Jason Bell

Status: Eliminated
Professional: Luba Mushtuk
Started: Launch Show
Finished: Week 3
Twitter: @JasonBell33
Instagram: @jasonbell33
I loved the idea for @LubaMushtuk & @JasonBell33 but I wish you had more authentic paso music. I feel like we've not seen the best that Jason has to offer yet, he's brilliant Love @bbcstrictly #StrictlyComeDancing
I love Jason and Luba as a pair! Jason always gives so much energy! Love I do think they were let down by the music - the Star Wars theme is epic but it is too happy/hopeful. The Imperial March on the other hand... now that is Paso Doble music by comparison! #strictlycomedancing
#Strictly Jason and Luba - as much as I love Star Wars, and that wonderful theme, not sure it was particularly well suited to the Paso Doble. It was still fun, but just didn't have the right vibe. Would have thought the Imperial March would have been better.
Aww bless him but Jason, the big strong man that he is, is just too excited about Star Wars to be all paso doble intense! #Strictly
It's Saturday so that means time to support our favourite on @bbcstrictly Everyone vote for @JasonBell33 he was super nice when we met him and just look at that smile #Strictly2020 #StrictlyComeDancing #JasonBell #betherewithbelson
I'm not sure how many people liked this routine and will compare this to the 2015 Cantina Charleston with @kelliebright76 and @KevinCFans Never the less, I'm glad @JasonBell33 had a fun time being a kid again. #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing #Strictly2020 #StarWars
Not the right music for a #pasodoble and Luba needed Cornish pasty hair. Jason has conviction which I love. I hope they don't go home too early. Some sticky up thumbs. Craig's impression was fun. My score: 5 #StrictlyComeDancing
Jason and Luba: definitely improved and there were recognisable Paso steps. Not sure the theme worked for the dance, but it was fun for movie week Our score: 5 #Strictly2020 #strictlykindness #StrictlyNHS #DanceFloorHeroes
Love @JasonBell33 he looked like he was living his best life tonight. Looked like his childhood dream had come true #strictly #livingthedream #StarWars #lightsabre #dance
Jason seems so nice though Love but not got a chance with that theme & doing a paso. #Strictly
Love the Star Wars theming, but a good Paso Doble that was not, sadly, Jason and Luba. Very stiff and stilted. #SCD #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing
#strictly I enjoyed Jason's routine. My favourite routine of his, though not technically his best. 6
Jason must be the happiest person on #Strictly ever. The smile can't leave his face even with a 3. I aspire to be him during #Lockdown2 #StrictlyComeDancing #Strictly2020
LOVED @JasonBell33 and @LubaMushtuk. That was brilliant #Strictly
Right @JasonBell33 and @LubaMushtuk I LOVEDDDD the take on the Paso to star wars! Love Love #Strictly2020 #StrictlyComeDancing #strictlyNHS
I'm liking this! Good job Jason cos a Latino dance to the Star Wars theme tune couldn't have been easy #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing 'May the force be with you Jason'
Jason has a great personality but won't win this years #Strictly
Wow I love Jason and Luba dance I want to watch star wars now. I agree with judges that Paso jason should be bit more serious #Strictly
I LOVE jason he seems like such a lovely person #Strictly
You just know Jason holds the door for people and calls older women Ma'am. He's so enthusiastic and happy. #Strictly #scd
Aww I love how much Jason loves dancing Love #StrictlyComeDancing
Jason is like an excited puppy. Bless. #StrictlyComeDancing
I just love Jason and the JOY he brings to every second of life #Strictly
Jason is probably my favourite Celeb if we base it on personality hope he can improve and last longer #Strictly
Great performance @JasonBell33 #Strictly2020 Love
Jason isn't the best dancer but he has a good go. #Strictly
JASON - a hard piece of music to dance to. Looked strong in frame and seemed to have a good upper line. His foot movement in hold was skippy and his smile was incongruous Kinda pulled off the costume off too! Shows promise but not clicking quite yet 5 #strictly
#StrictlyComeDancing omg Jason that was the best quarterback paso I've ever seen. Great guy Dance off
Jason is litterally this guy from #friends - EVERYTHING is AMAZING!!! #StrictlyComeDancing #Strictly
finn needs more love as a character so i'm so happy jason chose to be him #StrictlyComeDancing
They stopped Jason from Smiling! That's his best asset! #Strictly
Jason and Star Wars...interesting Love Love #strictly
If Jason & Luba don't get enough votes in #Strictly will the supreme court's be made aware. Asking for a friend
Oh dear, that wasn't the best was it. Dance off for Jason I feel. #Strictly
Sorry to say, I really don't like when dances are put to the music that is just not suited for it :-( Star Wars theme-awesome Jason & Luba-awesome Paso & Star Wars theme-not so awesome Jason's enthusiasm & Luba's choreography #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing #Strictly2020
I feel sorry for Jason being given the Star Wars theme to dance Paso, I highly doubt any of them would've looked good doing that #StrictlyComeDancing
Now THAT'S the kind of music you can do a paso to (unlike the Star Wars theme - justice for Jason and Luba) #Strictly
Oh dear, Jason.... this has fallen into a Sarlacc Pit. Not the best dance in the galaxy. #scd #strictly
I love jason but star wars theme tune for a paso doble just doesnt work for me #Strictly
So they did a Star Wars Paso Doble... that wasn't to The Imperial March ? Why would they pick the main theme, which is too cheery/uplifting. It's like they were setting Jason up to fail. Also, Luba's choreography skills are WEAK. #StrictlyComeDancing
Jason is a joy to watch but sadly this wasn't good Sobz #Strictly
Star Wars paso . Jason Bell seems lovely though #Strictly2020
Good performance for Star Wars theme music, old skool. @JasonBell33 @LubaMushtuk #Strictly
Bloody hell Craig, it wasn't the best Pasodoble but it certainly deserved higher than a 3!!! #StrictlyComeDancing #JasonBell
Brilliant routine from @JasonBell33 and @LubaMushtuk. #Strictly
Wasn't great sadly. Love Jason but not that #StrictlyComeDancing
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