Ross And Travis

Status: Eliminated
Started: Auditions 1
Finished: Live Show 2
Instagram: @rossandtravis
Well done Ross and Travis for another great performance . Loved the comedy to the dance again. The dancing is fun and light hearted love the flips as well. Great job guys @Matt_Morrison #greatestdancer
Agree with the number of track changes but Ross and Travis are brilliant fun to watch. Personality and ability. #GreatestDancer
Best of Luck @rossandtravis love these guys #greatestdancer
Love Ross and Travis fresh and funny #thegreatestdancer
#GreatestDancer I thought that was an outstanding dance from Ross&Travis it was actually better than last weeks performance.
Ross and Travis are the cheeky chappies of this competition! A fun partnership and both are very technically competent. #GreatestDancer
I love the synchronicity between Ross and Travis. Really practised. Really tight. I appreciate the neatness and work #greatestdancer
#tgd #TheGreatestDancer #RossAndTravis my faves talent dancers and make you smile
If Ross and Travis win this, can we have a Ross and Travis/Twist and Pulse collaboration on Strictly please? #GreatestDancer
Ross and Travis are hilarious!!! #GreatestDancer
Nice performance from Ross and Travis. #GreatestDancer
my dog loves ross and travis, literally sat there and watched the whole performance #thegreatestdancer
Ross and travis, I don't see them as professional dancers. There are a group who think they are twist and pulse from bgt and I would hire them to entertain kids at a birthday party #GreatestDancer
#TheGreatestDancer #rossandtravis please vote #nephew
#TheGreatestDancer there is something fresh about Ross and travis.
Are Ross and Travis doing heterosexual dancing? I suppose someone has to. #GreatestDancer
Ross and travis reminds me so much of twist and pulse #greatestdancer
#GreatestDancer Ross and Travis dance floor next.
Go on Ross and Travis!. #GreatestDancer
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