Status: Eliminated
Started: Auditions 1
Finished: Live Show 6
Instagram: @dancepoint_team
Good luck for the Final tonight Kayla!! Go out and shine like the superstar dancer you are#dancepoint #greatestdancer #bbc1 #proudschool
What an incredible routine from @todrick and #dancepoint. Loved the mixture of styles and music. Visually stunning as well #GreatestDancer
YES #Dancepoint. YES #todrick. #TheGreatestDancer That was a fabulously fun number. Loved it xx
Dancepoint are a phenomenal group if dancers. They should be super proud of how far they've come regardless of who wins #Dancepoint #Todrick #TheGreatestDancer
Dancepoint were fantastic! What a brilliant creative routine. They have all of my votes @BBCOne #TheGreatestDancer
So obviously Todrick and Dancepoint were wonderful - joyful dance, costuming, staging - the whole package. Love #GreatestDancer
Dancepoint costumes were brilliant! Excellent routine but not sure it was the best they've done. #GreatestDancer
Good luck to Dancepoint tonight on #greatestdancer ! Shout out too to our Sr. King and her stunning eyelashes #dancemaw @NicolaK42285948
omg dancepoint and @todrick that was incredible best thing this season by a mile, wow #GreatestDancer
Very excited about seeing Keavie and #dancepoint in the final of #GreatestDancer tonight. We're all rooting for you. Have a wonderful night
Go Dancepoint and @todrick that was amazing. Well done guys you've got our vote #GreatestDancer
Tonight's the Final.... bbc 1 6:30pm. Get voting for Keavie & her amazing dance group to win #dancepoint #greatestdancer
Good luck Dancepoint. It's a great time for Renfrewshire in many ways #TGD #TheGreatestDancer @BBCOne #GreatestDancer
Omg I LOVEEEEE @todrick & Dancepoint. Great routine. He's just so bloody love and so talented. #GreatestDancer
Dancepoint u excelled yourselves 2nite, amazing performance, amazing choreo, loved the music & Todrick you're insane #GreatestDancer
I love it when todrick said we have won this in the video and then Dancepoint come 4th wow #GreatestDancer
Okay Dancepoint and Todrick was one of the most iconic things I've EVER seen, oh my god I'm so obsessed Love Love #GreatestDancer
#TheGreatestDancer Todrick finally let loose on the stage - yaaaassss! Fantastic job Dancepoint - couldn't get enough of this dance Love
Our ex-pupil Charley Anne Allen is dancing in the final of The Greatest Dancer tonight! We are so proud of you Charley Anne! I'm sure it's only a matter of time before you are dancing on broadway! Everyone please get behind her and vote for Dancepoint! Love #TheGreatestDancer
Oh no, Dancepoint. Their Mirror Mirror routine was phenomenal and I would've loved to see it again #GreatestDancer @GreatDancerTV
#GreatestDancer dancepoint were amazing. Loved @todrick #madhatter
i feel like dancepoint only made it to the final so that todrick would have an act left, they've just kinda passed through each week without having anything memorable unlike some so them coming fourth was a good result #GreatestDancer
Well done Dancepoint. You should be so proud. Xxx #GreatestDancer
Awww. #Dancepoint did brilliant. Should be so very proud of themselves. #TheGreatestDancer
I hope #DancePoint win #TheGreatestDancer tonight!
WOW! What a way to open the final! That was fantastic from Dancepoint and Todrick! #TheGreatestDancer #GreatestDancer
#GreatestDancer What? DancePoint were THE best by a country mile tonight. Stunned they've gone!
#TheGreatestDancer Love the costumes and Choreography. Very visual & talented dance captain #dancepoint
#GreatestDancer NO WAY #DancePoint should be going home! Incredibly talented dance troupe.
Dancepoint finish fourth place tonight and they're out of the #TheGreatestDancer! Well done to them on reaching to the final! #TGD #GreatestDancer
VOTE DANCEPOINT 3 free votes use this link!!! Come on Olivia and Dancepoint!!!! @StAndrewsRCSec #TheGreatestDancer
I'm shook! #dancepoint were fantastic #TheGreatestDancer
Well done Dancepoint for getting this far #TGD #GreatestDancer #TheGreatestDancer
Loved #dancepoint and @todrick opening @GreatDancerTV, especially when the sass kicked in with Todrick's song. Fierce Love #TheGreatestDancer
Dancepoint you SLAYED!!!!! FANTASTIC @todrick #GreatestDancer
Yessss @todrick and Dancepoint #GreatestDancer That was so good!
That was amazing !!! Todrick and Dancepoint I have nooo words !!! A M A Z I N G !!! #TheGreatestDancer
Dancepoint were fantastic, but what is @Jordan_Banjo wearing????? #greatestdancer
Todrik was popping tonight!! What a fantastic coach and dancer #TGD #Dancepoint #Todrick @todrick #GreatestDancer
Dancepoint were lovely but too many of them for the producers !#GreatestDancer
Todrick!!! Dancepoint!! WHATT! Love #GreatestDancer
tbh this is the routine ive been waiting for from dancepoint, i am IMPRESSED. #greatestdancer
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