Hamza Yassin

Status: In
Professional: Jowita Przystal
Started: Launch Show
Finished: ---
Latest Odds: 1.74
Implied Chances: 57%
Twitter: @HamzaYassin3
Instagram: @hamzayassin90
all the love and support hamza gets is so well-deserved and it makes me incredibly emotional to see....like he's just a nice, positive, and passionate person who's dancing his little heart out every week and doing it beautifully every time! #Strictly
Wow Hamza & Jowita .. got to be a favourite to win #strictly Outstanding! Well done!
#Strictly. Couple 2: @HamzaYassin3 & Jowita. My Score: 1️⃣0️⃣ 💜 I love Hamza he is brilliant. The choreography was great. Wasn't keen on the song choice but the routine had great bounce and the Samba content was great as well. Well done Hamza Another great routine.
My cutie Hamza is too good for this world 💕 Passion, rhythm and soul flow through every pore of his body. He's a BEAUTIFUL dancer and human! #Strictly
Love Hamza & Jowita on #Strictly, their dances are just stunning & tonight was no exception, felt the emotion. Honestly wouldn't surprise me if it comes out that these two are dating coz the love between them is oozing whether that's just a friendship or more, it's beautiful.😍
Well done again Hamza and Jowita that was such an incredible routine from you both again tonight and I'll give you a 9 :) 😊😀❤️💙💛💜💗🎉🎈👏🏽👍🏽🙏🏽 #Strictly
Seriously, I want Hamza to win. He's the Bill Bailey of this series. Has genuinely learnt how to dance in front of us, is clearly enjoying it and is just very lovely and gracious 😊 #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing
Wow!!! #Hamza was fantastic!! 🥰😃 I love his and #Jowita partnership! I'm guessing 10s across the board after that performance! #LionLing #Strictly
Love the Lion King, that was absolutely fabulous from Hamza… 🙌🏼😍🦁#Strictly
Hamza makes me cry when he dances, so emotional and beautiful. My winner of this series #strictly
Loved that Hamza - such a good partnership 😍😍😍 Jowita is amazing #Strictly
I've said it once, I'll say it again... I absolutely adore Hamza. That was flawless. 👏🤩 #Strictly
Man like @hamzayassin3 has to win #Strictly this year , his musicality is sensational! The (Lion) King of the Dancefloor!
#Strictly. Couple 2:- @HamzaYassin3 and Jowita. 💜 This week for the Musicals Special Hamza and Jowita will be performing a Samba to a song from the Lion King. Good luck guys!!!
VOTE HAMZA AND JOWITA! ☎️: 09015 22 52 09 📱: 6 22 52 09 💻: to vote three times FOR FREE! Your votes are more important now than EVER! Help get team Hamzita to the semi finals!🤞🏼💛 #strictly VOTING CLOSES AT 21:45!
About to watch this week's episode of #Strictly. It's Musicals Week this week. I'm so excited! Good luck to everyone but especially @HamzaYassin3 ❤️🪩 #HamzaandJowita #HamzaToWin
Wow, wow, wow! I love Hamza & Jowita so much. That was beautiful. Probably first time I've cried watching a samba! #Strictly
Wow Hamza.. 😍 I'm so rooting for him to win this! #Strictly
Hamza and Jowita WOW Beautiful 👊🏾💗💕💕💕 #strictly
Good luck tonight @HamzaYassin3 & Jowita from everyone @EastSilc 😊 We all loved the video you sent to our pupil, Thomas. If you ever need a hall to practice in let us know! 🕺🏻💃 @bbcstrictly #StrictlyComeDancing #SCD2022 #SCD
Hamza is looking amazing 👏🏼 Well Done 👏🏼 #Strictly
Hamza was BRILLIANT! What a dance! Those hips! I loved how they really went down the African route for the dance. Hamza has given us two unapologetically African dances and I love him for it! #Strictly
Hamza and Jovita are Amazing ❤️❤️. For so much praise surprises no 10s #Strictly
Phenomenal! Hamza has given routines before but this one I truly felt his soul on the floor. Incredible #10 #Strictly
What a total disaster of a song for Hamza's samba #strictlycomedancing2022 where was the beat, the rhythm? Fantastic performance tho Hamza!!! Well done ❤️
Oh wow, Hamza is SUCH a wonderful dancer. I loved that. #Strictly
I love Hamza. Great dancer and all round bloody nice fella. #Strictly
That was such an emotional Samba (I always cry at The Lion King). Loved that @HamzaYassin3 beautiful samba rolls. #Strictly
OMG I am in tears watching @HamzaYassin3 & Jowitas samba, that was just stunning #Strictly 👏👏👏👏👏👏
We don't know who is living in Hamza but they are obviously a fantastic dancer!! What did you think of that rippling and sensational Samba from @HamzaYassin3 and Jowita!? #Strictly
Wow wow wow that samba was brilliant absolutely love Hamza #Strictly
Hamza is such a brilliant dancer. He's got great rhythm. I thought he was going to fall on top of her on the samba rolls. #Strictly
Hamza is stunning! I believed he was in Lion king 🦁❤️ #StrictlyComeDancing
#Strictly Hamza must never stop dancing! He just brings such joy. Fantastic!
I love this song from the Lion King musical! Bravo Hamza! #Strictly
Never thought I'd describe a samba as beautiful, but Hamza and Jowita's Lion King samba was beautifulllll 😍💛🦁 #Strictly
I LOVE how musical theatee hamza and jowita's routine felt It wasnt just a dance to a musical, it FELT like it came straight from the west end 😍 #strictly
Well done Hamza. Another brilliant performance under your belt #Strictly
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