The Queens

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Former #PerformingArts student Amy Lawson is wowing the nation on BBC One talent show #TheGreatestDancer as part of the Jazz dance troupe The Queens. Amazing news - good luck for this Saturday Amy! Read the full story here:
#TheGreatestDancer I can already tell #TheQueens are going to be my favourite. Fun, sassy, powerful, and nothing I have seen before. Love them!!
Everyone vote for my wonderful friend on #TheGreatestDancer The Queens are amazing and deserve your vote
Make sure you're watching #TheGreatestDancer tonight and voting for our very own @SuzieShout's daughter, Ellie as she dances in @CherylOfficial's team - @hellothequeens! GOOD LUCK GIRLS!!!
Yaasss!!! So so good. The best tonight so far #thequeens #GreatestDancer
thought the queens were amazing, they brought sass and I wanted to get up with them! super proud #GreatestDancer
#GreatestDancer Absolutely LOVE The Queens. So fresh! Vote Vote Vote
No denying that #TheQueens are good dancers but somehow @CherylOfficial took away what made them unique in the auditions. #TheGreatestDancer
The Queens were amazing. That audience has no clue! #TheGreatestDancer
I love The Queens. The background was a little busy though! Deserved a higher score. #GreatestDancer
Loveee @hellothequeens bringing the sass & boss babe vibes!! #TGD
Well done The Queens!! #GreatestDancer
The Queens were better in red but deserved over then 80% tonight #GreatestDancer
The Queens might have dance good but where was the afternoon tea #TheGreatestDancer
#GreatestDancer compared to the others TheQueens werent that great
The Queens were very good but they didn't meet the brief #GreatestDancer
Come on The Queens #CherylSquad #GreatestDancer
Congratulations to Saffi Armstrong former student who is in the dance group The Queens that have been selected for the live shows of #thegreatestdancer. They are going to be mentored by @CherylOfficial
#TheQueens I liked it but feel it needed much more practice. #GreatestDancer
Watching #TheGreatestDancer. Loving #TheQueens
Really don't know why the queens got such a low vote?? Is it literally just because they had no flips?? #thegreatestdancer
Up to #TheQueens we had great story telling...but they did nothing to do with a tea party I'm afraid. #tgd #TheGreatestDancer
I don't get The Queens, that score was appropriate #greatestdancer
nahhhhhh is that a clue that nicola is queen bee on masked singer from the queens #GreatestDancer
I am obsessed with the queens #GreatestDancer
The Queens have brought a bucketload of sass to this competition!! Such synchronicity in their moves and also who thought metallic green suits would look SO COOL??!!! #GreatestDancer
VOTED! You have less than ten minutes! #GreatestDancer @hellothequeens
...if The Queens have a vacancy I'm available #TheGreatestDancer
#TheQueens went off track tonight!! They should have stayed classy! #Cheryl destroyed them! #Thegreatestdancer
#GreatestDancer starting soon! Tune in to @BBCOne to see Jigsaw dance teacher Nicola and her group The Queens as part of #CherylSquad!
#GreatestDancer the Queens rocked :))))
Am I the only one that doesn't hook onto the queens #GreatestDancer
The Queens are good. But what they do is a little underwhelming and unspectacular. Didn't deserve that percentage at all! #GreatestDancer
#TheGreatestDancer #TheQueens They stood still for far too long before they even danced
i cant believe how IN SYNC the queens are!!!! #tgd #cherylsquad
The Queens dance group. #GreatestDancer
The Queens know how to put on a show! #GreatestDancer
The Queens are going I reckon #GreatestDancer
#ansley #TheGreatestDancer did so many similar moves to the Queens but showed exactly why he has the top score so far and they have the lowest. His whole body and soul moves.
idk what it is but i didn't really rate or connect with the queens performance :( #greatestdancer
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