Brothers Of Dance

Status: Eliminated
Started: Auditions 1
Finished: Live Show 5
Brothers of Dance to win. that was incredible #GreatestDancer
absolutely love Brothers of Dance (wish the jackets had fit better - maybe could have been t-shirts or one-piece bodysuits) #TheGreatestDancer
Got to love Brothers Of Dance, they were so good! #TheGreatestDancer Love
#BrothersOfDance outstanding @Thegreatdancer #TheGreatestDancer
Much better from #brothersofdance this week! I felt power, strength, force, fight. Like a battalion. Good job. #GreatestDancer #TGD
Brothers of Dance normally so good but tonight they seem to out of sync with one another. Shame, the staging was brilliant. #TheGreatestDancer
Brothers of dance are amazing #TheGreatestDancer
okay but brothers of dance are really good #GreatestDancer
Hope they smash it brothers of dance was my favourite performance last week #TheGreatestDancer
Brothers of Dance should've danced to Welcome to the Black Parade - they're dressed for it! #GreatestDancer
Please remember to vote for #CherylSquad UK Landine call : 09015 22 82_ _ UK Mobile call : 6 22 82 _ _ 04 - Lily & Joseph. 05 - Brothers of Dance. Let's get them through to the finals! #TheGreatestDancer
Have Brothers of dance been listening to My Chemical Romance The Black Parade? #TheGreatestDancer #Emo #TGD
#GreatestDancer come on Brothers of Dance you should be in the final :))))
oh no brothers of dance are usually so good but that routine was not for them, it didn't have their usual impact and there seemed to be a few little mistakes here and there???? #GreatestDancer
#BrothersOfDance through please #GreatestDancer
Brothers of Dance YES! #GreatestDancer
That was a RUMBLE performance from Brothers of Dance! #TGD #TheGreatestDancer
#BrothersOfDance #michaeljowita come on #GreatestDancer
If brothers of dance aren't in the final someone's getting decked #TheGreatestDancer
Just put my 3 online votes for Brothers of Dance #GreatestDancer @CherylOfficial
Im not dancer but are brothers of dance slightly out of time? #GreatestDancer
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