Joey Alabi

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 11
Finished: Final
Twitter: @JoeyTheGeneral
Instagram: @JoeyTheGeneral
Pippa and Femi excited about winning the 100k like they're actually gonna win it... #TheCircle
#TheCircle Alright lads all this drama has led us up to the final tbh I don't mind who wins they all deserve it. Manrika Alice/Shabaz Andy Syed/Hashu Felix/Natalya Tom/ Pippa+Joey Im so excited hahahah
Hashu's video: OMG CUUUUUTE Pippa/Femi's video: Awwwww how emotional and beautiful Andy's video: Awwwww look at his beautiful wife and kids Manrika's video: Okay move along x #thecircle
A love that joey is celebrating by getting the kettle on lol #thecircle
I really appreciated Joeys message from his family and even if he doesn't win the show he's won in life! #thecircle
Now I can but hope doesn't win #TheCircle but I won't hold my breathe lol!! And femi & pippa get the boot
Absolute lol Pippa and Joey cheering that they've made the final like they stand a chance #thecircle
Syed manrika Natalya and Andy have all played different games and deserve to be in the final. Pippa and Joey/Femi have been great fun, wish they had been in earlier! #TheCircle
why are pippa and femi acting like they have a chance of winning #TheCircle
Feel like there isn't any point in pippa & joey to still be in there they haven't got a chance of winning realistically #justsaying #TheCircle
Pippa & Femi thinking they're gonna win 100k LOL #TheCircle
I am enjoying this have Pippa and Femi returned or possible OG snake drama. Fascinating seeing it play out from all sides. I don't think even #TheCircle producers could have anticipated this scenario would arise when they gave Pippa and Femi a second chance.
Ok, so I was taken by how gorgeous Joey was when I first saw him enter #TheCircle, sad he got played by Manrika but he's grown & I really do adore him. Love
Joey is REALLY not good at this lmao #TheCircle
Emma just said given to one player so we know Tom / Femi and Pippa aren't winning lol #TheCircle
I wish Shabaz had come in earlier because he's been v entertaining, but I'm SO happy Pippa and Joey managed to get to the end #TheCircle
I honestly can't wait until Pippa and Joey get to that meal and they realise they had NO CHANCE of winning #TheCircle
Femi and Pippa actually thought they stood a chance at winning!? #TheCircle
Femi and Pippa winning would be a better result than Manrika. Nah, even Penny winning would be a better result than Manrika. #thecircle
Part of me hopes Andy heads to Manrika's apartment and blocks her but on the hand I wanna see the climax to her and Felix's potential meeting If not Manrika then hope it's Alice as want to see the players' reaction to Father Tom being Pippa/Femi #TheCircle
Tom's vote for Felix in 1st has won that. Pipa and Joey have last laugh over Manrika #TheCircle
1. If Syed or Andy don't win, I want a refund 2. I can't wait for Manrika and Felix to meet 3. Femi doesn't deserve to be there #thecircle
Andy still totally oblivious about Manrika stabbing him on the back with Pippa and Femi then licking his arse after they were blocked #thecircle But she's going to win - good game play
Felix should have been last. They built up this Pippa and Joey thing but no-one cares lol #TheCircle
hope femi and pippa call manrika out lolll #TheCircle
Imagine if they all vote strategically and then pippa and joey ends up winning #thecircle
Not Pippa and Joey skipping the orange juice and just drinking straight champagne LMAOOO #TheCircle
I honestly won't be disappointed with any winner bar father Tom, if Pippa and Joey win I'm gonna be fuming. #TheCircle
imagine the scenes if they all vote tactically and pippa and femi win #TheCircle
Imagine if they all tactically vote Tom as Number 1 and Pippa & Joey win #TheCircle
Tom's vote Felix has 1st has won that. Pipa and Joey have last laugh over Manrika #TheCircle
Why are they hyping it up like anyone actually cares it's Pippa and Femi?! #TheCircle
Anyone to win but Andy & Femi/Pippa #TheCircle
Pippa and Joey could win as everyone tries to play tactically and rates everyone else 1* and that is now my chosen ending #thecircle
Lol at Natalya coming straight out with the Pippa and Femi theory in the group chat, right in front of Pippa and Femi!! #TheCircle
Why are Pippa and Femi /Joeys family so emotional . They were only in #TheCircle for a week ! . Acting like they'd been gone for 3 years hahahaha
if all the players decide to play tactics then pippa and femi could actually win #TheCircle
#TheCirclefemi and pippa thinking they gon win
I feel like if anyone is going to get stick it's going to be pippa and Femi because of the comment they made about the Manrika and Gemma thing. So this could be interesting... #thecircle
Watch Pippa and Joey win when everyone but Andy votes tactically #TheCircle
Femi is what we Yoruba's call a fantastic FOOL. The is that uncle who thinks knows everything but knows nothing... When he speaks it sounds like this #TheCircle #TheCircleUK
i wish scott was here instead of pippa/joey it would've been a perfect final #TheCircle
LMAO Peppi and Joey with that story #TheCircle
They're can all win except for femi and pippa #TheCircle
Fun thing here is seeing Pippa & Joey realise this lot knew they were still here; they were played. Fun also to see them see the other catfishes. Also, just realised I was still expecting Tom to walk in even though I know he's not real. Gosh, #TheCircle messes with your head!
Cutting to ads when Pippa and Joey enter. Nice attempt at suspense there @C4TheCircle, nobody cares about these two. #TheCircle
in the nicest way possible i don't want femi and pippa to be at that table #TheCircle
Pippa and Joey's little friendship from this is proper cute tbf #TheCircle
That's a good catfish story, Tom - Joey / Femi and Pippa. #TheCircle
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