Tyler West

Status: In
Professional: Dianne Buswell
Started: Launch Show
Finished: ---
Latest Odds: 9.80
Implied Chances: 10%
Twitter: @TylerWestt
Instagram: @tylerwestt
I give Tyler and Dianne a 7. The performance and confidence was excellent, great stamina, full of style, and the kicks and flicks were good, but needs to work engaging the hips more. Great though. #StrictlyComeDancing #Strictly @bbcstrictly
Well done Tyler and Dianne that was a brilliant jive this week and it's an 8 from me :) [SmileEmoji] [SmileEmoji] [LoveEmoji] [LoveEmoji] [LoveEmoji] [LoveEmoji] [LoveEmoji] [GoodEmoji] [GoodEmoji] [GoodEmoji] #Strictly
That was brilliant!! I really, really loved that jive. Tyler seems like a lovely guy and has great rhythm. Can't believe he's doing the marathon tomorrow! Great choreography by Dianne too #Strictly
#Strictly. Couple 12: @TylerWestt & @dbuzz6589 My Score 9 Now that was a GREAT Jive. I knew this dance would suit him. His energy and speed was fantastic his kicks and flicks were great.That Jive also felt like a Charleston which I loved!!! Great character and choreography WOW
Fab fab fab routine! Loved it! Well done @TylerWestt & @dbuzz6589 [GoodEmoji] [GoodEmoji] #Strictly
13th Couple - Tyler and Diane - Jive I had high hopes for Tyler and you certainly delivered Mr West [SmileEmoji] [SmileEmoji] confident, classy and competition for all of the Celebs to see [LoveEmoji] @TylerWestt I would score a 9 #Strictly
Fantastic from Tyler and Diane [LoveEmoji] [LoveEmoji] great energy and great technique #8 #strictly
A lot more retraction from Tyler. I enjoyed that. Classy and cool. Great musicality. Top stuff. #Strictly
#Strictly. Couple 12: @TylerWestt & @dbuzz6589 Our 12th couple tonight is Tyler and Diane. After a great American Smooth last week this week Tyler and Diane are dancing a Jive. Good luck guys!!!
A great Jive from Tyler bur at times it felt like a Charleston thanks to the song choice. Nice kicks and flicks. Great energy. Didn't like the song choice. 8 #Strictly
That was a very very good jive from Tyler. Great leg action. If there were more retraction and higher legs/hip flexion it would be perfect! 9! #Strictly #BBCStrictly #StrictlyComeDancing
Tyler and Diane are hands down the best pairing this year. Just so perfectly matched, so excited to see the next 12 weeks bc I reckon it's the final for them #Strictly
I like Tyler, he's so infectiously enthusiastic and has a great face and smile. Legs were flappy though? #strictly #StrictlyComeDancing #strictly2022
Yes! Tyler and Diane was fab! Awesome jive! #Strictly
Tyler has reaffirmed himself as my favourite. I loved that, he was brilliant #Strictly
Wow that was a very good Jive from Tyler although I was distracted especially when he was facing away from the stage [SmileEmoji] [LoveEmoji] [LoveEmoji] [LoveEmoji] #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing #StrictlySpoiler #strictly2022
Oh she loved Tyler...what a surprise...(he was really good though! [GoodEmoji] ) #Strictly
#StrictlyComeDancing #Strictly #TylerandDiane Tyler was stiff imo, but tbh this was better than the last jive tonight. And definitely a lot of fun because of the story the dance told. I also really loved when he vaulted over Diane's head.
Tyler's dance was great, so full of energy. Just loved it. #Strictly
Well done Tyler he's a great dancer. #Strictly
Tyler 8 brilliant performance, love this dance #strictly
Tyler and Diane are great! I thought he showed potential last week, but he's displaying real quality! #Strictly
OMG. Diane's skirt (dancing w Tyler) Wadrobe - that is a thing of beauty. Please partner with a high St brand to..inspire some pieces. #Strictly
Tyler might be the underdog to get to the final this year. I've really liked both dances so far. Under appreciated for sure. Loved it #Strictly
Tyler & Dianne AKA TyeDi Amazing dance, loved the choreography and Tyler owned it!! 8 #Strictly
That was very good. Great musicality! Seemed focused, but a chilled performance for Tyler. Great stuff! Also, calm down Shirley! #Strictly
That's more like it Tyler brilliant routine [GoodEmoji] [GoodEmoji] [GoodEmoji] #strictly
Loved that from Tyler! I'm biased as he's one of my fave @KissFMUK DJs but I thought it was brilliant! Get you a man who can bump and grind as well as dance in a ballroom! #Strictly
Tyler and Dianne were fab. Loved the music and the concept together! #Strictly
A jive you could tell was a jive, and danced with real potential. Well done, Tyler and Dianne. #Strictly
I am in love with Tyler [LoveEmoji] #StrictlyComeDancing
Wow Tyler. The energy was great just flowed so easily. #Strictly #SCD #StrictlyComeDancing
Do not hit the road @TylerWestt and definitely come back! We LOVED that Jive! Congratulations Tyler and @dbuzz6589! What did you think? #Strictly
Tyler & Dianne were really really good! Loved it! #Strictly
Yes @TylerWestt smashed it boy! [LoveEmoji] [LoveEmoji] [LoveEmoji] #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing #TeamTyDi
OMG love love love Tyler after that [LoveEmoji] #Strictly
Fantastic from Tyler and Dianne! [GoodEmoji] #Strictly
Lovely footwork from Tyler. A great Giant Jive if you ask me! #Strictly
Is everyone ready for Shirley to compliment Tyler's look and give him the best critiques of the night? #Strictly
MY TEAM!!!!!! dianne smashing the choreo as always and tyler is so so good #Strictly
Love #Tyler [LoveEmoji] #Strictly
Good Jive Tyler you smashed it mate :)))))) #StrictlyComeDancing
Loved Tyler, great dance, great music choice. #StrictlyComeDancing
Brilliant Tyler and Diane. #Strictly [GoodEmoji]
Yes Tyler. That was something special mate [GoodEmoji] #Strictly
Tyler and Dianne score 31 (7,8,8,8) + 22 = 53. What did you think of their routine? Follow, reply and include #StrictlySpoiler for your chance to win a £20 Voucher #SCD #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing
Brilliant Tyler and Dianne. #Strictly [GoodEmoji]
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