Hashu Mohammed

Status: Eliminated
Started: Launch Show
Finished: Final
Twitter: @smashbengali
Instagram: @smashbengali
Mentions ... To Win Sentiment 3-Day Avg Sentiment
Launch Show 151 10 128 128
Episode 2 90 8 140 134
Episode 3 149 6 128 132
Episode 4 200 8 156 141
Episode 5 91 2 104 129
Episode 6 110 6 116 125
Episode 7 181 14 342 187
Episode 8 567 51 958 472
Episode 9 163 12 296 532
Episode 10 414 37 822 692
Episode 11 151 18 231 450
Episode 12 188 14 304 452
Episode 13 351 80 809 448
Episode 14 274 21 418 510
Episode 15 510 67 968 732
Episode 16 443 36 389 592
Episode 17 320 40 946 768
Episode 18 1,008 52 819 718
Episode 19 398 44 643 803
Episode 20 731 74 1,431 964
Final 2,815 322 6,025 2,700
Disappointed Andy or Syed didn't win but to steal that from Manrika was epic #TheCircle
Phenomenal that in the end after all her game playing and screwing over her 'mates', Manrika ended up snaking herself by rating Felix top! Gutted for Andy and adorable Syed/Hashu. Catfish or not, what a guy!! #TheCircle
Even though I was SO routing for 'Uncle Syed' or Andy to win, 'Felix' did play the perfect catfish! Well done Natalya! #thecircle #thecircleuk @C4TheCircle
I feel cheated, what time I've wasted 'Syed' should of won. It should of been 1st. Syed 2nd. Manrika 3rd. Andy 4th. Tom #TheCircle
actually pressed that i stayed up till past 11 to hear that FELIX WON like she played it good but i'm so annoyed that andy and syed got robbed #TheCircle
Noooo I wanted Hashu to win #TheCircle
JUSTICE FOR SYED #Whatthebloody #TheCircle
#TheCircle hashu: do you guys think we look good together? me:
Emma baiting out Hashu for his crush #TheCircle
#TheCircle Syed/Hashu should win this, tho he was Catfish he is the most straight in the reunion!
Hashu is like #TheCircle
#Syed looking at two hotties hugging "yeah you do that" he he he #TheCircle
#TheCircle Nice, yeah you guys do that...! Hashu needing an inner monologue at that point!!!
Syed watching this chat go down #TheCircle
We need a permanent Syed cam here #thecircle
Why does hashu think this is a first date with mantilla #TheCircle
Patiently waiting for Syed to KO Felix #TheCircle
I need BIG Syed/Hashu energy #TheCircle
Syed/hashu because he's finally about to meet manrika #TheCircle
We're fuckin SCREAMING in this house keep it together hashu you got this #thecircle
Can't cope with how adorable @SMASHBengali is getting so nervous when he knew Manrika was on her way! @C4TheCircle #TheCircle
Hashu is hilarious #LoveHim #TheCircle @C4TheCircle #whatthebloody
Hashu in his shirt and tie the most genuine catfish there ever was #TheCircle
MAN IS GONNA LOOK SO PENG!! omfg I LOVE you Syed #TheCircle
My #TheCircle Ratings: 1. Felix 2. Andy 3. Syed 4. Manrika 5. Father Tom
Ugh I hate how these final ratings work. Think it's gonna be tough for Hashu to win. #TheCircle
Aww Syed/ Hashu bloody brilliant no more alerts and boom @billyt501 #TheCircle
I think Andy or Manrika may win but I want it to be Syed #THECIRCLE
My Ratings: Felix Syed Manrika Andy Tom #TheCircle
Syed cat fishing as an older guy and not even mentioning seeing his wife!? FUMBLED THE BAG. #thecircle #ad
Oh Hashu is the sweetest man!! He's amazing. Any know if he's single? #TheCircle
1. Syed 2. Syed 3. Syed 4. Syed 5. Syed #TheCircle
I want Syed/Hashu to win but if i was a gambling man, I'd say Manrika is laughing straight to the bank with a massive W to cash in 100K! #CoSig #TheCircle #AimHigh #DreamBig
I'm gonna predict that Manrika wins the players vote and gets £75k and Syed/Hashu wins the viewers vote and gets £25k #TheCircle
Thinking its Manrika hoping its Andy would ne happy with Syed #thecircle
All I want is Andy or Syed to win and I'll be happy #thecircle
Wanted syed of Andy to win for weeks now! Loved it and will miss my daily dose, albeit be nice to go to bed before 11.15pm soon #thecircle #gettingold
My Final Ratings: 1 - Syed 2 - Manrika 3 - Felix 4 - Andy 5 - Tom #TheCircle
hashu getting excited because his dad said he's proud of him #TheCircle
Literally wanna go round Hashu's house for tea. His family seem just as pure and lovely as he does #TheCircle
#TheCircle Syed: Alice wasn't a previous contestant? Who could have spread the lies? The vicar:
Don't get me wrong so glad would I be to seeing hashu #TheCircle
Can we get #whatthebloody trending please? Imagine the look on Syed's face if he saw it @SMASHBengali #TeamSyed #TheCircle
I'm pretty certain Manrika will win this but what can you do for me Syed is the real winner #thecircle
Syed to win!! #thecircle
1- Manrika 2- Felix 3- Uncle Syed 4- Andy 5- Femi / Pippa #TheCircle
As long as the winner is either Hashu or Manrika I'm happy, I don't care which order Felix and Andy end up coming #TheCircle
Already for the final #thecircle @C4TheCircle I know Manrika has won but @SMASHBengali is the real winner #sorrynotsorry
It's got to be Syed! #thecircle
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