Ryan Gibson

Status: Eliminated
Started: Auditions 1
Finished: Live Show 1
Instagram: @_rygibson
I loved Ryan, might n ok t be the greatest technical dancer but made me smile all the way through #GreatestDancer
Ryan is my favourite dancer. Todrick is my favourite captain. Both of them make me want to dance and that's the joy of it. #GreatestDancer
#GreatestDancer adore the show and loved Ryan's performance but I don't get why other dancers come onto stage?? Same with Ross & Travis?? If they're not part of the act I don't see the point
Ryan's performance was fun! Certainly brings a lot of fierceness and confidence to the fore. #GreatestDancer
#GreatestDancer Ryan was the best dance of the night easily loved it :)))
Ryan was AMAZING!! So happy @todrick believed in him and took a risk, it 100% paid off!!! #TheGreatestDancer
Campest dancing I've ever seen but I loved it! Ryan is rocking it for everything he stands for so fair play #GreatestDancer
loveeee ryan !! #GreatestDancer
In love with Ryan from #thegreatestdancer
Excuse me those pink boots on Ryan's set are my dream strutting pair! Love #TheGreatestDancer
I love Ryan !! #GreatestDancer
i LOVE ryan #GreatestDancer
#GreatestDancer come on Ryan!!!
I kinda like Ryan want to see him grow and grow #GreatestDancer #todrick
Yaas Ryan, bringing the sass and fierceness! Exubes confidence. Get it! @todrick #GreatestDancer
Very much enjoyed that from Ryan! #GreatestDancer
I'm totally voting for Ryan on @GreatDancerTV What a performance! #thegreatestdancer
I agree with Matthew - I wanted to see more from Ryan #GreatestDancer
"Ryan has arrived". YAAAS @todrick #GreatestDancer #squadrick
There's no way Ryan can stay #GreatestDancer
#GreatestDancer This is definitely a singer / performer / Group routine. Ryan slayed it #TodrickSquad #Squadrick but He needs to Dance with @CherylOfficial! IMAGINE
Ryan could do the conga with all the shoppers #GreatestDancer
I said Ryan would be the first to go and I haven't changed my mind after that. #GreatestDancer
Ryan is EVERYTHING #GreatestDancer
ryan is me in my bedroom once i've got on my ootd and my full face of make up #GreatestDancer
Ryan deserved more. Really hope he continues dancing, he'll take over the world one day just like @todrick did. #GreatestDancer
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