Status: Eliminated
Started: Auditions 1
Finished: Live Show 6
Instagram: @harrisonvaughann
This routine has proved how great Harrison has been week in and week out. Every week he has always thought outside the box. Tonight he did it again and didn't fail to impress. Loved the Broadway theme. The tricks were amazing. Well done guys @Matt_Morrison #GreatestDancer
##GreatestDancer wow Harrison deserves to win brilliant stunning original
Harrison is absolutely outstanding as a dancer. Captivating. Passionate and that talent is unreal. Absolutely unreal. @GreatDancerTV #GreatestDancer
So happy they won! Harrison was my favourite from day one but they are INSANE and definitely deserved to win! #GreatestDancer
Wow!! Harrison is absolutely incredible such a talent!! Winner right there #greatestdancer #Harrison
I don't know whom I want to win now - Michael & Jowita's performance with Oti was so epic, but Harrison's clown was my favourite of the second performances. #GreatestDancer
Surely Harrison must win. He's absolutely phenomenal. #TheGreatestDancer
Harrison is incredible. He's been destined to win since that first performance as the clown. #GreatestDancer
VOTE FOR HARRISON if you've got the time, take a minute to sign into your BBC account or create one for free and vote for Harrison to win The Greatest Dancer. would mean the world to me Love Love #GreatestDancer
Wow they,re the winners although I love Harrison as well! #TheGreatestDancer
Wow Harrison. Loved this. And to see you so emotional was so moving. Smashed it for the scousers #GreatestDancer
Absolutely love #Harrison on #GreatestDancer Really hope he wins.
If there was any justice Harrison would win this thing. Dance isn't only about Strictly-esque stuff. That clown routine still makes my hairs stand on end. Love #greatestdancer
#Harrison Is such a versatile, talented dancer and deserves to win. #TheGreatestDancer
Goosebumps for Harrison as the clown #GreatestDancer Phenomenal
Oh I hope #Harrison doesn't lose votes being a clown as lots of people don't like clowns. I'd like him to win. #TheGreatestDancer
Harrison was incredible. Loved the staging and visuals. #GreatestDancer
Harrison for the win! He is amazing #GreatestDancer
I would be happy for Michael & Jowita or Harrison to win. I voted 4 for M&J, 2 for H. #GreatestDancer
Love #Mathew and #Harrison two great reasons why boys should go to dance class. Go follow your dreams #TheGreatestDancer
I wish Harrison was in Oti's team and then this would be the perfect win! #TheGreatestDancer
Really wasn't sure why Harrison was still in the final until THAT dance! Incredible Love #TheGreatestDancer
I'm so busy watching Mr Schu that I don't actually know what Harrison's doing. He's a wonderful dancer but not the winner, for me. #thegreatestdancer
#GreatestDancer lily & joseph or harrison to win. both acts have been flawless since day one @CherylOfficial @todrick @Matt_Morrison @OtiMabuse @Jordan_Banjo @AleshaOfficial @CurtisPritchard
#TheGreatestDancer love Harrison's dance as the clown, but think Michael & Jovita should win
Just great to watch Harrison dance but to see him perform with @Matt_Morrison, it was fantastic!! #GreatestDancer
harrisons audition dance was my favourite of the whole season and it's iconic and he did it even better this time #GreatestDancer
Harrison was AMAZING, oh my god I love that clown routine so so much #GreatestDancer
#GreatestDancer . Wow #Harrison. Outstanding performance.
Harrison absolutely smashed it!!!! He deserves to win sm, my top dancer since that very first audition #TheGreatestDancer
Harrison the Clown is his best performance - just amazing. #GreatestDancer
Harrison was my winner. I know he will have a great career. #GreatestDancer
That is the absolute best performance I've seen Harrison do on this show, because it showcased how much of a fantastic dancer he is rather than just tricks #TheGreatestDancer
I honestly love Harrison as the clown so much. Absolutely brilliant. #GreatestDancer
I wish Harrison the best. He like Michael and Jovita are worth more than this. #TheGreatestDancer
Actual goosebumps watching this! #GreatestDancer #Harrison Truely amazing
Oh my! Harrison that was stunning. Blown away. Only audition I remembered ... but this was so much better. #greatestdancer
Harrison is amazing, his clown routine definitely my favourite performance from him, just the same as his audition #GreatestDancer
Harrison has to win His been my fave since the beginning!! #TheGreatestDancer
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