Hannah Martin

Status: Eliminated
Started: Auditions 1
Finished: Live Show 5
Instagram: @hannahmartinrg
Hannah !! OMG that was utterly amazing. I mean like double treble treble WOW! unique talent .. I am in awe!! #GreatestDancer
Watching #TheGreatestDancer and WOW how Hannah moves so gracefully and fluently is amazing!!!!! #amazing #WOWjustWOW
#Hannah is incredibly talented & always underscores with the studio audience but I don't know if they 'understand' her performances. I think sometimes we just need to see footwork maybe? She's a beautiful performer, but without "steps" it can be confusing? #GreatestDancer
I fking love this track. Pieced together with @hannahsouthall4 This is a brilliant performance #hannah #GreatestDancer
You cannot take your eyes off Hannah! Perhaps not as strong as other weeks but still outstanding. #GreatestDancer
#GreatestDancer loved the music Hannah liked the dance.
Big up to #greatestdancer using the amazing Clubbed to Death on Hannah's dance. @GreatDancerTV
#TheGreatestDancer just wow! Hannah and the couples dirty dancing ... just amazing!
hannahs amazing #GreatestDancer
88.1%????? hannah deserves so much better than that #GreatestDancer her flexibility, technique control like woahhh
I could watch Hannah all day. What a stunning dancer #GreatestDancer
Well done Hannah. #TheGreatestDancer
What an AMAZING dancer! #hannah #GreatestDancer
hannah's performance gave me goosebumps #GreatestDancer
Come on people, vote for Hannah #thegreatestdancer
the staging for hannah's routine was not thought out well at all, limiting her to such a small circle let her down and we couldn't even see most of her floorwork thanks to the dry ice #GreatestDancer
88.1 fuxknoff. It was worth so much more #hannah #GreatestDancer
Hannah on #TGD looks like Felicity Jones' little sister. #TheGreatestDancer
She'll probably go out because she's not mainstream but I thought Hannah's performance was so expressive and emotional. I'm #teamhannah and I don't care! #TheGreatestDancer
#greatestdancer why not get Hannah to dance something like that to @officialenya - who is making staging decisions - you couldn't see Hannah with the smoke!
Watching @GreatDancerTV and was surprised to see Matthew and Hannah were on one of my city beaches here in Brighton in the week. Had to laugh at his comment about it being so chilly. Yeah, he should try living here! It does get very hot in the summer. #TheGreatestDancer
Hannah smashed that #GreatestDancer
Never seen anyone as bendy as Hannah #GreatestDancer
That was a OCEAN performance from Hannah! #TGD #TheGreatestDancer
i'd send lily & joseph and hannah home just based on tonight but i cant the kids going #GreatestDancer
I think Hannah is going home #GreatestDancer
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