Kym Marsh

Status: In
Professional: Graziano Di Prima
Started: Launch Show
Finished: ---
Latest Odds: 19.50
Implied Chances: 5%
Twitter: @msm4rsh
Instagram: @marsh_kym
Aww well done Kym and Graziano that was such a lovely and beautiful routine and it's a 7 from me :) [SmileEmoji] [SmileEmoji] [LoveEmoji] [LoveEmoji] [LoveEmoji] [LoveEmoji] [LoveEmoji] [GoodEmoji] [GoodEmoji] [GoodEmoji] #Strictly
#Strictly. Couple 10: @msm4rsh & @GrazianoDiPrima My Score:- 7 That was a lovely classy elegant V.waltz from Kym. She was so worried about those spins but she did well. Good armwork. Her frame was good with some great V.Waltz content. Well done Kym great dance.
Omg kym and graz was gorgeous [LoveEmoji] that choreography was stunning and I love their chemistry are partnering #strictly
A lovely Viennese Waltz from @msm4rsh & @GrazianoDiPrima I really enjoyed it. Another stunning dress from @VickyGillDesign & @t_hewlett More great music from @SCDband & singers Scoring 27/40 + 23/40 = 50/80 #Strictly
#Strictly Kim Marsh wins best dressed celeb tonight, absolutely stunning x
Great song, love @TheCorrsMUsic! Beautiful Viennese waltz with pretty spins @msm4rsh & @GrazianoDiPrima #SCD #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing @bbcstrictly
A beautiful dreamy routine. Just amazing @msm4rsh @GrazianoDiPrima @bbcstrictly #StrictlyComeDancing #Strictly
Loved @msm4rsh dance tonight was absolutely beautiful [LoveEmoji] #Strictly
Oh yes Kym! That was beautiful. Armography, and characterisation lovely. Much better than last week. On the up. #Strictly
That was lovely! Well done Kym and Graziano! Only Week 2. I thought that was great! #Strictly
Kym and Graziano was just beautiful I loved that performance [LoveEmoji] #Strictly
Omg @msm4rsh that dress! I [LoveEmoji] the dance! Well done @GrazianoDiPrima think my fave Dance so far tonight. U go lady! 8 #Strictly
#Strictly Aww, Kym you look so divine and the dancing was so smooth and fluid, gorgeous!! [LoveEmoji]
Graziano is just the gentlest of souls he made Kym look gorgeous in that VWaltz [GoodEmoji] [GoodEmoji] #Strictly
I want to dance the Viennese waltz so bad! I know I'd probably die but it'd be worth it Graz and Kim looked so beautiful [LoveEmoji] #Strictly #Gorgeous
I give Kym and Graziano a 7. This was just beautiful to watch, technique aside - you have real quality of movement. However, you need to extend into your top line better, and that was the main issue I had. #StrictlyComeDancing #Strictly @bbcstrictly
Kym looks incredible [LoveEmoji] [LoveEmoji] #Strictly
Smooth Viennese from Kym she is making really good progress. Elegant stuff and even better considering the vertigo she suffers from. #strictly #SCD #StrictlyComeDancing
#Strictly Kim n Gratz All the elegance you expect. Just lovely to watch. [LoveEmoji]
Graceful and elegant dance by Kym. Loved it. #Strictly
kym marsh improvement from last week. she still seems overly focused on every single step. but that was a great waltz 6/10 #strictly
Kim Marsh is so beautiful, always has been. Lovely to see her on #Strictly
I really enjoyed Kym! Simple, nice lines, well controlled and she made it look elegant. #strictly #StrictlyComeDancing #strictly2022
Beautiful! #kim Loved the dress too. #Strictly #strictly2022 #StrictlyComeDancing
Well done Kym! That was si lovely #Strictly
kim's dress ?!?!?!!! the flowers & sparkles its so beautiful??!! strictly wardrobe department always carries #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing
Kym you look so beautiful tonight in your [LoveEmoji] @msm4rsh #Strictly
#Strictly Kym looks beautiful [LoveEmoji]
#Strictly Brilliant from @msm4rsh [LoveEmoji]
Nice one Kim..Another lovely dress...but will Shirley like it? #strictly
That was lovely, well done Kym #Strictly
A really beautiful dance from Kym tonight, definitely in my top 3 favourite dances of the evening #Strictly
Shirley being nice and good advice to Kym hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm #Strictly
A good Viennese waltz from Kym. Nice frame. Nice rise and falls and that spin at the end was good. 7 #Strictly
#Strictly. Couple 10:- @msm4rsh & @GrazianoDiPrima Our 10th couple tonignt is Kym and Graziano and this week they are dancing the V.Waltz. good luck guys!!!!
Absolutely love Kym Marsh's dress [LoveEmoji] #Strictly
I always fall in love with the dresses on this show , Kym and Ellie's dresses so far and all that Sparkle , I love it ! #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing
Kym Marsh has matured into a beautiful women. Forty/fifty somethings beat twenty somethings every day of the week. I didn't realise it until I was in my forties myself [SmileEmoji] #Strictly
Oooh, Kyms dress is another beautiful one. The dress game on #Strictly tonight is strong
Love Kym's dress [LoveEmoji] #Strictly
Yes Kym we all love The Corrs #Strictly [SmileEmoji]
Kym and Graziano score 27 (6,7,7,7) + 23 = 50. What did you think of their routine? Follow, reply and include #StrictlySpoiler for your chance to win a £20 Voucher #SCD #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing
That was lovely from Kym this week. She's very elegant with ballroom and that dress is very pretty #Strictly
Kym was really good, enjoyed that #Strictly
Love that Kym Marsh has been so booked and busy this year with dance projects. Not only as Scissors on the Masked Dancer but on #Strictly too a powerhouse! [GoodEmoji]
11th Couple - Kym Graziano - Viennese Waltz I could feel the Chemistry and Graziano was certainly moving Kym really quick round the ballroom, just beautiful as a Waltz should be I would score a 8 @msm4rsh #Strictly
Warmed to Graziano this year for the first time. Kym and Graz seem to be a good pairing. #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing
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