Charlotte Crosby

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 3
Finished: Episode 6
Twitter: @Charlottegshore
Instagram: @charlottegshore
I think I'm the only one happy that Charlotte has been blocked. I don't find her scattyness funny or entertaining. #TheCelebrityCircle
Gutted!! @Charlottegshore was doing amazing! Her laughter and craziness was getting me through but well done!! #TheCelebrityCircle
Listening to @MrPeterAndre to get in the mood for Tonight's #TheCelebrityCircle... Oh wait it's not even Peter Good Luck Tonight @Charlottegshore #catfish @C4TheCircle @SU2CUK
Final Episode of #TheCelebrityCircle Will @Charlottegshore be our winner?!
#TheCelebrityCircle Oh wow Charlotte is leaving that is so peak have fun, your fired!
I just want queen Charlotte at the end okay? #TheCelebrityCircle
was routing for peter to win, i'm gutted @Charlottegshore #TheCelebrityCircle
Nooooooooo I can't believe @Charlottegshore has been blocked just before the final. She was such a good player in this season #TheCelebrityCircle
#TheCircle Charlotte Crosby is slowly starting to look like Pete burns
Charlotte dissing the lads as soon as the door shut Love #TheCelebrityCircle #TheCircle
#TheCelebrityCircle Their reaction to find that it's Charlotte playing "Peter".
#TheCircle "it's me Peter Andre"
Charlotte Crosby appearing on #TheCelebrityCircle
Noooo not @Charlottegshore she was doing so well #TheCelebrityCircle
Charlotte's time in the circle #TheCelebrityCircle
As if Peter Andre knows who is real or not #TheCircle #TheCelebrityCircle
Charlotte is that what that means #TheCelebrityCircle
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