Manrika Khaira

Status: Eliminated
Started: Launch Show
Finished: Final
Twitter: @manrikakhaira
Instagram: @manrikakhaira
Mentions ... To Win Sentiment 3-Day Avg Sentiment
Launch Show 65 6 115 115
Episode 2 32 0 22 69
Episode 3 120 2 163 100
Episode 4 154 3 74 86
Episode 5 163 4 121 119
Episode 6 140 3 133 109
Episode 7 179 4 158 137
Episode 8 736 21 649 313
Episode 9 1,250 17 154 320
Episode 10 938 8 10 271
Episode 11 525 5 297 154
Episode 12 447 6 141 149
Episode 13 2,032 26 -1,244 -269
Episode 14 1,174 12 23 -360
Episode 15 2,546 68 -501 -574
Episode 16 1,903 29 -44 -174
Episode 17 989 13 442 -34
Episode 18 1,261 9 35 144
Episode 19 1,178 31 148 208
Episode 20 950 45 652 278
Final 4,581 155 4,526 1,775
I was fully expecting a Bake Off-style 'since The Circle' summary of the contestants of what they've been up to since the series ended and see that Manrika is now with Hashu #TheCircle
Can we all just appreciate the fact that the only reason Manrika lost was because she voted tactically? Lesson learned - playing the game in the Circle is much more likely to screw you over than anything, ESPECIALLY in the final #TheCircle
i hate that manrika fumbled right at the end whole season she was stragetic and all she had to do was just rate her bestie lower and it would of been the perfect gameactual heart break #thecircle
This must be so tough for Manrika! All the back stabbing, fake tears, being catfished by Felix and then loose? #TheCircle
Manrika shot herself in the foot! #TheCircleUK #TheCircle
Gutted Syed didn't win but at least it wasn't Manrika #TheCircle
Manrika not bitter at all #TheCircle
At least it wasn't Manrika #thecircle
BOOOOOOM And she was next to Manrika when it was announced Couldn't be more perfect #TheCircle
Manrika winnings this Knew it from day 1 #thecircle
If Hashu wins, we all know he's giving it to Manrika #thecircle
Felix deserves the win for that manrika reaction alone #TheCircle
Hashu deserves way better than Manrika as she's jus faking that he maybe in with a chance, don't fall for it Hashu #TheCircle
I'm really disappointed with the fact Manrika just got away with snaking Andy behind his back #TheCircle
manrika cant even look at natalya omg #TheCircle
Manrika didn't even get a big cheer from the ex players #TheCircle
Not being funny but I feel like Felix did Manrika real good. She's been playing with fire since the beginning and now someone's given her a taste of her own medicine she's spat her dummy out? Lesson is don't be nasty and expect to get away with it #thecircle
Manrika #TheCircle
Wait, did Manrika just tell Andy that she never fucked him over? PIPPA AND JOEY COMES TO MIND!! Please let Andy know Manrika slagged him off to them!!!!! #TheCircle
Manrikas face, she's raging #TheCircle
#thecircle Manrika is mad everyone else is fine!!
Manrika still pissed ik #TheCircle
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahah manrika's face hahahahahahahahahaha YES you were invested #TheCircle
Oooof Manrika is going off I love it she deserved that blow off tbh #TheCircle
Manrika is...I just don't know... awkward #TheCircle
Team Manrika's Eyeliner ONLY #TheCircle
Does hashu think this is a first date with manrika #TheCircleUK #TheCircle
Manrika doesn't like him. Such a snob. Thought so! #TheCircle
I actually feel like #Manrika will be ok with #Felix and the others will be more upset for her at the meet #TheCircle
It would be bantz if they sent Hunter in instead of Manrika. #TheCircle
There's no denying Manrika won't be hurt at the revalation of Felix but Natalya is bloody lovely. Hoping they go easy on her #TheCircle
Manrika posted this last night, blocking out the name and honestly prayer circle that it's her boyfriend Hashu #TheCircle
Syed all dressed up to impress Manrika! #TheCircle
They played it so bad it should of been Manrika and Felix 1st and 2nd to the dinner so they could argue #TheCircle
I won't lie I will be absolutely gutted if Manrika wins tonight after the way she has played the game. #TheCircle
Hashu really wants to date Manrika so hard #TheCircle
#Manrika cant wait to jump.on.#Felox...oops #TheCircle
Hashu seems like the sort of person who would give manrika like £10k of the prize if he wins because he's so in love with her #thecircle
Syed aka Hashu FTW #TheCircle but wouldn't be mad if Manrika wins, she has been entertaining!
Lemme guess Manrikas video is last #TheCircle
Love you Manrika but you would know a fair bit about about being snakey in there! Rolling on the floor #TheCircle #TheCircleFinal
Funny that by Manrika just being herself just shows how much of an awful gobshite she is tbh. #TheCircle
All #Syed is interested in is meeting #Manrika. He doesn't even care about winning. #TheCircle
We're all just waiting for Manrika and Felix to meet aren't we #thecircle
As much as I think Andy wusses out .. we are all living for the felix manrika reveal #TheCircle
I sort of want Manrika to win but then I LOVE ANDY AND SYED! I like the girl that plays Felix but not sure even if as a game how I feel about playing with a womans feelings #thecircle
OK... Let's get this final done. #TheCircle #TheCircleUK... Snacks ready... Wine ready.... 90mins of tension... Manrika meet Felix...
Manrika is about to see who Felix is and I can't remember the last time I was this excited for anything #lockdownlife #TheCircle
My head is just the final of #TheCircle I reckon Andy is Guna block Alice to stay true to himself and I just have this weird feeling father Tom Guna win where they all try to get the others ratings down. I will be fuming want @SMASHBengali but ok2 c manrika or Andy take it!
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