Michael And Jowita

Status: Winner
Started: Auditions 1
Finished: Live Show 6
Twitter: @JowitaMichael
Instagram: @michael_jowita
YESSSSS congrats guys I knew u would do it. I am so happy for you. Wow wow wow. Congrats also to @OtiMabuse for winning it again. What a great end to the series. Wow I am so proud . Well done guys . Can't wait to see u on @bbcstrictly #GreatestDancer xx @JowitaMichael
I was holding my breath for those lifts! The most consistent, creative and tight! What a dance Michael and Jowita they surely have to win! Brilliant they are my winners! @OtiMabuse great dance captain! #TheGreatestDancer
Best of luck @JowitaMichael and @OtiMabuse - got my vote! Absolutely amazing week in week out and they deserve to be winners!! @BBCOne #GreatestDancer can't wait to see what you do in the final tonight Love
Omg @JowitaMichael are just sensational my winners from day one. I love them both so much they are mesmerising to watch and they would be perfect to grace the Strictly ballroom! #teamoti #GreatestDancer
Good luck to @JowitaMichael supporting you all the way!!!! You deserve to win #GreatestDancer Love Love
Holy God now that was a great routine. Jam packed full of content. That lift was amazing I have never see anything like that before. Omg I am propper speechless. Never seen 3 way ballroom dancing before. The music was great to. Wow just wow #GreatestDancer @JowitaMichael
Jeez. That was absolutely incredible. As Craig would say FAB-U-LOUS @OtiMabuse @JowitaMichael #winners #GreatestDancer
So happy that Michael and Jowita won ... they are amazing dancers and perfect for Strictly #GreatestDancer
My god that was insane! So, so, so good. Love Michael and Jowita. 100% the winners as far as I am concerned. That spinning lift with both the women?! Incredible! #TheGreatestDancer #TeamOti @OtiMabuse
Make no mistake - all the finalists are fabulous dancers! But my favourite by far is MICHAEL AND JOWITA Love Love #TGD #GreatestDancer #TheGreatestDancer
Michael and Jowita should win this - that dance was awesome! #GreatestDancer @OtiMabuse is brilliant!
Team Oti wow!! Michael and Jowita are so bloody talented!! They are true winners and i think they wpuld make great new additions to the Strictly Pro team!! #teamOti #TheGreatestDancer
Wow @JowitaMichael and @OtiMabuse what a force to be reckoned with they are ! Another fantastic performance so hope they win ! #GreatestDancer
michael and jowita need to winnnnn!! They are amazing!!! Love Love #greatestdancer
#TheGreatestDancer Michael and Jowita were absolutely outstanding. The worthy winners of this years competition. We think they should be signed as #Strictly professionals
#TheGreatestDancer Michael and Jowita are amazing! My winners since the start Love
i really want michael and jowita to win as they can really benefit from this strictly performance!! they are just like the pros!! could be a huge break in their career because they're absolutely amazing!! #OtiSquad #GreatestDancer #michaelandjowita
#GreatestDancer @OtiMabuse is phenomenal wow wow wow Michael and Jowita must win after that
My favourite dance of the night was Michael and Jowita with Oti. Just stunning. And not DC + contestant but a fully integrated 3 person act. Brilliant. #GreatestDancer
rooting for michael and jowita to win tonight. they've been fab all series! #TeamOti #GreatestDancer
BRILLIANT #michaelandjowita #TheGreatestDancer #Oti was the cherry on top, just incredible
Michael and Jowita are absolutely amazing but if they could stop touting for Strictly just for five minutes that'd be great. How many times has Strictly been mentioned tonight?! The prize is supposed to be winning tonight not getting a Strictly contract.... #TheGreatestDancer
Such Incredible Skill, wowed by #michaelandjowita #GreatestDancer @OtiMabuse
I've just rewatched @JowitaMichael doing the #DirtyDancing routine (my favourite film) and they were superb Love #GreatestDancer @GreatDancerTV
Ballroom Blitz is a fantastic music choice for #TheGreatestDancer final. Such an energetic and exciting routine! @OtiMabuse #michaelandjowita #BallroomBlitz #TheSweet
even if they don't win michael and jowita NEED a job on strictly they are truly outstanding #GreatestDancer
Yes come on guys good luck @JowitaMichael #GreatestDancer
Ngl I haven't been a big fan of Michael and Jowita. However that routine with Oti was incredible!!! I think they've got it in the bag! #TheGreatestDancer @GreatDancerTV
#MichaelandJowita are most definitely my winners, they are absolutely phenomenal! #GreatestDancer
Lost count how many times #GreatestDancer has had me blubbing tonight. What amazing finalists but Michael and Jowita need to win. I've basically screamed or cried at the TV after every routine they've done this season Love Love
Yessssss best ones won @JowitaMichael so well deserved. And Queen oti @OtiMabuse #GreatestDancer
I'm now rooting for the couple @JowitaMichael, who have impressed me throughout the #competition (what I've seen of it) with their verve and brilliance. #TheGreatestDancer
michael and jowita to win!!! Pleaseee they neeeed to Win!! They deserve this is so so much! #GreatestDancer #TheGreatestDancer Love Love Love everyone please vote for them!!
Michael and Jowita are incredible. Clear winners no matter what #TheGreatestDancer
Goosebumps! Phenomenal #GreatestDancer @JowitaMichael
If Michael and Jowita don't win this tonight I will eat my hat.... amazing from @OtiMabuse @JowitaMichael #GreatestDancer @GreatDancerTV
Oh my! @OtiMabuse and Michael and Jowita! With that amazing dan e you deserve to win tonight. #TheGreatestDancer
Michael and Jowita are my winners, soooo amazing #GreatestDancer
Goosebumps watching that! Phenomenal Michael and Jowita @JowitaMichael #GreatestDancer
Great result! #TheGreatestDancer winners are world class #MichaelandJowita
Wooooow well done Michael and Jowita, congratulations! #GreatestDancer
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