Matt Goss

Status: In
Professional: Nadiya Bychkova
Started: Launch Show
Finished: ---
Latest Odds: 610.00
Implied Chances: 0%
Twitter: @MattGoss
Instagram: @mattgoss
Well done Matt and Nadiya you're both looking amazing this week and you did such a fantastic job I enjoyed your Night Fever routine it's a 6 from me and happy belated birthday Matt hope you had a lovely and safe day! :) [SmileEmoji] [SmileEmoji] [LoveEmoji] [LoveEmoji] [LoveEmoji] [LoveEmoji
Matt danced that with passion, moving those hips and thrusting. I love that he gave it his all. [GoodEmoji] [LoveEmoji] well done that was HOT @mattgoss #Strictly
I love @mattgoss but bless the Dad dancing , and yes I'm 51 so I'm not taking piss out of age ! Please people, don't take him so serious he's got a brilliant sense of humour and a sensitive soul ! Just needs to learn to relax , let go , Happy Birthday Matt & Luke [LoveEmoji] #St
Wow [LoveEmoji] @mattgoss you've still got it! Well done @NadiyaBychkova & Matt on that routine Happy Belated Birthday to you too Scoring 22/40 + 20/40 = 43/80 #Strictly
#Strictly Goss's best chance is all the dads voting to keep the lovely Nadia in [SmileEmoji]
Did Tess just give us (and Matt Goss) a Yaaaaas?! [SmileEmoji] #strictly #scd #StrictlyComeDancing Nice to see Matt Goss appealing to his fan base this week [SadEmoji]
Sensational! #Superstars #Strictly @TeamMattGoss @mattgoss
[LoveEmoji] @NadiyaBychkova is lovely Nice to see @mattgoss on #Strictly
Actually I take it back Matt was good and I quite enjoyed it and the couple of times he smiled he looked very genuine (though his forehead still didn't move). #Strictly
[GoodEmoji] [GoodEmoji] Yesss way to go Loved that dance, night fever nice one Matt. [GoodEmoji] @mattgoss @NadiyaBychkova #tesmmatiyah #Strictly
#Strictly. Couple 11:- @mattgoss & @NadiyaBychkova My Score 6 Don't get me wrong I love a good disco routine but Disco for me dosnt suit the Samba. I feel like Matt needed more bounce action and there wasn't enough hip action in there for me.Still a great routine.
Lets be fair, non of us can be good at everything and I think Matt Goss' Achilles heel has been found. He simply cannot dance. Kudos for giving it a go though. #strictly
#StrictlyComeDancing Bloody love @mattgoss [LoveEmoji] [LoveEmoji] [KissEmoji]
It's #Strictly time lovely twitter family. @mattgoss looking so dapper [LoveEmoji]
Unbelievable tonight @mattgoss !!! Well done, absolutely loved it #strictly
Sex on Legs Matt Goss, beautiful dancing... Xx [LoveEmoji] #Strictly
Is there a potential for Matt Goss to be discretely swapped with Luke at some point to increase his chances?? [SmileEmoji] #Strictly
Nadiya looks fantastic!!! Matt is not really a dancer. Bless him. #Strictly
Correction to my previous tweet. #MattGoss is the funniest thing I've seen this week. [SmileEmoji] [SmileEmoji] #StrictlyComeDancing
He's having fun uh uh [SmileEmoji] [SmileEmoji] #Strictly @mattgoss #StrictlyComeDancing
#matt is a stunning looking man but Those trousers Bless him! #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing
#Strictly. Couple 11:- @mattgoss & @NadiyaBychkova Our 11th couple tonight is Matt and Nadiya. After a showbiz Quickstep last week this week it's a Disco Samba for Matt and Nadiya. Good luck guys!!!!
Matt's just won the regional sales award for the third year running #strictly
Nadiya is giving the most incredible Studio 54 energy, but Matt is giving Butlins #strictly
Happy Birthday! #MattGoss #Strictly 11 days older than me! [LoveEmoji]
Matt and Nadiya score 22 (4,6,6,6) + 20 = 42. What did you think of their routine? Follow, reply and include #StrictlySpoiler for your chance to win a £20 Voucher #SCD #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing
Loved Matt he seems a really nice guy #Strictly
Matt Goss really tried there. Really good effort, though obviously not comfortable. Well done! #strictly
I love how everyone practices in gym gear but Matt Goss is dressed as if he's best man at a wedding #Strictly
Hang on... the judges liked that? Matt and Nadia. Nadia's outfit was stunning though #Strictly
Omg Matt looks gorgeous #Strictly [LoveEmoji] [LoveEmoji] [LoveEmoji]
Oh Matt. This is not your dance, mate. #Strictly I still like you though. [SmileEmoji] [GoodEmoji]
#Strictly. Matt Goss too self absorbed and image conscious to be sexy
Just having Matt Do his favourite dance has made me fall in love with him even more #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing @mattgoss
I'm actually feeling sorry for matt now. [SadEmoji] Bless him, he's game. Fairly hilarious though. [SmileEmoji] #strictly
Craig being a gent - didn't say anything that would have dented Matt&s confidence. Nice #Strictly
Is Matt going to have to rely on Shirley (and Craig) having the hots for him to get good scores until his dancing improves? #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing
Matt giving off great Jeff Dahmer vibes. Lads on something and its nothing good. #Strictly
#StrictlyComeDancing #mattgoss just needs more confidence!! Love you Matt!!
Watching Strictly & after seeing @mattgoss appear in them tighty whiteys I cant wait [LoveEmoji] [SmileEmoji] #goglitterballs #MattGoss #sprayedon #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing
Matt Goss was horrendous! Great fun, got to keep him in #Strictly
Was Matt any good? Wasn't concentrating on him [SmileEmoji] #Strictly
Jeez, Nadiya looks and dances sensationally, Matt less so #Strictly
Oh yes I do like Matt he is so humble!! #strictly (you got Nad!! [KissEmoji] [KissEmoji] )
Samba-tastic! @mattgoss & @nadiyabychkova #Strictly #SCD #StrictlyComeDancing #TeamMattiya Good to see they gave Matt better fitting trousers this week!
Matt Goss seems to be a genuinely lovely man, i hope he's having a blast #StrictlyComeDancing #Strictly
Matt love - you're of an age when you need to get trousers that fit #Strictly
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