Andy Smith

Status: Eliminated
Started: Launch Show
Finished: Final
Twitter: @TwoBeansAndy
Instagram: @andysmith_twobeans
Mentions ... To Win Sentiment 3-Day Avg Sentiment
Launch Show 105 6 146 146
Episode 2 22 2 39 93
Episode 3 151 3 65 83
Episode 4 54 3 -3 34
Episode 5 63 6 168 77
Episode 6 54 4 69 78
Episode 7 282 0 206 148
Episode 8 169 3 -53 74
Episode 9 170 7 106 86
Episode 10 403 13 -45 3
Episode 11 480 11 377 146
Episode 12 334 1 76 136
Episode 13 336 11 114 189
Episode 14 376 6 224 138
Episode 15 948 22 149 162
Episode 16 1,091 20 -66 102
Episode 17 422 11 578 220
Episode 18 685 7 -119 131
Episode 19 399 18 312 257
Episode 20 800 44 1,164 452
Final 1,493 208 2,719 1,398
Gutted for Andy but @NatalyaPlatono played a tidy, stunning, beautiful game and deserved to win #TheCircle
Wow! I did not see that coming. I thought that between them, they would have voted Andy or Manrika as winner. But Natalya played a blinder & Manrika blocked herself from winning! @C4TheCircle #TheCircle
My thoughts after Andy and Hashu were out of the running was Manrika should win over Natalya. Natalya broke girl code #TheCircle
#TheCircle results . . . . . 5th tom 4th Syed 3rd andy 2nd manrika SHE PLAYED US! 1st felix
Manrika that clown robbed andy of his title #Thecircle
Andy 3rd?! FFS!! That means the snake has won. #TheCircle
Hashu or Andy please #TheCircle
Andy or Syed deserves to WIN #TheCircle
I'm predicting 1. Syed 2. Andy 3. Manrika 4. Felix 5. Tom #thecircle
I'm really disappointed with the fact Manrika just got away with snaking Andy behind his back #TheCircle
Syed or Andy Syed or Andy Syed or Andy Syed or Andy Syed or Andy Syed or Andy #TheCircle
Andy wanted to come onto #TheCircle to show sincerity and kindness... Manrika was the complete opposite!
Manrika blagging the #TripleThreat in front of Andy #TheCircle
Just waiting now for Femi and Pippa to bring up "triple threat" in front of Andy #TheCircle
#thecircle Andy when he walked in the room:
Manrika does know Andy will see this show :. And #triplethreat #thecircle
So Manrika is still fake even when she's not playing the game... she says to Andy "I've never fucked you over in this game" PLEASE Pippa & Joey, OUT HER #TheCircle
Manrika. I wasn't bothered about the catfishes I never stitched you up Andy #TheCircle
MANRIKA never fucked Andy over ?!?! Did she forget the whole ass group chat she made to bring him down ??? #thecircle
#TheCirclefinal #TheCircleUK #thecircle Awwww Andy!! Love Another genuine person
Rooting for Andy or syed to win. They both deserve it so much #TheCircle
Should of got rid of a competitor major mistake andy #TheCircle
My final ratings #thecircle 1. Syed 2. Manrika 3. Andy 4. Felix 5. Father Tom
Syed or Andy for the win, please. But it's going to be Manrika isn't it. #TheCircle
my predictions: syed manrika andy felix tom #TheCircle #TheCircleFinal
I have a feeling that Manrika is going to win it and I REALLY don't want her too! Please please please Andy or Syed to win! I love them both!! #TheCircle #TheCircleUK
manrika and andys videos #TheCircle
Oh Andy's family are lovely, 'daddy my tooth fell out and two more are wobbly' #TheCircle
if andy doesnt win I'm throwing hands #TheCircle
andy is genuinely such a sweetheart #TheCircle
Oh Andy #thecircle
Andy's wife looking exactly like Gemma #TheCircle
me watching Andy's video message from home #TheCircle
Andy's wife calling him Boo-chops on national tv. #TheCircle
I bet @TwoBeansAndy buys his wife flowers whenever he swings by Asda for bread Love #thecircle
The order in which the players need to go to the table meeting: Manrika Felix Andy Uncle Syed Tom Cannot wait for the fireworks #TheCircle
Contrary to what everyone's saying I think Andy made the right choice #TheCircle
The entire of the UK seeing Andy going into fucking Alice's room instead of Manrika's #TheCircle
1- Manrika 2- Felix 3- Uncle Syed 4- Andy 5- Femi / Pippa #TheCircle
Andy deserves to lose for that lack of backbone. #TheCircle
THANK GOD. I know it's low status in my peer group but I like Andy #thecircle
Andy is so pure #TheCircle
why didn't Andy block Manrika #thecircle
andy blocking alice came as a surprise to absolutely no one and there was no need for that cliffhanger last night #thecircle
I wonder who Andy is gonna go see and block! #TheCircle
Andy the assassin #TheCircle
#Thecircle final let's have it Andy best have done us all a favour or I'll be fuming.
Its #TheCircle final time!!!!! Go Andy!
If Hashu / Uncle Syed doesn't win the Circle Hands with be thrown. #TheCircle Also routing for Andy too. There bromance is unreal.
Part of me hopes Andy heads to Manrika's apartment and blocks her but on the hand I wanna see the climax to her and Felix's potential meeting If not Manrika then hope it's Alice as want to see the players' reaction to Father Tom being Pippa/Femi #TheCircle
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