Fleur East

Status: In
Professional: Vito Coppola
Started: Launch Show
Finished: ---
Latest Odds: 12.50
Implied Chances: 8%
Twitter: @FleurEast
Instagram: @fleureast
#Strictly. Couple 7: @FleurEast & Vito. My Score: 8 That was a lovely V.Waltz from Fleur and Vito. She looks absolutely gorgeous and she created a beautiful atmosphere. A beautiful elegant routine loved the little arm details. Her frame was great as well. Well done Fleur.
Well done Fleur and Vito I thought it was a lovely dance and you're looking beautiful tonight Fleur and I'll give you an 8 like Motsi :) [SmileEmoji] [SmileEmoji] [LoveEmoji] [LoveEmoji] [LoveEmoji] [LoveEmoji] [LoveEmoji] [GoodEmoji] [GoodEmoji] #Strictly
I love the Viennese waltz so romantic #gorgeous well done Fleur and Vito I knew theyd mention certain things but it was beautiful #Strictly
#Strictly Another beautiful dance by Fleur, some of these songs are making me fill up lol [SmileEmoji] Xx [LoveEmoji] [KissEmoji]
That was soooo stunning @FleurEast and hunky Vito, beautiful and what a lovely song! [GoodEmoji] #Strictly
That was stunning. A beautiful song and a wonderful Viennese waltz. @FleurEast @Vito__Coppola #fleurito @bbcstrictly #SCD #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing
I love @FleurEast. Good luck girl [LoveEmoji] #Strictly
Well done Fleur. So so much better. Softer. Fab #Strictly
Wow that was so beautiful [LoveEmoji] don't forget to vote for fleur guys! #Strictly
Beautiful, Passionate, Romantic, Elegant no one topping Fleur tonight #Strictly
Another lovely dance Fleur overcome by that Viennese. Needs to tidy up the footwork but Fleur, as pre-season favourite, should be pleased with progress. #strictly #SCD #StrictlyComeDancing
#Strictly Fleur that was so delicate! Beautiful dancing, so refined! [LoveEmoji]
The storytelling in @FleurEast v waltz was incredible ! Loved seeing a different side to Fleur : almost unrecognisable. One of my faves #Strictly
It's funny because I think going into this, Fleur was the favourite, but I don't think she's as good as we had hoped for #Strictly
I give Fleur and Vito a 9. This was STUNNING. Your topline was absolutely gorgeous, the emotion palpable, it was so atmospheric, and I adored the contemporary elements. Some TINY issues that will be ironed out. #StrictlyComeDancing #Strictly @bbcstrictly
fleur! that was stunning [SmileEmoji] [LoveEmoji] #strictly
I loved that calm,beautiful Fleur. #strictly
Wow. Fleur, that was beautiful My favourite of the night so far #Strictly
Fleur and Vito were fine, she was very graceful. Her frock is disappointing though, I appreciate it's floatiness but it's just peach all over, too plain! More ruffles or sparkles or something. #Strictly #frockranking
Fleur East did a beautiful job tonight. She could win this. #Strictly
Oh Fleur that was absolutely beautiful well done #Strictly
Hope Fleur has calmed down and she'll win -> #Strictly
Oh @FleurEast that was magnificent! Loved it! #Strictly
#Strictly. Couple 7: @FleurEast & Vito. Our 7th couple tonight is Fleur and Vito. After her energetic Cha Cha last week this week Fleur is dancing the V.Waltz. Good luck guys!!!
Well I thought it looked elegant. I certainly enjoyed it Well done @FleurEast & @Vito__Coppola Scoring 28/40 + 29/40 = 57/80 #Strictly
I'm not jealous of Fleur here [SmileEmoji] [SmileEmoji] [SmileEmoji] @Vito__Coppola Let it be [LoveEmoji] #Strictly
Fleur did much better this week in my opinion. Lots to improve on still but that was lovely to watch #Strictly
I really hope Fleur calms it down I do feel she thinks because she is a great dancer she has it in the bag. But last week was too much. #Strictly
Loved Fleur in that. My goodness, she has NO problem with varied moods does she? Wow. #StrictlyComeDancing #Strictly #FleurAndVito
Fleur and Vito that was beautiful ! Loved it #strictly
That was beautiful Vito and Fleur [LoveEmoji] Very short though #Strictly
Fleur & Vito [LoveEmoji] That Viennese Waltz was beautiful! #Strictly
Wow a beautiful stylised Viennese waltz by Fleur #Strictly
#strictly God. Isn't Fleur East beautiful. That was actually a joy.
Getting Alexandra Burke feelings from Fleur best dancer but won't win. #Strictly
I found this so delicate well done @FleurEast @Vito__Coppola I think it was better than last week #Strictly 6
That was a beautiful performance from Fleur and Vito. [LoveEmoji] #Strictly
That was absolutely beautiful! @FleurEast you are amazing. I don't understand why the judges are being so harsh on her in comparison to some of the other contestants?! #StrictlyComeDancing @bbcstrictly
Fleur looks beautiful [LoveEmoji] #Strictly
FLEURRR I LOVE U [LoveEmoji] #Strictly
that was gorgeous from Fleur and Vito. Love her so much. #Strictly
Rather liked that .. well done Fluer #StrictlyComeDancing
That was so good. Fleur was so much softer than last week [SmileEmoji] #Strictly
Lovely from Fleur and Vito. Plus a great song! #Strictly
Go on @FleurEast good luck! #Strictly
Goosebumps. Love Fleur #strictly
I stopped breathing half way through, then burst into tears at the end... Stunning @FleurEast @Vito__Coppola #Strictly
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