Andy Smith

Status: Eliminated
Started: Launch Show
Finished: Final
Twitter: @TwoBeansAndy
Instagram: @andysmith_twobeans
Andy was my favourite from the start, and I really hope he wins I can't think of a more deserving winner, someone genuine and who's never anything but nice to get where he is. PLEASE let him win #TheCircle
I hope Andy wins because he has played a blinder of a game without ever double crossing or lying to anyone. He has been honest and fair at every single turn. I'd be thrilled if Syed won as he has been the undisputable star of the show for me. So funny! #thecircle
I hope they're still going to do fan favourite as well because if Manrika wins I want either Andy/Syed to still win! #TheCircle
Excited for #TheCircle finale, hoping Manrika wins but happy if Syed or Andy win too! Can't wait for the Felix reveal
Wow! Even though I wanted Andy to win, good on you for doing your best and you definitely deserved it! @NatalyaPlatono #TheCircle
Wanted Andy or Syed to win. Natalyia was a great player and seems a genuinely nice girl (fisty bump emoji!) but Im most pleased that the under handed strategic game playing from Manrika wasnt rewarded with a win. #TheCircle #TheCircleUK
Syed's message from home was really nice as well. Hashu has played the character so well and he's reasons for wanting the money are so genuine and real. That's why Andy or Syed should win for me. They have played the best competition for me Love Love #TheCircle
I'm only staying awake to see Manrika meet Felix. I expect manrika will win but I really want Andy to win. I love hashu/syed too. It's a shame the most deserving/ kind/ or entertaining person doesn't always win this show, but I guess that's why it's good viewing #TheCircle
Wow! Don't know what to think of Felix/Natalya winning the circle?! Did not expect that at all! Gutted that Andy and Syed didn't win but very glad that Manrika didn't win! #TheCircleUK #TheCircle
please Hashu or Andy to win even tho I love Natalia, the other two have been here since day one and are the most lovely and genuine guys plz I know dot would be stanning #thecircle
Syed is just the sweetest guy. My favourite catfish ever. I still want Andy to win as he has been himself and is a genuinely nice guy. #TheCircle
What an amazing family @TwoBeansAndy super genuine you are, love to see you win it! #thecircle
I just hope that they all vote tactically rather than just Manrika and then she walks it! Having loved Syed all the way through I'd actually love to see Andy or Felix to win! #TheCircle
I was hoping Andy would win but happy for Felix she played such a good game! Well done #thecircle
Andy has been fab and is such a great guy with a warm heart of gold all the very best in what what ever the future gives you #TheCircle
If Hashu (aka Syed) doesn't win then I'm not happy. Although equally I'd be fine if Andy won too. #TheCircleUK #TheCirclefinal #TheCircle
Gutted for Andy but @NatalyaPlatono played a tidy, stunning, beautiful game and deserved to win #TheCircle
I just love Andy. Just so genuine and nice. He is my winner #TheCircleUK #TheCircle
Loved Andy from the start. Genuine & honest. What an amazing team you have Love #AndyToWin #LetsRewardKindness #TheCircle
Love Hashu/Sayed to win but like Andy too! Best catfish just has to be Felix? #TheCircle
I think Manrika is going to win but it will be a travesty if it isn't Syed! Hashu seems like such an incredible lad and he's been amazing to watch. Syed or Andy to win! #TheCirclefinal #TheCircleUK #TheCircle
Wow! I did not see that coming. I thought that between them, they would have voted Andy or Manrika as winner. But Natalya played a blinder & Manrika blocked herself from winning! @C4TheCircle #TheCircle
I am absolutely GOBSMACKED!! I was absolutely certain Syed or even Andy would win that but I'd be lying if I said I'm glad Manrika never... Natalya aka Felix played an absolute blinder of a game and turned out to be a worthy winner @thecircle #thecircle
I hope Andy or Syed win tonight they deserve the money so much. Good luck guys you've got this #TheCircle
Awwww Andy! his family is lovely! He has been a good player and stuck to being himself all the way through. Too genuine for his own good sometimes. He is the person I would like to have seen win it. #TheCircle
Its going to be amazing to go to be without feeling that Manrika could win ....would have loved Andy or Hashu to win but Felix/Natalya pulled a blinder #TheCircle
Aaah Hashu is so pure. I love this guy! They've all been great, but him or Andy have to win! #thecircle
I absolutely love the circle it's the best thing on telly I swear!!! Tell me it ain't though, Love Syed, Andy, & Manrika one of them to win, if I had to choose only one it would have to be ? Omg I dunno either, il be happy, #thecircle #TheCirclefinal #TheCircleUK
Okay well I must say that 'felix' did play a really good game and I'm glad he won but I still think Andy is the most deserving player #TheCircle
Yesssss Natalya/Felix, sorry but I'm so pleased Manrika didn't win, major mean girl vibes. Andy was my winner though. #TheCircle
Who deserves to win? Andy without a doubt for being so kind and loyal and funny. Who will win? Defo manrika as she has played them all. Shows how manipulated they've all been #TheCircle
I want Andy or Syed to win. But I'd still be cool with Manrika winning as she has played a good game. I will miss Syed the most though 100% the funniest #TheCircle
Andy: "Would I prefer a real person to win? Yeah." Well duh. A real person winning means you have a 50% chance of winning. #TheCircle
Andy's wife is stunning and hid kids are gorgeous too. He is a winner in that respect. #TheCircle
The fact that Manrika rating Felix higher than Andy is the reason she didn't win is just superb. She should of 1) stuck with Andy all along & 2) listened to Tally. Amazing. #TheCircle
Wow did not expect Felix to be the winner..really thought it would be Andy or Syed.. TBF Natalya did play the best game.. #TheCircleUK #TheCircle
Natalia is so fine. Love #TheCircle Still like Andy to win tho, or Syed.
That's it, Manrika will win #TheCircle Tom's just an also-ran for final ratings so it's out of the original 4. And they all love Manrika. Hashu is besotted and Andy & Felix have a misguided loyalty. But she will screw em all and walk away whistling with the 100k
Whilst I'd love Andy to win, I have no doubt manrika has won, and fair play she probably deserves to #thecircle
#thecircle Aaw Andy. Hope he had won They're both ok so... no matter who wins is ok
#TheCircle #Syed I just want Syed to win he has stolen my heart, such a genuinely lovely guy his family must be so proud. #Andy 2nd please
I love Hashu/Syed so much but also think Andy is amazing. Pls one of these two to win #TheCircle
Andy is just such a good fucking guy, he deserves to win along with Hashu just great people #TheCircle
I am OBSESSED with @SMASHBengali. Reminds me of my nephew so much. Praying him or Andy win Love #TheCircle
I really hope Andy wins the circle and I equally really hope Manrika doesn't win it!! #TheCircle
I wanted syed or Andy to win but hey I'm happy felix won #TheCircle
I have a feeling that Manrika is going to win it and I REALLY don't want her too! Please please please Andy or Syed to win! I love them both!! #TheCircle #TheCircleUK
So at best, Andy could average a score of 2 (due to Tom's 3rd place rating of him). If that's enough to win, it'll be a close final. I doubt that'll be a winning score though, I expect a 1.something to take it. #TheCircle
Oh I have loved Andy all the way through but I adore Uncle Syed too - and I love Hashu just as much. Some lovely contestants. Will miss them when it ends. #TheCircle
Andy, Hashu or Natalya should win. Their positive attitudes and personalities shine through so much more when they interact with other people. You can tell they're good people in real life too #TheCircle #TheCircleUK
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