Rachel Modest

Status: Eliminated
Started: Semi-Final
Finished: Semi-Final
There's beautiful people in this world, that finds the strength and courage to do amazing things and Rachel my love ya long time friend is absolutely one of them #TheVoiceUK you go girl you are amazing, love you ❤️ #TeamTom
Wow, wow, wow!!! Rachel, your voice just gave me goosebumps, singing one of my favourite Mariah Carey songs!!! 🥰 Now THAT is what you do on a show called #TheVoiceUK Amazing!!👌🏼
Good luck Rachel. Anyone who can do justice to a Donny Hathaway song is a winner in my books. #Thevoiceuk
Rachel ftw! Her voice is incredible. #thevoiceuk @thevoiceuk she definitely needs to win.
Wow ! Goosebumps - Rachel you are incredible #TheVoiceUK
Rachel is INCREDIBLE. What a talent. Just end this now and crown her the winner #TheVoiceUK
#thevoiceuk Well done Tom you just blew winning the show. GOB SMACKED, Rachel was the best singer on this year's show by a country mile.
Rachel Modest - what a performance and what lovely woman! Good luck #TheVoiceUK
Awesome voice Rachel - you're my winner!… #TheVoiceUK
Wow Rachel has amazing powerful voice. #TheVoiceUk
#TheVoiceUK Any how good try everyone else but when Rachel Modest comes out, then it is GAME OVER for all. Tom wins this year with her. Any smart person who hears music knows.
I love the song 'anytime you need a friend' by Mariah Carey and Rachel just delivered a great version of it #TheVoiceUK
It is my saturday night guilty pleasure but OMG #Rachel is amazing and the one to beat in the whole serious. I'm so glad she applied and she has so much natural talent #thevoiceuk
👏👏👏 incredible voice Rachel!!! #thevoiceuk @thevoiceuk
Awesome performance from Rachel! Brought tears to my eyes!! #TheVoiceUK
Rachel Modest - WOW!! Just incredible voice #TheVoiceUK
What an amazing singer and gorgeous person #RachelModest is. #TheVoiceUK
#TeamTom has just won #TheVoiceUK - Rachel WOWWW👏🏽
I would pay good money to hear, and see Sir Tom and Rachel Modest sing a duet - it would be absolutely incredible… #TheVoiceUK
#TheVoiceUK @RealSirTomJones Rachel was absolutely stunning!! Where's @IAMJHUD I need to throw some shoes!! 🥰🥰🥰🥰
Rachel Modest. I'm not crying. You're crying. Wow. #TheVoiceUK
Tom picked the best two singers - but Rachel wins it for me… #TheVoiceUK
Rachel is going to smash it 💕 #TeamTom #Winner #thevoiceuk
Rachel looks amazing looks like a star x #thevoiceuk
I feel like a CRIMINAL watching rachel's performance for free at home! She is our #TheVoiceUK WINNER this year.. one word... WOW
YOU GO RACHEL - what a transformation! Pure class - winner right there #TheVoiceUK
Rachel Modest v the karaoke singers. No disrespect meant. But she's the best singer to be on the —-> #TheVoiceUK EVER. 👍
Rachel Modest is a phenomenal singer!! #TheVoiceUK @RealSirTomJones @rachel_modest
Wow you proper went for that. Giving it all she had! Good on you Rachel #TheVoiceUk
Rachel Modest will win —-> #TheVoiceUK no doubt about it. What a voice.
Nahhhhhh Rachel has just won the voice with that surely?!! Fucking unreal #TheVoiceUK #thevoice
Rachel, finally someone who can sing, she's brilliant... it shows it's about how good you sing & not all the gimmicks... All the others sound the same! #thevoiceuk
#TheVoiceUK rachel is a professional she's magnificent!!
Yeah stop the vote Rachel should just win it now #TheVoiceUK
My favourite since the #blindauditions of the #TheVoiceUK Rachel Modest… how she hasn't ever had a career in singing I'll never know!! #teamtom 😍🎶🎤
Right Tom it's really not hard #Rachel all day long winner right there #teamtom #TheVoiceUK
I didnt think Rachel would be topped but oh my days! Amazing talent tonight on #TheVoiceUK
No #sirTom! Rachel is the clear winner!! #thevoiceuk
Grrrr... she was good but Rachel was better. #thevoiceuk
#TheVoiceUK @ITV semi final 🙌 Tough choice!!! Glad shows improved since 9.30 and team toms acts performing 🙌🙌🙌 But... Sad and shocked Rachel not through!!!! Loved her voice 🎤
Just let Rachel win the whole thing and lets be done with this show. #thevoiceuk
Rachel Modest - Winner of #TheVoiceUK
And that's a voice, Rachel is amazing… 🌟💫 #TheVoiceUK
Rachel could sing times tables and it would sound amazing #TheVoiceUK
Rachel is head and shoulders above anyone on #TheVoiceUK and deserves to win. I would gladly pay to watch her perform. #TeamTom
No one even close. Rachel Modest is the winner 100% #TheVoiceUK
#TheVoiceUK Your winner 2022, Rachel Modest.
Rachel is head and shoulders above every other contestant in #TheVoiceUK If it's about the voice, there's only one winner.
Rachel should win hands down! #thevoiceuk
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