do enjoy his songs. It's just simply good. #umk21
Finland #UMK21 #Eurovision Aksel's song is so emotional and has beautiful melodies. Aksel sounds pitch perfect too. I don't know if the dancers are necessary though.
Last year Aksel won UMK thanks to the juries, so I guess he's not winning tonight #UMK21
Aksel has such a beautiful voice I would be really happy if he got the chance represent Finland again #UMK21
Lovely to see Aksel again, he seems such a lovely and sweet guy from his message at the Eurovision shine a light show Love #UMK21
after hearing aksel and seeing the performance i don't even now who i want to win... so good so far #UMK21
Aksel was good, but he wasn't perfect -- I think there's still an opportunity for someone to leapfrog over him #umk21
Aksel sounds so good. Really effective staging. Love him. #UMK21 #ESC2021
#UMK21 aksel's song is so beautiful, but I feel we need something different from the last Eurovision winner which was a beautiful ballad
#Aksel - his voice is just heavenly Needs to project some more, but the song is beautiful #UMK21
I love Hurt so much more than Looking Back! I wouldn't mind if he wins again this year. #umk
If only Hurt was in Finnish... would probably be my winner. Love the song the way it is but the change of language would add so much authenticity to it #UMK21
aksel officially didn't win i'm crying so much #umk21
Best lyrics in Finland: "Every time I tried to breathe, you always/only took my breath away". Aksel's song is a timeless ballad about looking out for oneself. I like it. #UMK21 #Finland #Suomi #Eurovision
gosh i'm praying so much please finland let aksel win #umk21
@ finland please i'm begging so much let aksel win umk again so he can experience esc like he was meant to #umk21
Aksel's staging reminds me of #CratersOfTheMoon in #Taupo Love #UMK21 Lovely song
Awwww... You did good Aksel!! Love #umk21
Lovely song from Aksel and I bet Finnish lyric is great. But song doesn't quite go anywhere... though I'm not asking for a key change! #UMK2021 #Eurovision2021 #Eurovision #Finland #Aksel
I really hope Aksel wins tonight! #UMK2021 #ESC2021
Finland That was stunning Will Aksel finally get his chance this year? Only time will tell #UMK21 #Eurovision
So much emotion from Aksel!!! I love the performance! Good job Aksel! #UMK21
aksel was soooooooo good im So pleased #UMK21
King Aksel come and win #UMK21, too, you reigning talent of the world
Absolutely love Aksel and Hurt would not be disappointed to see him win again tonight #UMK21
omg aksel this is actually so sweet i hope he gets another chance to go to esc #umk21
Aksel's vocals are such a serve. I don't expect him to win tonight but I wanna see him again in the future. (I LOVE Looking Back but I find this song weak) #UMK21
Aksel's staging definetly improved compared to last year's but that's the only compliment I can give. #UMK2021 #UMK21
I think Aksel might be better this year than last year. This is good. All of it. The song, the performance, the staging. It's good. #UMK21
i'm praying so so much that aksel will win he deserves it so much #umk21
aksel look so cute Love jim so much #UMK21
Was just watching Aksel's performance... god I loved it. So emotional #UMK21
I love aksel so much he deserves so much better #UMK2021
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