Natalya Platonova

Status: Winner
Started: Episode 5
Finished: Final
Twitter: @NatalyaPlatono
Instagram: @natalyaplat1
Mentions ... To Win Sentiment 3-Day Avg Sentiment
Episode 5 221 3 237 237
Episode 6 55 0 40 139
Episode 7 57 1 51 109
Episode 8 461 6 193 95
Episode 9 317 0 106 117
Episode 10 236 4 29 109
Episode 11 135 0 107 81
Episode 12 111 1 87 74
Episode 13 545 4 81 92
Episode 14 435 6 142 103
Episode 15 199 1 43 89
Episode 16 562 17 439 208
Episode 17 125 13 256 246
Episode 18 813 12 453 383
Episode 19 1,066 48 1,342 684
Episode 20 679 28 649 815
Final 2,813 104 4,309 2,100
Manrika right now knowing if she didn't rate Felix/Natayla first she would've won 100k #TheCircle
So pleased for Natalya, despite being a catfish she was the most pure of all the contestants. A deserving winner #MarriageMaterial #TheCircle
Gutted Felix won Gutted. Played dirty in a very clever way. Part of the game but not nice. Great series #TheCircle
I was hoping Andy would win but happy for Felix she played such a good game! Well done #thecircle
You won, Felix. Enjoy the money, I hope it makes you very happy. Dear Lord, what a sad little life, Felix. #TheCircle
The drama, I am shook Perfect viewing #TheCircle Also, Natalia but also Felix Love
Emma: "The winner of The Circle and taking home 100k is.. Felix/Natalya!!" The UK: #TheCircle
I love how bitter she is for putting Felix first... Have that Manrika #TheCircle
Yes Felix! So happy, you played the game, gutted there is no more #TheCircle
Wow! Don't know what to think of Felix/Natalya winning the circle?! Did not expect that at all! Gutted that Andy and Syed didn't win but very glad that Manrika didn't win! #TheCircleUK #TheCircle
Whoa I wasn't expecting that! Congrats to Natalya/Felix, you played a blinder. #TheCircle #TheCircleFinal
Can't believe Felix won #TheCircle
Alright.... Felix or Syed needs to win #thecircle
I think Manrika has this but Syed, Felix or Andy are my #TheCircle winner
Manrika saying no one tried to warn her about Felix, well actually love Tally did and look what happened to her #thecircle
Syed/Hashu when Manrika and Felix/Natalya cuddle... #thecircle
Hilarious that they're doing the circle fam all together. I guess they knew they needed Hashu there to stop Manrika from killing Natalya #TheCircle
Manrikas side wye to felix. Wow! #thecircle
Omg the Felix + Manrika thing, I can't wait!!!! #TheCircle
Oh my fucking god. I hope Natalya/Felix doesn't come in last. CRIIIIINGE. #TheCircle
By the time Felix gets there Syed will have kidnapped Manrika and left the building. #TheCircle
The order should be Syed, Felix, Manrika. #TheCircleUK #TheCircle
#TheCircle felix walking into that room
watch it be a cliffhanger as felix walks into meet manrika and theyre like next year on the circle.. cba #TheCircle
Manrika meeting Felix. I've been waiting for this for weeks #thecircle
My #TheCircle ratings: 1. Andy 2. Manrika 3. Syed 4. Felix 5. Tom
WAIT- is Manrika snaking Felix now?! #TheCircle
*Circle Alert* Felix/Natalya: #TheCircle
I'm not sure I can actually watch the Felix/Manrika meeting! #TheCircle
Stop with all the emotional stuff and show us Manrika meeting Felix #TheCircle
We're all really hyping up everyone meeting Felix (tbh we all want a Dan/Alex repeat) but I'm getting nervous they'll all be super chill & not make a big deal of it... #thecircle
the felix/manrika meet will be more dramatic than even THIS i literally cannot wait #TheCircle
How can you be mad at the gorgeous being that is Natalya #thecircle
My popcorn is out and ready for Manrika to see Felix Heartbreaking.. #TheCircle
the thing im gunna miss most about #TheCircle this year is that i probably won't ever get to hear @NatalyaPlatono say "fisty bump" ever again :(
I need 'Felix' to do a tutorial with that no-heat curls situation she has going on today #TheCircle
Manrika and Felix have played the best game for me. Focused, knew what they wanted and played to get it! #TheCircle
The table sit down is gonna be INTENSE. Felix/Manrika, Femi & Pippa, SYED!!!! #TheCircle
I need 'Felix' to do a tutorial on that no-heat curls situation she has got going on today #TheCircle
My final #TheCircle rankings 1. Felix (LEGEND) 2. Manrika 3. Pippa from Tom 4. Andy 5. Syed
natalya is so hot honestly #TheCircle
Manrika meeting Felix better be as explosive as I've imagined in my head or I'm gunna be devastated #TheCircle
Imagine how nervous Natalya must be feeling about having to come face to face with Manrika #TheCircle
Andy should have blocked Manrika, 'Felix' or 'Syed' with them being most popular #TheCircle
It's the finallll. Manrika finding out Felix isn't the man of her dreams is better than one of them winning the prize money #TheCircle
Never mind Manrika Felix, I want the Andy Hashu love #bromance #thecircle
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