Matt Goss

Status: Eliminated
Professional: Nadiya Bychkova
Started: Launch Show
Finished: Week 4
Twitter: @MattGoss
Instagram: @mattgoss
Wow Last Saturday was magical @mattgoss 🕺❤️🙌 I watched this dance with @NadiyaBychkova so much over the last week, loved it. Ready for tonight, Wishing you a fab show this evening enjoy & all the best. 🥰xx @mattgoss #strictly2022
Really loving watching how @mattgoss is growing in confidence. That wonderful, gorgeous smile tonight. You've got my vote for the sheer joy. ❤️ #Strictly
There he is!! Soooo much better tngt, showing ur fun side @mattgoss and looked like you enjoyed it too 🙌🏼 Loved it ❤️ (hope the knees are ok 😰) #Strictly #MattGoss #Mattiya #StrictlyComeDancing 🪩
Fantastico!! ⭐ @mattgoss 🕺💃loved your energy your a beautiful soul💖🙏 🪩#StrictlyComeDancing
Well done @mattgoss @NadiyaBychkova that was your best dance yet, Matt you are showing so much confidence and improving every week, honestly think some of the judges are watching something else...stand proud and strong 💪 👏 #StrictlyComeDancing #mattgoss
Well done Matt! Such a gentle & lovely soul. You're doing great @mattgoss ❤️ #Strictly
Wow I loved watching you jive tonight guys. There was so much joy in your routine! You could really tell how much you enjoyed it, well done! It's a 10 from me! @mattgoss @NadiyaBychkova #TeamMattiya #strictly
That was a great energetic, fun dance by Matt. Craig 3 points REALLY? Did Bros turn Craig down, as a backing dancer in 80's? 😂🤣 #StrictlyComeDancing
will the bros fans please take off their love goggles for matt and realise he is not a good dancer and should not be saved over other, more competent dancers #Strictly
Week 4, u've got this #TeamMattiya Good luck for tonight 🙌🏻 ✅❤️ @mattgoss @NadiyaBychkova 🕺🏼💃🏼 @bbcstrictly #strictly
#Strictly. Couple 3: @mattgoss & @NadiyaBychkova My Score 6 A good routine from Matt and Nadiya the Jive is a difficult dance. I feel he needed more energy for this dance and there was no retraction in the flicks and kicks. The Musicality was great well done Matt
Good luck tonight #TeamMattiya loving the 50s look, can't wait to see you jive! @mattgoss @NadiyaBychkova ❤🙌💯 #Strictly #Jive
#Strictly. Couple 3:- @mattgoss & @NadiyaBychkova 🧡 Next up tonight it's Matt & Nadiya. This week they are performing the Jive. Best of luck guys.
At last Matt is relaxing looking as if he's enjoying it and it shows, the jive needs energy to the end but he's improved 👍 #strictly #StrictlyComeDancing #StrictlyComeDancing2022
This was the most relaxed and happy I've seen #MattGoss. 'ten out of ten' (😉) for trying bless him. #StrictlyComeDancing #strictly2022
#Strictly Matt, first time you had a smile on your face, looked like you enjoyed it! Well done
Well done @mattgoss & @NadiyaBychkova on that Jive I enjoyed it. 3, 6, 5, 6 = 20/40 Nice dress from @VickyGillDesign @t_hewlett & team #StrictlyComeDancing
Matt and Nadia - I love the jive. My nannas sister was good at the Jive. I think it was matts a ok performance but still lacking behind the others in the competition. More confident I thought tonight and fair playing for trying. score 5 #StrictlyComeDancing
Genuinely smiling as I watch #strictly2022 and see @mattgoss finally dancing with more confidence! You go, Matt! Keep that smile on your face. 😊
Well done Matt! 👍 😃 @mattgoss @NadiyaBychkova #StrictlyComeDancing
#Strictly #strictly2022 I say this with peace ✌🏽 and love ❤️ but I think Matt Goss needs to see a chiropractor
Well done @mattgoss I thought you were fabulous tonight #Strictly
Great improvement @mattgoss and @NadiyaBychkova is making you work hard. Love seeing you coming out of your shell and showing the world who we all love on stage. Ready & waiting to vote @bbcstrictly #Strictly
Being a huge Brosette back in the day, I'm loving #mattgoss is trending again after 30 years. Loved him then. Love him now. #Strictly @mattgoss
Great job on you jive Matt and Nadiya. Can see the improvement and the joy on Matt's face. We felt what was happening Motsi, you're right! #StrictlyComeDancing2022 #BBCStrictly #Strictly
I saw a big improvement over last week with Matt 's performance. The Jive wasn't quite there,but I loved the top section #Strictly
Just a reminder everyone love yourself like Matt Goss loves himself. I bet his house is mirrored walls #strictly
Matt Goss is becoming much more normal and likeable. I hope he stays in for the whole thing. I hope it's good for him #Strictly
It's great to see @mattgoss gaining in confidence and coming out of his shell on #Strictly
So much energy and hard work. Matt is fun to watch! We loved it! #strictly
Nice to see Matt Goss having more fun this week! #StrictlyComeDancing
First time watching #Strictly cause of Matt and I'm having so much fun 🤩
I applaud Matt for having the confidence to dance on his own...his footwork wasn't particularly good though #strictly
Matt is really trying so hard and is definitely improving. His confidence is getting better too. This show is meant to be all about "the journey" and I really hope he stays longer. #Strictly #SCD
Much better! #Matt The improvement was obvious and seeing him loosen up is great! #StrictlyComeDancing #StrictlyComeDancing2022 #strictly
I give Matt and Nadiya a 5. By far your best dance yet! However, it lacked a lot of bounce and it was flat footed, BUT you are feeling the music more and I enjoyed watching it. Keep improving, well done! #StrictlyComeDancing #Strictly @bbcstrictly
Matt: Feet need to be much more pointed with cleaner and lighter kicks and retractions. Weight all over the place, making his top half look wobbly. Great energy, but rather unrestrained. Needs a lightness and precision on the steps. A bit... uncle at a wedding... 5 #strictly
Matt looked relaxed and like he really enjoyed that. I sure did! I was smiling throughout! Go Matt! 3? Nah. #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing
Matt Goss, has a birth defect called Poland syndrome. #Strictly Google it. Good luck @mattgoss ❤️
Oh good, I love a Jive, sadly I don't think Matt will do it any justice all #strictly #strictly2022 #StrictlyComeDancing
Oh bless Matt. He's an odd fish isn't he? But he seems sincere and nice! #StrictlyComeDancing #strictly
L❤️VED your Jive tonight @mattgoss @NadiyaBychkova 👌🏻 Not so keen on the judges scores 🤔 #TeamMattiya #Strictly
Not sure what Matt is saving himself for, must be very important 😂 #StrictlyComeDancing #Strictly
Wow that was Matts best dance yet! Hes been working hard 👏 #Strictly
I love you Gossy #Strictly @mattgoss ❤️
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