Joey Alabi

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 11
Finished: Final
Twitter: @JoeyTheGeneral
Instagram: @JoeyTheGeneral
Mentions ... To Win Sentiment 3-Day Avg Sentiment
Episode 11 158 2 222 222
Episode 12 65 2 31 127
Episode 13 89 2 -5 83
Episode 14 91 0 23 16
Episode 15 220 0 -90 -24
Episode 16 999 2 -497 -188
Episode 17 323 0 230 -119
Episode 18 87 0 118 -50
Episode 19 335 1 126 158
Episode 20 144 0 98 114
Final 389 1 267 164
Femi and Pippa were such an iconic pairing tbh. We stan! #TheCircle
Emma just said given to one player so we know Tom / Femi and Pippa aren't winning lol #TheCircle
Why won't Pippa and Femi tell Andy about TripleThreat #TheCircle
pippa and femi talk too much for bitches that ain't got nothing good to say cba goodbye x #TheCircle
Fun thing here is seeing Pippa & Joey realise this lot knew they were still here; they were played. Fun also to see them see the other catfishes. Also, just realised I was still expecting Tom to walk in even though I know he's not real. Gosh, #TheCircle messes with your head!
omg pippa joey expose manrika pls #TheCircle
Pippa and Femi walking down the hall like a power couple #TheCircle
If Femi and Pippa don't talk about triple treat then it's been edited out #TheCircle
father Tom/pippa and joey when they meet everyone face to face: #thecircle
Now all we need is Femi and Pippa to mention the #triplethreat scheme to Andy infront of Manrika, and watch her try worm her way out of it #thecircle
Femi and pippa need to confront Manrika about trying to turn them against Andy lol #thecircle
#TheCircle I hope Femi and Pippa expose Manrika right at the table
i hope Pippa and Joey expose her, after she just completely lied to Andy's face LOOOOOOL #thecircle
Cutting to ads when Pippa and Joey enter. Nice attempt at suspense there @C4TheCircle, nobody cares about these two. #TheCircle
Come on Femi and Pippa time to expose #TripleThreat #TheCircle
As if Manrika has just bare face lied to Andy - Her claims of she never bad mouthed Andy behind his back - I am hoping Pippa/Joey spill the beans & make it known how manipulative Manrika really is! As if she's still being sly when the game is over #TheCircle
Narrator: "Pippa and Femi are gonna give this lot the shock of their lives." Me: "Except they already figured out out...?" #TheCircle
Now why did Manrika just lie to Andy's face?? Omg Pippa and Joey could really expose her... #TheCircle
Manrikas lying to Andy still. Would be amusing if Femi & Pippa call he out now. #TheCircle
pippa and joey better mention triple threat i want some drama #TheCircle
Will Tom aka Pippa/Femi reveal Manrika played all of them behind their backs? #TheCircle
manrika is going to be even more pissed off once pippa and femi walk in #thecircle
Why are they hyping it up like anyone actually cares it's Pippa and Femi?! #TheCircle
This won't be a shock reveal though. They've guessed it's Pippa and Joey! #TheCircle
"I've never fucked you over" in walks Pippa and Femi. #TheCircle
Oh snap they put in 5 chairs hahah so they won't expect both Femi and Pippa #TheCircle
They should have left Felix for last... "Tom" shouldnt be last as they already clocked its Pippa and Femi #TheCircle
in the nicest way possible i don't want femi and pippa to be at that table #TheCircle
How is Femi hating on catfishes when he's literally been a catfish TWICE #TheCircle
Pippa and Femi if you don't put Manrika last then you are more stupid than I thought #TheCircle
Not sure why Pippa and Femi are bothering TBH #TheCircle
did anyone else forget that femi was called joseph???? #TheCircle
I really appreciated Joeys message from his family and even if he doesn't win the show he's won in life! #thecircle
I keep forgetting his name isn't actually Femi. #thecircle
Feel like there isn't any point in pippa & joey to still be in there they haven't got a chance of winning realistically #justsaying #TheCircle
right result, means there's going to be quite a good few reveal meetings at the table sit down -Pippa & Joey -Uncle Syed -and of course Fleix & Manrika #TheCircle
SCREAMING at them all thinking Femi and Pippa were about to appear. I'm obsessed with this! They're all going to disregard them now.. until they appear at dinner #TheCircle
Femi and Pippa lying (I assume) about giving the money to charity if Father Tom wins doesn't sit that well... I know the name of the game is deception but that's far? #TheCircle #TheCircleUK
I would love for them to make Alice or pippa or Femi to be a super influencer and seen who they'd have cut #TheCircle
Pippa and Joey's little friendship from this is proper cute tbf #TheCircle
This meet up though will be iconic though 'Felix and Manrika, Femi and Pippa and Manrika ... possibly exposing her to Andy, 'Syed' finding out 'Felix' is fake them all finding out 'Syed' is fake it will be ICONIC #TheCircle
1- Manrika 2- Felix 3- Uncle Syed 4- Andy 5- Femi / Pippa #TheCircle
Femi and Pippa thinking they stand a chance!!!!!.... #TheCircle
I honestly can't wait until Pippa and Joey get to that meal and they realise they had NO CHANCE of winning #TheCircle
Absolute lol Pippa and Joey cheering that they've made the final like they stand a chance #thecircle
The fact Pippa and Femi are in the Final #thecircle
praying pippa and femi tell andy what manrika said in the triple threat gc #TheCircle
I mean that made sense, so that they can reveal femi and pippa to the group #TheCircle
Pippa and Joey miraculously securing themselves a place at the dinner table is a plot twist #TheCircle
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