Will Mellor

Status: In
Professional: Nancy Xu
Started: Launch Show
Finished: ---
Latest Odds: 5.20
Implied Chances: 19%
Twitter: @Mellor76
Instagram: @willmellor76
Well done Will and Nancy that was a great start to tonight's show it's a 7 from me and your daughters should be proud of you! :) [SmileEmoji] [SmileEmoji] [LoveEmoji] [LoveEmoji] [LoveEmoji] [LoveEmoji] [LoveEmoji] [GoodEmoji] [GoodEmoji] #Strictly
#Strictly Will - 8/10! (Yes I'm only just in [SmileEmoji] ) He did fantastic again! He's really loving doing this and it's definitely agreeing with him. Can see him winning the way he's going
Handsome rescue dog WILL-BA is crossing his paws for his favourite #Strictly team tonight. He's team WILL [LoveEmoji] @Mellor76 @Nancy_xuxi Who agrees with him ? #StrictlyComeDancing @bbcstrictly
Will is still an incredible dancer he just wasn't as good this week. He made mistakes the lift was awkward and the transitions looked clunky. Other then that the chemistry was great. Well done Will. #Strictly
#Strictly. Couple 1: @Mellor76 and @Nancy_xuxi Kicking us off tonight after an incredible Jive last week it's Will and Nancy and this week they are dancing the first Salsa of the series. Good luck guys.
#Strictly. Couple 1:- @Mellor76 and @Nancy_xuxi My Score 7 A wonderful start to the show from Will and Nancy. I loved their Salsa. Great energy loved the chemistry within the routine. He made a few mistakes and the lift looked awwkard. Other then that a great dance.
I liked that Will Mellor & yes Shirley he is very easy on the eye [LoveEmoji] [SmileEmoji] [SmileEmoji] #StrictlyComeDancing
Strictly commentary #Strictly. Will. Good outfits. Strong colours. Good song choice. Strong. Love a flying earring. Hope it was @toolallyjewels @Mellor76
Will is just incredible [LoveEmoji] and not a bad dancer #Strictly
Fancied Will Mellor since I was about 6 years old, the man doesn't even age, absolutely stunning [LoveEmoji] [SmileEmoji] #StrictlyComeDancing
Love Will Mellor. He gives me Kelvin Fletcher vibes, someone who will work hard and is both entertaining and endearing. #SCD #Strictly
Starting late with #StrictlyComeDancing episode 2! But we'll catch up [SmileEmoji] @Mellor76 you did so so well, looking incredible. Try not to be too hard on yourself, you did fantastically [SmileEmoji]
Ooh yes [GoodEmoji] [GoodEmoji] When @Mellor76 RTs your Tweet! Eeeeek!!! Going to celebrate with #TwoPintsOfLagerAndAPacketOfCrisps with a SALSA dip [SmileEmoji] Might 'Harv' a 'Curry' too! He's a Gas a Gaz & a Gaskell [SmileEmoji] Smash it #MellorXu!! #Strictly
Will and Nancy get points added for her gorgeous pink lemonade fringe confection but deducted for his white jeans that don't look like they fit. Dance not as good as their first but still pretty good. #strictly #frockranking
Could swing me round any day [LoveEmoji] Well done @Mellor76! [LoveEmoji] [LoveEmoji] [LoveEmoji] [LoveEmoji] [LoveEmoji] #Strictly
#willmellor #StrictlyComeDancing making Saturday nights in great again [SmileEmoji] [GoodEmoji] [SmileEmoji]
sexy Will first [LoveEmoji] lets go #Strictly
Dont put yourself down Will #StrictlyComeDancing it was great better than what I could do [GoodEmoji]
That was about as soulless as it gets from Will Mellor lol. That shirt bit looked like a Dad was turning up at Woolworths to check out the Basic Range of Rollers for Wallpapering and got over excited. #Strictly
Omg @Mellor76 just gives u the flutters doesn't he! @Nancy_xuxi u did a fab job! I loved it 7 #Strictly
Will mellor Week 2 and another great performance. Well done will. 8 #Strictly
Quite liked that. Will's got some good hips hasn't he? [SmileEmoji] #StrictlyComeDancing #Strictly #WillAndNancy
Wow Will! A few mistakes here and their but a brilliant opener! I am loving Will and Nancy's partnership a lot more then I thought i would #Strcitly #StrictlyComeDancing
I am unapologetically obsessed with Will Mellor [LoveEmoji] [LoveEmoji] [SmileEmoji] [SmileEmoji] #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing
#Strictly loved Will last week but that wasn't great he will go far though..
Will and Nancy score 26 (6,7,6,7) + 34 = 60 . What did you think of their routine? Follow, reply and include #StrictlySpoiler for your chance to win a £20 Voucher #SCD #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing
The best first come on Will and Nancy praying this goes well #Strictly
Seeing @Mellor76 on #Strictly reminds me of the time I got a disciplinary for asking him out when I was working as a Butlins redcoat. I was supposed to hand the mic to the audience for questions but I saw an opportunity and I took it. Boss didn't see the funny side but he did!!
Will & Nancy Gutted that it wasn't as good as last week. He looks great and so does his bum [SmileEmoji] 6 #StrictlyComeDancing #strictly
I thought Will`s dance at the end was slow. Something didnae seem right. Even his humour was off pace. And I like Will Mellor. Always seems a good yin. #Strictly
I'm voting for Will. [GoodEmoji] [LoveEmoji] [GoodEmoji] #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing
Not as good as last week but still great #Will #Strictly
Decent effort from Will! Not bad but not good this week! Enjoyable [SmileEmoji] #strictly
Watching the #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing well done Will you have our vote #willmellor X please don't say "easy on the eye" to anyone ever! it's so wrong #shirleyballas
A good Salsa from Will. Nice hip action and good rhythm but stompy at times. 6 #Strictly
Will wasn't as good this week but I still liked it and I definitely fancy him now #strictly
Will and Nancy Felt like it was on fast forward that routine, a few missed steps but still a great performance and still an amazing partnership. #7 #Strictly
Will Mellor looking like the guy that tries to entice you and your friends into his strip bar in Magaluf with free peach schnapps and 2 for 1 on cocktails #Strictly
Will mellor @Mellor76 Week 2.. good dance will.. [GoodEmoji] [GoodEmoji] 8 #Strictly
#Strictly @Mellor76 Don't be too hard on yourself, you did your best and that is all you can do, everyone makes mistakes, but it's how you learn from them that counts. You're amazing Will, hopefully you and @Nancy_xuxi will be safe to show what you can do in Ballroom next week!
#Strictly Will did his best, some mistakes, but I agree him and Nancy should have been given Ballroom instead of another Latin. Still i'll be rooting for @Mellor76 as always, ready to do my FREE online votes later.
will mellor goodness me [SmileEmoji] #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing
Will after the sympathy vote [SmileEmoji] #Strictly
I feel so bad for katye she has to dance with a wooden puppet basically. Her and Will would have been such a good pairing #StrictlyComeDancing
Go on Will Mellor [LoveEmoji] [GoodEmoji] #Strictly x
Will's pretty good. He should go far [SmileEmoji] #Strictly
#Strictly aw. It was still good Will. I know your disappointed. We can see it in your face. But even with the mistakes it will still be way much better than some others. Chin up [LoveEmoji]
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