Pippa Walker

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 11
Finished: Final
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Pippa acting excited for the £100k winner to be announced as if there's the slightest chance she'll win #TheCircleUK #thecircle
Pippa and Femi excited about winning the 100k like they're actually gonna win it... #TheCircle
pippa is so cute and nice I feel like she'd make an amazing bestie #TheCircle
That's it, Manrika will win #TheCircle Tom's just an also-ran for final ratings so it's out of the original 4. And they all love Manrika. Hashu is besotted and Andy & Felix have a misguided loyalty. But she will screw em all and walk away whistling with the 100k
#TheCircle Alright lads all this drama has led us up to the final tbh I don't mind who wins they all deserve it. Manrika Alice/Shabaz Andy Syed/Hashu Felix/Natalya Tom/ Pippa+Joey Im so excited hahahah
So at best, Andy could average a score of 2 (due to Tom's 3rd place rating of him). If that's enough to win, it'll be a close final. I doubt that'll be a winning score though, I expect a 1.something to take it. #TheCircle
#TheCircle Yay! A nice human being wins. Well done Father Tom, belting decisive ratings!
Manrika should've won but like... if you were playing to win, why didn't you place Tom in first place? sis threw away the crown #thecircle
I choose: 1 Syed 2 Manrika 3 Felix 4 Andy 5 Tom Happy for any of the top three to win. #TheCircle
Hashu's video: OMG CUUUUUTE Pippa/Femi's video: Awwwww how emotional and beautiful Andy's video: Awwwww look at his beautiful wife and kids Manrika's video: Okay move along x #thecircle
The producers really thought they were doing something saving Tom until last as a big reveal but they're all expecting it, don't care and he's never going to win. They should have saved Felix until last. #TheCircle
i've wanted manrika to win for most of the show but i'd also kinda be okay with any of them winning? (except tom, if tom wins then what the fuck) #thecircle
If they really want to win they'd rate Tom the highest, thinking no one else will. However, if they all do that Tom would win. Funny! #TheCircle
Now I can but hope doesn't win #TheCircle but I won't hold my breathe lol!! And femi & pippa get the boot
Absolute lol Pippa and Joey cheering that they've made the final like they stand a chance #thecircle
But if Father Tom wins.. our night would be complete #thecircle please do a twisty twist and let them win!!
Who do you want yo win? Or Tom lol #TheCircle #TheCircleUK
#thecircle final. I cant see anything other than a Manrika win. Syed. Felix and even Tom will probably vote her top. I cant see any strategic voting. Obviously I think Alice is a goner as I don't think Alice at the final meet will add anything.
Syed manrika Natalya and Andy have all played different games and deserve to be in the final. Pippa and Joey/Femi have been great fun, wish they had been in earlier! #TheCircle
why are pippa and femi acting like they have a chance of winning #TheCircle
Feel like there isn't any point in pippa & joey to still be in there they haven't got a chance of winning realistically #justsaying #TheCircle
LMAO NOOO what if they all turn on each other and Tom wins I- #TheCircle
Pippa & Femi thinking they're gonna win 100k LOL #TheCircle
As long as Father Tom doesn't win, I'll be happy. #TheCircle
I am enjoying this have Pippa and Femi returned or possible OG snake drama. Fascinating seeing it play out from all sides. I don't think even #TheCircle producers could have anticipated this scenario would arise when they gave Pippa and Femi a second chance.
Would be happy for any of them but 'Tom' or 'Felix' to win. #thecircle
This is going to be interesting. I think Tom is definitely last, Felix is second last, Manrika is third last because of Tom voting low. She may be equal with Andy or Syed. I'm not sure who will win. #TheCircle
pippa looks stunning Love #TheCircle
Manrika and Felix (Natalya) BOTH came 1st in the final ratings of The Circle. Due to a tie, the winner is whoever received the most #1 votes - Natalya won because MANRIKA and Tom put her 1st! #TheCircle
No offence to Father Tom... we know he ain't winning! Who do you think will win???? I want Andy or Felix #TheCircleUK #TheCircle #TheCircleFinal
Emma just said given to one player so we know Tom / Femi and Pippa aren't winning lol #TheCircle
I wish Shabaz had come in earlier because he's been v entertaining, but I'm SO happy Pippa and Joey managed to get to the end #TheCircle
Yaaassss i would have even been happy if Tom had won over Manrika #thecircle
Credit to her, Manrika handled that entire situation superbly. I really adore this OG group (sorry Pippa and Joey) and seeing them together has really just reinforced that I wouldn't mind seeing any of them win it now #TheCircle
pippa is so so gorgeous Love #thecircle
I honestly can't wait until Pippa and Joey get to that meal and they realise they had NO CHANCE of winning #TheCircle
1 - Syed/Hashu 2 - Andy 3 - Felix /Natalya 4 - Manrika 5 - Tom Disclaimer - as much as I don't like what Felix is doing to Manrika, I just can't stand the idea of Manrika winning!! #TheCircle
If all these people be 'tactical' and rate Tom first because they think he has no chance of winning I won't know how to react #TheCircle #TheCircleFinal
Good luck Tom! #TheCircle
felix being fake is punishment enough for manrika, and tbf she handled it quite well in the end considering. any of them (except tom) could win and i'd be happy. #TheCircle
Get in!! Thank the lord Tom was in the final! Voted manrika last because they knew she was a snake to them! Karma at its best!!! #thecircle
I take it all back. Manrika is a legend. I love them all. Except Tom obviously. #thecircle
OK so Tom is definitely not winning, and I think that Tom will put Manrika last so that may mess her up. So I think it's between Hashu, Natalya and Andy. I think that Hashu will win though if I'm going by the likely placings. #TheCircle
Femi and Pippa actually thought they stood a chance at winning!? #TheCircle
1. Syed 2. Andy 3. Felix 4. Tom 5. Manrika ... but we all know it ain't gonna be like that! The snake will win #TheCircle
#TheCircleUK does Pippa still think they've got a chance of winning? #thecircle
Part of me hopes Andy heads to Manrika's apartment and blocks her but on the hand I wanna see the climax to her and Felix's potential meeting If not Manrika then hope it's Alice as want to see the players' reaction to Father Tom being Pippa/Femi #TheCircle
"Father Tom" has about as much chance of winning #thecircle as I have winning world's sexiest swimwear model
I don't care who wins at this point..as long as it isn't Felix or Tom #TheCircle
Who decides #TheCircle winner? Players? If so, i reckon: - Andy will vote Syed - Manrika: Syed - Syed: Manrika - Felix: Manrika - Tom: Syed
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