Dark Angels

Status: Eliminated
Started: Auditions 1
Finished: Live Show 2
Twitter: @Adadarkangels
Instagram: @adadarkangels
Thank you to Dark Angels for taking the time to perform at our school. The children were filled with awe and wonder and truly inspired don't forget to vote on Saturday night! #thegreatestdancer
#GreatestDancer I love Dark Angels their energy level is amazing:))))
Come Dark Angels!! Support Cleve Chiropractic supporting Bristols very own Dark Angels!! Please vote!! #thegreatestdancer #chiropractic
Dark angels are just incredible #GreatestDancer
Well done Dark Angels #Greatestdancer
Please vote for Dark Angels tonight! My daughter is part of the Angels Academy and we are so proud of the Dark Angels #adadarkangels #darkangels #TGD #DarkAngels2beTGD
Dark angels are amazingggggg #Greatestdancer
Please vote for my muckers @adadarkangels tonight on #thegreatestdancer and reward the hardest working kids I've ever met Love #somuchmoretocome
DA DA DA nearly time for this amazing dance team to perform again DONT FORGET TO VOTE #darkangels #thegreatestdancer
NEW || @CherylOfficial in #GreatestDancer rehearsals today(7/2) (via Dark Angels' insta story) A fluorescent outfit this week, possibly? Love
Nice performance for Dark Angels. #GreatestDancer
#thegreatestdancer tight performance...really good dark angels you're staying...more more
Time for the #greatestdancer come on Dark Angels
Watch #darkangels on #tgd Amazing.
dark angels are by far my faves #Greatestdancer
Thought dark angles performance was so much better this week than last,enjoyed it #thegreatestdancer
#GreatestDancer Boom!!! Dark Angels you smashed it. All energy and Dance none stop:)))))
Dark Angels liked the first half with phones but didn't like second half; it didn't tie it altogether #TheGreatestDancer
Why are Dark Angels always dressed like CSI folk? #greatestdancer
87.9 ??? For dark angels ??? who fell asleep I'd like words they deserve so much more #GreatestDancer
Think taxi for Dark Angels ! #thegreatestdancer
NEW | @CherylOfficial & @todrick backstage with some of the contestants from Dark Angels and their choreographer (6/2) @GreatDancerTV #TheGreatestDancer
NEW || @CherylOfficial and @todrick with Charlie (The Dark Angels Choreographer) backstage at #GreatestDancer rehearsals today (6/2)
NEW || @CherylOfficial Backstage with Belle from Dark Angels today (6/2) #GreatestDancer
Dark Angels your up next to dance, show me your dance movement. #GreatestDancer
Dark Angels rocked the House of Commons challenge last week and they've done well with the mobile phone props challenge this week! #GreatestDancer
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