Tyler West

Status: Eliminated
Professional: Dianne Buswell
Started: Launch Show
Finished: Blackpool Week
Twitter: @TylerWestt
Instagram: @tylerwestt
Well done again Tyler and Dianne that was a brilliant routine this week gotta love disco and I'll give you both a 9 :) 😊😀❤️💛💙💜💗🎉🎈🍾🥂🎢🎠🎡🐟🍟☀️🍦🍨👏🏽🙏🏽👍🏽 #Strictly
Yesssss Dianne and Tyler!!! So much fun and them lifts were WOW @dbuzz6589 @TylerWestt incredible it's a 10 from me ❤️ #StrictlyComeDancing #strictly @bbcstrictly
Oooh, that was fabulous from Tyler and Dianne, such fun and the lifts, 🤩!! Bloody love D's outfit. #StrictlyComeDancing 🪩
Tyler & Dianne. Really good hip action, great timing and fabulous lifts, glitchy getting out of the lifts. One of his best dances. #StrictlyComeDancing
Wow! Tyler's and Dianne's lifts were incredible but the bits I enjoyed most were the side by side stuff out of hold. Everything moving beautifully and in sync #Strictly
Tyler: I'll be honest in saying I've never fully clicked with him, but he's clearly a very talented chap. Plus I love Disco music so, yeah, it was fun. My mum enjoyed it more than me for obvious bum-related reasons. #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing
The most fun dance Tyler and Dianne have ever done! That has to be my favourite dance of theirs! Everything about that was amazing 😁😁😁😁 #Strictly
Good dance and great lifts! Much better performance from Tyler compared to the last couple of weeks! Well done both! 9 from me! #StrictlyComeDancing #strictly
4th Couple - Tyler and Diane Salsa @TylerWestt Tyler is 🔙 and he loves the Latin so he can shake his 🍑 good Solo sections and great lifts I would score a 8 Good luck Tyler #Strictly
#Strictly. Couple 4: @TylerWestt and @dbuzz6589 💛 For Week 9 Tyler & Diane will be dancing the Salsa. Good luck guys!!!!! This will be a great dance.
#strictly Great choreography! So funky!!🕺🏻That was awesome Tyler!👏🏼
Amazing wow I agree with @TheAntonDuBeke you was immense 👏✨@dbuzz6589 @TylerWestt #strictly
I give Tyler and Dianne a 9. This had energy, Charisma, fun, some EXTREME lifts, but - this is me being incredibly picky - the transitions were messy. But I must applaud you, this for me was fantastic! #StrictlyComeDancing #Strictly @bbcstrictly
That was a very fun dance from #Tyler and #Dianne - the out of hold stuff was especially flowy and the best part 💖#StrictlyComeDancing
Just how amazing are these dances tonight?! Tyler and Dianne were fantastic!!!! Those lifts!! 🙌🏻 #strictly #StrictlyComeDancing
I'm not biased or anything but Tyler and Dianne were on another level of amazing tonight! That salsa was phenomenal🔥🔥🔥🔥 #Strictly
LOVED THAT! The music and vibe raised it. So so good. Covered a lot of ground and was brilliant #Tyler #Strictly
#Strictly. Couple 4: @TylerWestt & @dbuzz6589 My Score: 1️⃣0️⃣!!!! 💛 WOW!!! That Salsa had EVERYTHING and more. Musicality personality speed energy hip action timing. Those lifts were some of the best I've ever seen. WOW!!!! Tyler that was your best dance to date.
Amazing choreography. Like the disco vibe for a salsa. Worked well for me. G'warn Tyler!👏🏿 #Strictly #SCD #StrictlyComeDancing
Tyler: Feet slow and shuffly at times, and slow into the lifts, but some really excellent co-ordination in the solo bits. A great fusion of styles. Fluidity in the knees and great hips. But some transitions between sections would be nice. 8 #strictly
Well, called the Paso wrong, what do I know 😂😭🤣 Dianne is my fave female dancer and that was a fab routine with Tyler So enjoyable to watch #StrictlyComeDancing
Well enjoyed that @dbuzz6589 @TylerWestt 👏💃🏻🕺🏼 amazing #strictly
Loved Tyler and Dianne's dance 🥰👏🏻 #strictly
Tyler. Looks like Bob Ross, dancing like John Travolta. Magnificent 👏👏. #Strictly
I love Tyler and Dianne so much! They bring so much joy to the dancefloor proud of them both #Strictly #TeamTyDi x
Tyler and Dianne were incredible😍😍 #strictly
Tyler looks fab in the wig..😍#strictly
That was great! Complicated lifts there - loved the last one! Thought Tyler was better out of hold tho. 🤔 Loved loved loved Dianne's outfit! #Strictly
Those lifts! Absolutely insane. Hats off to @dbuzz6589 and @TylerWestt for an incredible disco inferno. Loved every second. #Strictly
Probably not technically perfect but it was a lot of fun. #Tyler #StrictlyComeDancing
loool tyler on the rollercoaster i'm crying #strictly
Tyler and Diane were fab tonight. The lifts were probably the weakest bit for me. A little too careful. #Strictly
Great disco energy Tyler 9 from me 👏 #Strictly 🕺
that was the best dance of the night so far and probably the series, bloomin loved it!!!! #Strictly @TylerWestt @dbuzz6589
Loved Tyler's dance this week, deffo the best he's done! #strictly
PS. Tyler is hilarious and adorable. #Strictly
Well done Craig. Mentioned the clunky lift transition. Why do the other judges not see it!??! #strictly #StrictlyComeDancing still love Tyler but it needs to be pointed out.
Salsa from @TylerWestt & @dbuzz6589 getting their groove on we enjoyed Tyler shaking his bootie 😉 those lifts WOW, that is what you come back with after being in the dance off #StrictlyComeDancing Judges scores = 35
It is good, Tyler has surprised me his best yet! #strictly
i really enjoyed tyler's dance, it was so fun #Strictly
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