Hashu Mohammed

Status: Eliminated
Started: Launch Show
Finished: Final
Twitter: @smashbengali
Instagram: @smashbengali
Mentions ... To Win Sentiment 3-Day Avg Sentiment
Launch Show 151 10 128 128
Episode 2 90 8 140 134
Episode 3 149 6 128 132
Episode 4 200 8 156 141
Episode 5 91 2 104 129
Episode 6 110 6 116 125
Episode 7 181 14 342 187
Episode 8 567 51 958 472
Episode 9 163 12 296 532
Episode 10 414 37 822 692
Episode 11 151 18 231 450
Episode 12 188 14 304 452
Episode 13 351 80 809 448
Episode 14 274 21 418 510
Episode 15 510 67 968 732
Episode 16 443 36 389 592
Episode 17 320 40 946 768
Episode 18 1,008 52 819 718
Episode 19 398 44 643 803
Episode 20 731 74 1,431 964
Final 2,815 322 6,025 2,700
Hope they do a retrospective fans' favourite cos surely Syed or Andy has to win that #TheCircle
I'm so happy Natalya/Felix won gutted for syed but still a catfish should win because they put in the most work loool this is like kate all over again #TheCircle
Accurate reaction to Syed / Hashu not winning #TheCircle
There's been some tactical voting here if syed can come 4th #TheCircle
Syed in 4th?? I am shocked #TheCircle #TheCircleUK
Hashu is too good for Manrika #TheCircle
The question is have Hashu and Manrika proceeded in their romance #TheCircle
Hashu when he found out Felix was a catfish #TheCircle
Hashu's got it bad #TheCircle
#TheCircle please stop Syed....she doesn't like you :(
hashu you are gift from the gods the nicest guy ever #TheCircle
Emma Exposing Hashu #thecircle
Emma really exposing Hashu like that #TheCircle
Andy or Syed need to win.... #thecircle
I just want syed to be happy. The way he's looking at Manrika and she has absolutely no interest #TheCircle
I actually love Hashu #TheCircle
I ship Hashu and Nat for a real kicker to Manrika #thecircle
Hashu is funny #TheCircle
omg andy and hashu i love them #thecircle
Hashu is so happy Felix is a catfish #TheCircle
Syed is like #thecircle
hashu is planning this wedding now knowing felix isn't real #thecircle
I don't think anyone will be surprised by Hashu. Think he's been suspected for a while but they knew he was genuine so it didn't matter #TheCircle
#TheCircle Syed's (Hashu) gonna make me Boak. His delusion over Manrika is breath-taking!
Screaming at how awkward Hashu is around Manrika #TheCircle
Hashu is so nervous bless him #TheCircle
Hashu is gonna SCREAAAAAAM #TheCircle
Syed when he sees Father Tom #TheCircle
As much as I don't like Manrika cause of how she's acted I do believe her and Hashu would be the perfect couple! #TheCircle
Hashu seems so nice! I'm sure Manrika Will be pleasantly surprised! #TheCircle
#TheCircle Imagine if Manrika breaks up with Felix, when Naralya reveals herself, and decides to start a new one with Hashu.
Uncle Syed realising he's getting a few moments alone with Manrika #TheCircle
Syed and Manrika meeting first night soften the blow of Felix being a catfish....maybe? #TheCircle
Oh my days what is manrika's reaction gonna be to meeting Hashu #thecircle
Omg the whole nation is butterflies for @SMASHBengali #thecircle
Syed fangirling over meeting Manrika #thecircle
I love Hashu's energy so much #TheCircle
Hashu I hope you win #thecircle
Hashu has definitely caught feelings for Manrika. He's acting like he's about to go on a date with the love of his life #TheCircle
Hashu is smooooooth with the walk isn't he?!!!! #TheCircle
Hashu is gonna shit himself if he ain't careful lmaooo #TheCircle
#TheCircle Syed arrival is not very dramatic because he's alone!
hashu looks fucking unreal #TheCircle
I want Manrika or Hashu to win #TheCircle they both have played the game well
I think Syed is winning?!!?!! #thecircle
Hashu is so in love, ffs! #TheCircle
#TheCircle hashu is going to continue to simp for manrika ?
Hashu/Syed or Andy to win such genuinely lovely people who deserve it #TheCircle
Naaah I was fully expecting a video message from Syed to his nephew, I WANTED TO MEET SYEEED! WHAT THE BLOODY! #TheCircle
Backing Felix to win but Hashu has my heart #TheCircle
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