Ainsley Ricketts

Status: Eliminated
Started: Auditions 1
Finished: Live Show 3
Twitter: @RickettsAinsley
Instagram: @ainsleyricketts
Wow @RickettsAinsley what an amazing performance. Some of those moves looked effortless a much more vibrant performance compared to last week. Loved the choreography well done Mate #GreatestDancer @todrick
Completely agree. #Joseph is perfect as he is. Joseph's open heart is what makes @lillyandjoseph so endearing. The world needs more genuine joyful emotion! And btw #Cheryl felt emotional after #Ainsley and so did Ainsley. Allow boys big hearts! #greatestdancer
Wow @RickettsAinsley is just sensational. His moves are so crisp and on point but so fluid. He lights up the stage Loved how is personality came out this week brilliant performance. One of all time favourite dancers. #GreatestDancer
Honestly @RickettsAinsley In Todrick's team on #thegreatestdancer is amazing!!! Such pure talent Love
OMG!!! How on earth has @RickettsAinsley been voted off #GreatestDancer ? He was one of the best dancers on the show. Obviously the British public really don't know great dance talent.
Ainsley is absolutely my Greatest Dancer this season, he is SOOOO versatile!!!! Love Love Love #GreatestDancer
Amazing @RickettsAinsley Love #TGD
Ainsley is so good, I love him. #TheGreatestDancer
Oh Ainsley is SUCH a star. Vote for him please Love #GreatestDancer
You can just see the joy pouring out of Ainsley when he dances. Love him!! #GreatestDancer
Best of luck @RickettsAinsley @todrick #GreatestDancer
Ainsley was so amazing showing his dancing moves - really liked the performance #GreatestDancer
Nah Ainsley Deserved To Win That #GreatestDancer
Noooooooooo!!! How did @RickettsAinsley get voted off #TGD tonight!!?!!? He was amazing!!
I had Ainsley down as a clear winner! #TheGreatestDancer
JUSTICE FOR AINSLEY omg I can't believe he's been voted off, he's literally such an amazing dancer #GreatestDancer
How is Ainsley going home?! he is an absolutely fantastic dancer!! #GreatestDancer
Ainsley was my winner #TheGreatestDancer
Yet again... British public can't be trusted with anything. Ainsley was the most articulate & original dancer there #TheGreatestDancer
Ainsley was awesome #TheGreatestDancer
Gawd @RickettsAinsley smashed that Love Love Love #greatestdancer
Ainsley is a superstar no cap #GreatestDancer
Ainsley was my winner... #TheGreatestDancer
Solo dancers seem to be limited to the same moves over and again. Ainsley is a great dancer, but didnt see anything different or special. Not sure he go any further. #greatestdancer
ainsley is incredible and i'd say that him leaving was all down to his choreo not really flowing with his music this week #GreatestDancer
#TheGreatestDancer loves to get rid of the gay acts. Globegirls, Josh and now Ainsley. You have someone with actual talent and save people with sub par talent and children because, oh they're only children, oh they're boys promoting mental health. I'm boycotting, cba
ainsley is my winner #GreatestDancer #TheGreatestDancer #tgd
Actually fuming! Ainsley was in INCREDIBLE DANCER and 100% did not deserve to go #GreatestDancer
LOVE Ainsley! #GreatestDancer #Squadrick
Omg So sorry @RickettsAinsley you are amazing #GreatestDancer
Awww I loved Ainsley! #GreatestDancer
What just happened????? Ainsley is the best dancer out of them all!! #GreatestDancer #Squadrick
I think I might be in love with @RickettsAinsley #thegreatestdancer
Ainsley is something else Love #thegreatestdancer
Beyond shocked I had ainsley done as the winner #TheGreatestDancer
#TheGreatestDancer I feel this is not the last we have seen of @RickettsAinsley I hope he is in a future episode of POSE!
Gutted. Gutted. Gutted. @RickettsAinsley should've been in the quarter finals - still a winner in my eyes #TheGreatestDancer
Comisserations to @RickettsAinsley congrats to the other acts See u next week #GreatestDancer
What? Last act? I came in a bit late. Please tell me I didn't miss @RickettsAinsley! Please? Pleeeeease??? #thegreatestdancer
Oh my god you're JOKING - ffs Ainsley deserved so much better #GreatestDancer
omg so shocked about Ainsley, Just loved your performances. One to watch out in the future eh? @todrick #thegreatestdancer
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