Pippa Walker

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 11
Finished: Final
Twitter: @pippakisses
Instagram: @pippakisses
Mentions ... To Win Sentiment 3-Day Avg Sentiment
Episode 11 130 4 149 149
Episode 12 64 1 46 98
Episode 13 15 1 2 66
Episode 14 142 3 117 55
Episode 15 178 2 68 62
Episode 16 366 1 26 70
Episode 17 410 3 423 172
Episode 18 152 1 162 204
Episode 19 499 2 238 274
Episode 20 403 5 267 222
Final 854 16 659 388
Tom's vote for Felix in 1st has won that. Pipa and Joey have last laugh over Manrika #TheCircle
The big 4 vote the big 4 with predictable allegiances... Pippa & Not-Femi the absolute kingmakers in the end. #TheCircle
I would apply for the next season of #thecircle but they would dig up my old Captain Tom tweets and I'd be kicked out within a few days.
I thought Tom won #TheCircle
Tom 5th place. Not a surprise. #TheCircle
Father Tom got one question and was cut off in the middle of answering #TheCircle
I think it's gona come down to who Tom put first as Manrika and Felix voted for each other 1st, and Andy and Syed likewise. They'll have all voted for Tom last. This is away to be real interesting! #TheCircle
*Syed, Felix and Tom have been revealed as Hashu, Natalya and Joey and Pippa, the Triple Threat alliance was revealed to Andy and everyone found out what really happened* Me: #TheCircle
I mean Pippa is sat right there but sure #thecircle
Pippa and Joey actually make a cute couple. #TheCircle
I really hope this kicks off! Come on Joey and Pippa. Tell Andy the truth #TheCircle
Me being most excited for the Father Tom reveal after Manrika plotted with Pippa and Femi to remove Andy but Manrika telling Andy at the final dinner that she "never fucked him over"... #TheCircle
i hope Pippa and Joey expose her, after she just completely lied to Andy's face LOOOOOOL #thecircle
I hope so much that pippa and joey call out manrika for all her bullshit #triplethreatnot #thecircle
Shock of their lives #TheCircle narrator chats shit Everyone guessed who Tom was after 2 days #TheCircleUK
Can't wait for the reaction to Tom #thecircle
I hope Pippa and Joey absolutely pop off and start spilling about how Manrika has been twisting things #TheCircle
I can't wait to see how it goes with Tom giving how the Felix meeting went. #TheCircle
Good luck Tom! #TheCircle
Manrika's even bare face lying at the table. Perfect time for Pippa & Femi to walk in... #TheCircle
Manrika V Pippa next #TheCircle
Manrika you've been doing this yourself. Tally Vithun Felix/Pippa #TheCircle
i feel like andy is next or tom and they're leaving felix till last #thecircle
...Manrika comes in, then Andy, then Femi/Pippa... and Felix last. That's your drama. @C4TheCircle #thecircle
Poor nanna Dot should have been there, at #TheCircle NOT father Tom.
Syed, Manrika, Felix & Andy all got a first position from someone. That leaves Father Tom to basically decide the winner. #TheCircle
My predictions: Manrika Syed Felix Andy Tom #TheCircle
My personal final ratings: 1. Manrika 2. Natalya/Felix 3. Hashu/Syed 4. Pippa+Joey/Tom 5. Andy #TheCircle
My FINAL Ratings #TheCircle 1 Syed (Hashu) 2 Andy 3 Felix (Natalya) 4 Manrika 5 Tom (Pippa and Femi)
Fair play to Femi and Pippa though, they've played the vicar so well. #TheCircle
Femi and Pippa seem to have forgotten that they are giving all the prize money to Indonesian children. #TheCircle
Pippa, Femi huns...you've been there a week. What ya crying for? #thecircle #thecircleuk
Pippa and Femi getting a message from home even though they've only been gone a week #thecircle
It baffles me that they think Tom is real?? #thecircle
Andy: "Even better that we are all going to meet each other today" Syed/Hashu and Tom/Joey and Pippa: #TheCircle
#TheCircle When Andy sees Manrika meeting catfish Felix while catfish Syed is talking to catfish Tom about the love interests...
Pippa has no idea does she? #TheCircle
What's baffling is why the original 4 keeps thinking that it's #FEMI and #Pippa as a duo and not one or the other? Scripted? #TheCircle
So here they are everyone - the FINALISTS of #TheCircle 2021! - Andy - Hashu a.k.a. Syed - Manrika - Joey and Pippa a.k.a. Tom - Natalya a.k.a. Felix
what order are we all thinking deffo manrika and felix first then syed then andy and femi and pippa last #thecircle
Screaming, it's fucking Tom! #TheCircle
Manrika thinking she wont ever see pippa and joey #TheCircle
I hope they realise when they see Alice's goodbye video and realise Tom is an ex player WASTE #TheCircle
Yes Tom #TheCircle
Soooo Pippa and Femi are gonna meet Manrika in person toooo! Gonna be one hell of a dinner party! #TheCircle
Everyone in The Circle when they find out Tom is actually Joey and Pippa who came back #TheCircle
Pissed off he didn't choose Tom as want Pippa/Femi GONE! #TheCircle
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