Nicola Adams

Status: Withdrew
Professional: Katya Jones
Started: Launch Show
Finished: Week 4
Twitter: @NicolaAdamsOBE
Instagram: @NicolaAdams
I think @TheAntonDuBeke is fabulous. I bet the producers needed a way to win back viewers after Nicola left, and decided to invite him in. I'm loving it... The spirit of Len lives on in the @bbcstrictly world.. #StrictlyComeDancing
Well even without @NicolaAdamsOBE @bbcstrictly has put the biggest smile on face. I have been in pieces lately and I really appreciate some joy in my life #StrictlyComeDancing
Good to see the Show Must Go On spirit alive and well on #Strictly I hope Motsi's doing OK. Sorry to say goodbye to Nicola and Katya.
Two fabulous routines tonight with opposite sex partners in identical outfits. Shows how easy it is for same sex couples to take part in #Strictly too. @NicolaAdamsOBE @Mrs_katjones #scd
We will miss you @NicolaAdamsOBE and @Mrs_katjones you were an amazing couple and i loved all your dances. #StrictlyComeDancing #strictly @bbcstrictly
So is the person who wins #Strictly just going to be the one whose partner gets covid last? #NicolaAdams
Pleased to see that Nicola has withdrawn from the competition and glad that it's nothing serious though! #StrictlyComeDancing
No Nicola and Katya #StrictlyComeDancing still don't understand how Katya has been tested positive... They should all be in their support bubble... Not going out and mixing with others
Is it OK for me to think this is the kind of thing I would have liked to see Katya and Nicola doing....? #strictly
Given Nicola and Katya's partnership was cut short on #Strictly this year, it'd be lovely to see them back for a Christmas special sometime in the future.
um lol at nicola adam's having to withdraw from #Strictly cos her partner got covid. ain't they meant to be in 'bubbles'
Lots of love to you both @NicolaAdamsOBE and @Mrs_katjones #StrictlyComeDancing
We all love you Katya and Nicola!!! #StrictlyComeDancing #Strictly #Strictly2020
Shame @Mrs_katjones and @NicolaAdamsOBE have had to withdraw from @bbcstrictly #Strictly2020, after Katya tested positive for COVID-19 earlier in the week; and also that @MOTSI_MABUSE has had to self-isolate for the next two weeks in Germany, but @TheAntonDuBeke is a great judge.
There are our couples!!!! Obviously just 9 dancing tonight as Nicola & Katya had to With after the latter tested positive for Covid-19. #Strictly
They better have @NicolaAdamsOBE and @Mrs_katjones back on @bbcstrictly next year, or else. #Strictly #Strictly2020
Were Nicola and Katya meant to have these outfits by any chance? #Strictly
Really hoping Nicola's allowed to come back next year #Strictly
#TRIVIA: Nicola and Katya was supposed to dance the American Smooth Foxtrot to "Stand By Me" by Ben E. King, but prior to tonight, the couple withdrawn from the competition after Katya caught COVID-19. #SCD #SCD2020 #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing
I hope Nicola comes back next year #Strictly
Tessbot didn't even sound sympathetic about Nicola & Katya! #StrictlyComeDancing
Actually gutting to be watching #Strictly without Nicola being able to perform...need to choose a new favourite now
The judges should get a 'Save Both' option for dance-offs to make up for Nicola & Katya's premature departure. They could use it at any point (but only once) when both couples in the dance off deserve to stay #Strictly
Nicola and Katya should return in 2 weeks time after their quarantine as there is a chance that others might end up having to withdraw too at some point and we might end up with only one pair left for the final! #StrictlyComeDancing #strictly
#StrictlyComeDancing Is Craig in a mood because his Favourite Nicola has had to go...
So sad about Nicola and Katya Stay safe and take care everyone. #Strictly
With Katya Jones taking an early bath on Strictly due to Covid19, I have this impression it's convenient. With her partner Nicola Adams at the bottom of the leaderboard, the woke BBC thought they'd string the same sex thing out for a couple more weeks. #StrictlyComeDancing
That must've been one of the best #StrictlyComeDancing episodes ever, despite having no audience, encasing the band in perspex and missing #NicolaAdams and Katya #strictly2020
Buzzing for #Strictly but still gutted about Nicola and Katya!
Why can Nicola of not been partnered with another female? Nicola doesn't have COVID-19. I think it's very very unfair! Or did the show not want a same sex couple to win? #StrictlyComeDancing
Considering how big a deal was made of Strictly finally having a same-sex pair, it's an anticlimactic end. I do hope Nicola and Katya are ok though. #StrictlyComeDancing
Looking forward to #Strictly even if without Motsi and Katya and Nicola it seems to have lost a lot of its sparkle Interested to see if Anton is as bad as a judge as he is a dancer
Cue extended videos tonight to fill the Katya/Nicola void? #strictly
I'm guessing these were Katya and Nicola's outfits for this week . . #Strictly
Strictly Come CoVID... Nicola & Katya out with it, and Motsi is away for two weeks #Strictly
They can't even stay 2 metres apart but were quick enough to get rid of Katya and Nicola #Strictly
Nicola: Hey Katya if you get covid, I'll see you in the ring Katya: #Strictly #SCD #StrictlyComeDancing
Does Nicola get to come back next year? I mean - automatically? I mean, she absolutely should. #Strictly
Come on #Strictly2020, even with extra Anton, and no Nicola () I am looking forward to this
#strictly are they not even going to mention Nicola
Don't get why Nicola can't return in 2 weeks #StrictlyComeDancing
it doesn't feel the same without nicola n katya #strictly #StrictlyComeDancing #Strictly2020
Still confused how Nicola Adams partner gets tested positive for COVID forcing her to pull out when supposedly all in a bubble & all staying/rehearsing at the same place #Strictly
#Strictly is on in 10 minutes but @NicolaAdamsOBE isn't on it
It's not #Strictly2020 without Nicola and Katya! #StrictlyComeDancing
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