Manrika Khaira

Status: Eliminated
Started: Launch Show
Finished: Final
Twitter: @manrikakhaira
Instagram: @manrikakhaira
Mentions ... To Win Sentiment 3-Day Avg Sentiment
Launch Show 65 6 115 115
Episode 2 32 0 22 69
Episode 3 120 2 163 100
Episode 4 154 3 74 86
Episode 5 163 4 121 119
Episode 6 140 3 133 109
Episode 7 179 4 158 137
Episode 8 736 21 649 313
Episode 9 1,250 17 154 320
Episode 10 938 8 10 271
Episode 11 525 5 297 154
Episode 12 447 6 141 149
Episode 13 2,032 26 -1,244 -269
Episode 14 1,174 12 23 -360
Episode 15 2,546 68 -501 -574
Episode 16 1,903 29 -44 -174
Episode 17 989 13 442 -34
Episode 18 1,261 9 35 144
Episode 19 1,178 31 148 208
Episode 20 950 45 652 278
Final 4,581 155 4,526 1,775
I was not expecting this but between Manrika & Natalya I am happy it was Natalya againstall odds because she was more genuine as a catfish than Manrika who was snake-y af, so many times she'd say smth to the camera and then message the opposite. And backstabb-y (Tally) #TheCircle
hahaha bloody ell manrika who played the game from the start .....blew it by kopping off with a catfish #TheCircle lmfao
Manrika realising if she hadn't put Felix first she would've won #TheCircle
someone said felix robbing manrika of a bf AND 100k.... #TheCircle
Lol Joey & Pippa rating Manrika second already knowing she was a snake? Hmmmm... #TheCircle
#Manrika is soooooooo gonna slide into #Natalya's DM's now... #Snake #TheCircle Love
if anything natalya deserves it. her game plan was admirable. unlike manrika, she is 100% a genuine person #TheCircle
SO happy Manrika didn't win. After all that editing it felt like it was gonna be her #thecircle
Now plssss let Manrika or Syed win this #TheCircle
Really rooting for Manrika and Hashu to get together - Hanrika needs to be a thing Love #thecircle #thecircleuk
Manrika doesn't deserve Hashu!! I said it!I said it! #TheCircleUK #thecircle
Manrika had no clue Syed was a catfish she such a bullshitter! Is that how your parents raised you? #TheCircle
Manrika is fucking fuming about Felix #thecircle
I dont even care who the #Winner is, just want to see #Felix & #Manrika to meet #TheCirclefinal #TheCircle
Manrika telling Andy that she has never fucked him over! Then felix fucking her over! #TheCircle
If Pippa and Joey don't expose manrika then WHAT THE BLOODY #TheCircle
Dead Manrika plays the nastiest game ever and then gets annoyed when someone is a catfish #TheCircle
Manrika she's playing the game just like you #TheCircle
Ive loved Manrika on this series. Yes shes played a game. Yes sometimes shes been manipulative but it IS a game. What a women for hugging Felix/natalia. PLUS would have been dry without her. Deserved winner #TheCircle
Manrika right now... #TheCircle
Manrika has done nothing but tear people apart so she hasn't got a fucking leg to stand on #thecircle
HA! Manrika is RAGING! #TheCircle
Manrika is not happy. But she needs to remember it's a game like she just said to Hashu.. #TheCircle
Me watching Manrika see Felix walk in hahahahaha oh my god #TheCircle
Manrika is broken on the inside #TheCircle
This is awkward ain't it Manrika's face #TheCircle
Manrika is not gonna take this well #TheCircle
Manrika about to SLAP someone #TheCircle
Hashu is SO nervous around manrika! #TheCircle
Syed and Manrika meeting for the first time! Table for one Hashu is so great! #TheCircle
Manrika is peng to be fair, Hashu is gona splooge #TheCircle
Mentally preparing myself for manrika winning and my will to live disappearing xx #TheCircle
actual footage of hashu waiting for manrika #TheCircle
Manrika posted this last night, blocking out the name and honestly prayer circle that it's her boyfriend Hashu #TheCircle
This is it Syed is about to meet manrika & manrika is about to find out felix is a catfish #TheCircleUK #TheCircle
I really hope Hashu & Manrika get together. #TheCircle
Sneak peak clip of Manrika meeting felix... #TheCircle
If I had made it to #TheCircle Final, my ratings would have been: 1. Syed 2. Andy 3. Manrika 4. Felix 5. Tom And yet Hashu called me a snake so many times it could've been a drinking game
Team Manrika! #TheCircle
Check out Manrika's Instagram and you'll see how hard her life was before going on The Circle!!!! You're full of Manrika!!! #TheCircle
#TheCircle..I can't help thinking if anyone other than manrika or Felix won ..they would share the money!!
No offence but many others have gone through crap in life. Manrika bleats on like she's the only one who has ever faced hardship and difficulty. #TheCircle
Love you Manrika but you would know a fair bit about about being snakey in there! Rolling on the floor #TheCircle #TheCircleFinal
My reaction when Manrika inevitably wins tonight #TheCircle
One of the OGs is a snake... You Manrika #TheCircle
Manrika calling out someone for being a snake .. #TheCircle
syed, felix, andy and manrika doing the correct math but getting the wrong answer #thecircle
I deserve to be here no you don't Manrika. I've never disliked someone as much as I do her #thecircle
Should've picked off Manrika there Andy #TheCircle
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