Will Mellor

Status: Eliminated
Professional: Nancy Xu
Started: Launch Show
Finished: Week 12
Twitter: @Mellor76
Instagram: @willmellor76
Well done Will and Nancy wow that was such a great fun routine from you both and I'll give you a perfect 10 as I've enjoyed it so much let's see whether you go through to the final next week in tomorrow's results show :) 😊😀❤️💙💛💜💗🎉🎈🙏👏👍 #Strictly
Well done again Will and Nancy that was a great Pas Doble and I'll give you a 9 like Motsi and Anton such an amazing semi final so far :) 😊😀❤️💙💛💜💗🎉🎈🙏👏👍 #Strictly
That pasodoble was lit 🔥 I loooved it! Well done Will! And Kudos to Nancy for always coming up with creative routines and giving her partner the spotlight! 👌 #strictly #StrictlyComeDancing2022
Thank you #Strictly This is a lovely evening. I admire each of the contestants and love watching Will dance. He is such a great performer and actor and entertainer and another lovely person.
Brilliant 👏👏👏👏 Well done, Will - that was some bounce back. Great timing. #Strictly
Great dance,fantastic music choice,bought alot of 90's memories back for me. Fools Gold resonates big time with me,happy mondays.......@Mellor76 Epic! #StrictlyComeDancing ❤❤❤
I'm #TeamWill all the way. Another Paso tonight. Big bold and I absolutely bloody loved it A May Zing!!!!!!! Will, Will, Will… just fantastic wow #Strictly
Will & Nancy. Love a good traditional Paso and this has got all the good stuff. Loads of capework, very intense and some good shaping. They have a great partnership here. Enjoyed that immensely. #StrictlyComeDancing2022
Will Mellor is #Strictly brilliant, beautiful dancing Xxxxx ❤️
I give Will and Nancy a 10! THAT WAS INCREDIBLE!! Honestly, this is that moment I was waiting from you. The first time your dance was absolute perfection for me. Just a MOMENT!! Congratulations! #StrictlyComeDancing #Strictly @bbcstrictly
#Strictly. Couple 5: @Mellor76 @Nancy_xuxi D1: Pasodoble My Score: 8️⃣!! 💛 I liked that Pasodoble was great. The cape work at the start was incredible. The shaping was bad throughout but he still created a great atmosphere.Great storytelling and I liked the Flemenco movement
Will Mellor and Nancy Xu are my winners! Please vote for these two extraordinary people! 🪩🤍 #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing #SemiFinal #Final @Mellor76 @Nancy_xuxi @bbcstrictly
Will Mellor and Nancy Xu are my winners! Please vote for these two extraordinary people! 🪩🤍 #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing #SemiFinal #Final @Mellor76 @Nancy_xuxi @bbcstrictly
Will always give 100% remember he is still that excited puppy he loves it and life that's how he comes across ...winner not for me to judge #strictly
I love Will and Nancy but I feel like they could have done something better. I just hope this doesn't jeopardise them from being in final :( #Strictly
WOWWWWW love this Nancy and Will ♥️ #strictly Nancy's legs 👌🏻
I give Will and Nancy an 8. I LOVED the cape work personally, loved the fire, and this was exceptional as a DANCE, but as a Paso Doble you needed more shaping and improved posture. But well done. #StrictlyComeDancing #Strictly @bbcstrictly
Love that Bez is there, with his maracas too! 👏👏 Brilliant dance from Will 👏👏 #Strictly #SCD
Absolutely loved @Mellor76 90's dance! Epic, bez in the audience loving life #StrictlyComeDancing #happymondays #willandnancy
#Strictly. Couple 5: @Mellor76 @Nancy_xuxi Dance 2: Couples Choice. 💛Closing the Semi Final tonight it's Will and Nancy with their Couples Choice routine. Best of luck guys!!!!
Will's Couples Chocie was one of the stronger street dance numbers I've seen on #Strictly. He's got the right groove and he's clean. Simple choreography, but very impressive for a middle-aged novice! 👏
Really loved that from Will and Nancy brilliantly danced and the feels with the 90's songs from my homeland 👏🏻 #Strictly
I thought the Paso would be a challenge for Will, but he caped with it brilliantly. Bravo 👏 #Strictly
#Strictly. Couple 5: @Mellor76 & @Nancy_Xuxi Dance 1: Pasodoble: 💛 Closing the first round of dances tonight it's Will and Nancy. Their first dance is the Pasodoble. Good luck guys!.
#StrictlyComeDancing Will and Nancy, I don't usually like this kind of dancing but I really loved this, well done 👏 overmarked though in my opinion, 8s,maybe 9s but never 10s
Liking this already. Nancy looks amazing, Wills is doing great. And the music fits #Strictly
That was the most engaging dance so far tonight. Seen better cape work but as for the rest of it - loved it! Will WILL be in the final. #Strictly
How fuming is Will please 😂 it wasn't his best dance not gonna lie but good effort #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing
Loved every second Will, don't be down hearted 💜😘@Mellor76 #Strictly
Will and Nancy are just incredible. I love them both #Strictly
Hoping #MellorXu 💖💙 @Mellor76 & @Nancy_xuxi @bbcstrictly get their first 🔟 from @CraigRevHorwood & a full house 🔟🔟🔟🔟 Loved every dance Will & Nance! #WillAndNancy #Strictly ✨️🪩
Just lacking in confidence from Will there... brilliant moves but would've liked them to be more confident. #Strictly
I LOVED Will and Nancy's dance?! He might not have been perfect but that's one of my favourite pieces of choreography in the whole series. #StrictlyComeDancing
I'm sorry Will but I was just looking at Nancy during that dance, that dress is incredible 😍 #Strictly
I really enjoyed that!! i thought Will danced brilliantly, but i'm not a judge so who knows 😂😂😂😂 #strictly
Sorry Will. Not a great dance. Well done on reaching the semi finals, but this is where your road ends. #StrictlyComeDancing
I thoroughly enjoyed @Mellor76 and Nancy's dance! 😆 Loved it 🔥#Strictly
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