Lily And Joseph

Status: Eliminated
Started: Auditions 1
Finished: Live Show 6
Twitter: @LilyJoseph
Wow congrats @LilyJoseph . U danced that routine beautifully. Cheryl looked amazing. The routine was stunning very imaginative. The moves flowed well. This just shows how far u have come. Great job guys xx @CherylOfficial #GreatestDancer
Omg Lily and Joseph my heart melts every time wee Joseph Cheryl is picking it up well Love omg fantastic beautiful made me smile again this week great careers ahead no matter what Love Love #GreatestDancer
Lily and Joseph have all my ten thousand votes, because that dance with Cheryl didn't need any big tricks or flips, it was just simply beautiful and elegant and incredibly emotional. Fantastic! #GreatestDancer #CherylSquad
This was the best part of their dance! Magical Love Love Cheryl was so lovely and motherly to these kids. Well done Lily and Joseph Love Love #TGD #GreatestDancer #TheGreatestDancer #LilyandJoseph #ballet
All the finalists in #TheGreatestDancer are fantastic, but I've voted for #LilyandJoseph because they have been phenomenal across the whole series. They're an absolute joy to watch. @GreatDancerTV @CherylOfficial @BBCOne
Huge good luck to @LilyJoseph and @CherylOfficial tonight. It's been such a great series. Even if they don't win they have certainly done themselves proud #CherylSquad #GreatestDancer
#LilyandJoseph are just beyond adorable. Such talented, cute, enthusiastic, grateful kids they are. They have a big future ahead of them. #GreatestDancer
What an amazing opening number on The Greatest Dancer on BBC!! So much sass and energy!! Good luck to all the dancers - especially the cutest kids Lily and Joseph #TGD #LilyandJoseph #TheGreatestDancer
I have loved every bit of #TheGreatestDancer final - they have all been amazing, I just love Lily and Joseph but my winners have to be Michael and Jovita @Matt_Morrison @todrick @CherylOfficial @OtiMabuse
Well done @LilyJoseph . I am so proud of how far u have come. Every week u have came out and given it your best shot. Well done guys and I wish u all the best for tonight #GreatestDancer
I really hope Lily and Joseph win. Not just because they are cute, but they are amazing dancing physically and emotionally #TheGreatestDancer #TGD
I really hope Lily and Joseph win. Not just because they are cute, but they are amazing dancing physically and emotionally #GreatestDancer #TGD
Wow they're amazing a hope they win!!!!!!! #LilyAndJoseph #GreatestDancer
Huge good luck to the amazing @LilyJoseph on #TheGreatestDancer tonight! Whatever the result you've done Sunderland and the North East proud! #CherylSquad
I've just voted for @LilyJoseph ! Please help support them or who you want to win. #TheGreatestDancer #TeamCheryl #LilyandJoseph
Good luck for tonight @LilyJoseph! You'll do all of us and @CherylOfficial proud! Love #CherylSquad #GreatestDancer
What a fix #TheGreatestDancer is the winner should of been Lily and Joseph they were the best odds to win
Lily and Joseph are incredible Love so talented #GreatestDancer
Good luck to @CherylOfficial and @LilyJoseph for tonight final will be voting for you both Love #GreatestDancer @GreatDancerTV
Cute, nice kids but please don't let lily and Joseph win #TheGreatestDancer
oh i'm in tears at cheryl lily and joseph, that was so beautiful Love #greatestdancer
That was absolutely stunning...have got tears in my eyes!! Love @LilyJoseph @CherylOfficial @GreatDancerTV #GreatestDancer
wow i am in tears, cheryl is so pure and her with lily and joseph is the cutest thing ever #greatestdancer
Had a tear in my eye. That was beautiful and the set is magical Love @CherylOfficial @LilyJoseph #CherylSquad #TheGreatestDancer
Just about recovered from @LilyJoseph's final emotional, would love to see them win! #GreatestDancer @GreatDancerTV
We had a fab time filming at #TheGreatestDancer last week. Thank you Lily and Joseph for some excellent dancing.
Awwww well done but gutted for Lily and Joseph. But they're our GREATEST DANCERS anyways!! Bright future ahead of those bairns Love @CherylOfficial @LilyJoseph #GreatestDancer
Good luck lily and joseph Love #CherylSquad #TGD
So glad lily and Joseph are still in. I really want them to win #GreatestDancer #CherylSquad
Massive good luck to @LilyJoseph tonight @CherylOfficial I just wish I could be there!! Gutted as always but be watching from home!!! Howay kids yous have got this!!! Love #GreatestDancer @GreatDancerTV
Yaaaas Lily and Joseph. That was beautiful my nephew loved it!! @CherylOfficial @LilyJoseph #CherylSquad #TheGreatestDancer
Omg Lily and Joseph are adorable #TheGreatestDancer They are fantastic dancers. I want to choreograph them xx
lily and joseph or micheal and jowita to win please either i'll be happy #greatestdancer
That was a beautiful performance, loved it @LilyJoseph @CherylOfficial #TheGreatestDancer
lily and joseph and cheryl's dance was SO beautiful i'm in tears #greatestdancer
come on #cherylsquad let's make sure we vote lily and joseph tonight and make them winners !!! #greatestdancer
Such a fab routine from Lily and Joseph. I think that final routine was their best. #GreatestDancer
that was SO beautiful, i'm crying my eyes out at cheryl dancing with lily and joseph #GreatestDancer
Aww beautiful @CherylOfficial Love Lily and Joseph #GreatestDancer
U can see how much Cheryl loves lily and Joseph Love #TheGreatestDancer
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