Natalya Platonova

Status: Winner
Started: Episode 5
Finished: Final
Twitter: @NatalyaPlatono
Instagram: @natalyaplat1
Mentions ... To Win Sentiment 3-Day Avg Sentiment
Episode 5 221 3 237 237
Episode 6 55 0 40 139
Episode 7 57 1 51 109
Episode 8 461 6 193 95
Episode 9 317 0 106 117
Episode 10 236 4 29 109
Episode 11 135 0 107 81
Episode 12 111 1 87 74
Episode 13 545 4 81 92
Episode 14 435 6 142 103
Episode 15 199 1 43 89
Episode 16 562 17 439 208
Episode 17 125 13 256 246
Episode 18 813 12 453 383
Episode 19 1,066 48 1,342 684
Episode 20 679 28 649 815
Final 2,813 104 4,309 2,100
So Mamrika screwed herself out of £100k with the last rating. Eek! That'll take some gettin over. Well played Felix. Nat! #TheCircleUK #thecircle #TheCirclefinal
I am absolutely GOBSMACKED!! I was absolutely certain Syed or even Andy would win that but I'd be lying if I said I'm glad Manrika never... Natalya aka Felix played an absolute blinder of a game and turned out to be a worthy winner @thecircle #thecircle
Will everyone shut up now about how Manrika won because of her social media posts bc you were clearly wrong LMAOOO congratulations felix/natayla #TheCircle
Never expected Felix to win! what!! #thecircle
WTAF Fair play Felix #TheCircle
Manrika instantly regretting putting felix first #TheCircle
#TheCircle Get in @NatalyaPlatono
Can't believe Felix won #TheCircle
i'm hoping it goes andy syed felix manrika #TheCircle
Andy to win, Manrika and Felix will get modelling jobs, Sayed will get a million followers so Andy to win! #TheCircle
Felix deserves the win for that manrika reaction alone #TheCircle
natalya is literally perfect #TheCircle
Manrika is so full of shit she never doubted Felix for a second #thecircle
natalya going straight for scott :') #TheCircle
Prediction; Manrika Andy Syed Felix Tom #TheCircle #TheCircleUK #TheCirclefinal
Natalya and Hashu have to be my two favourite catfishes on the show. Both played an absolute blinder! #TheCircle
Syed is so fucking adorable, and I do enjoy Felix, bless her, tearing herself apart #TheCircle
Oooh that convo between Manrika and Natalya was sooo awkward #TheCircle
As a woman, did Manrika not feel bad when she snaked every other woman? It's awkward for her about Felix but that's literally the game?! #TheCircle
Wait so Manrika can play the game & basically kick out Talley but raging at Felix for playing the game #TheCircle #TheCircleUK
Hash is like so happy cause Felix is not Felix... his face is just a picture.. his is sending telepathic messages to his family to get together that bride price #TheCircle #TheCircleUK
I think manrika would've been angrier if felix didn't look like natalya #thecircle
Ooh Felix is coming. Duff duff moment. #TheCircleUK #TheCircle
She doesn't look happy, imagine what her reaction to Felix will be like #TheCircle
Felix walking in last like #TheCircle
Syed/Hashu was so excited when he found out Manrika was coming to see him! I hope Felix is next! #CoSign #TheCircle #AimHigh #DreamBig
Taxi for Felix #TheCircle
Felix has to enter last, surely. #TheCircle
The moment the nation has waited weeks for. Manrika and 'Felix' finally meet face to face #TheCircle
Felix will stroll in last lol #TheCircle
felix or syed to win! #TheCircle
Manrika will be looking around like where's felix #TheCircle
manrika completely snaking felix and voting them low to get the money..... nahhh this isn't right #TheCircle
That cut from Natalya to Manrika ahahahaha #TheCircle
My #TheCircle ratings: 1. Felix 2. Syed 3. Manrika 4. Andy 5. Father Tom
not manrika saying she's gonna jump on Felix when she sees him LOOOOOOL #thecircle
When Manrika and Felix meet, security better be ready #thecircle #TheCircleUK
Natalya's family Love . Oh my god. Her dad ! I have loved you since very small My iced up heart just melted Love #TheCircle #Felix
Also. Natalya is in the army. Her family are used to her not being there! #thecircle
I adore Natalya, I really would love her to win #thecircle
Awww Natalia's fam! #TheCircle
*IF* left votes to right, then: Andy> Syed Syed>Andy Manrika> Felix Felix>Manrika Tom> cast winning vote ??? ... #TheCircle #TheCircleUK
Have #TheCircle Fam forgotten that 'Felix' wasn't an original? Shabaz had a point, some of the originals should have shown more respect to newer players
There is no way the producers would have let Andy block Manrika. This the only logical outcome. The reaction of the rest to Pippa/Femi at Dinner. The reaction to Felix/Manrika. Shame the biggest influencer are the producers. #TheCircle
Okay blah blah blah. Let Manrika meet Felix #TheCircle
Had to get a dominos for the occasion of Manrika meeting Felix #thecircle
5 minutes I'm rooting for @NatalyaPlatono or @SMASHBengali #TheCircle
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