Debbie McGee

Status: Eliminated
Professional: Giovanni Pernice
Started: Launch Show
Finished: Week 13
Twitter: @thedebbiemcgee
Instagram: @thedebbiemcgee
Week 13 : Dance 3
Favourite Dance: Debbie McGee & Giovanni Pernice American Tango to Por Una Cabeza - Final 2017
Week 13 : Dance 2
Debbie McGee & Giovanni Pernice Showdance to One Day Ill Fly Away - Final 2017
Week 13 : Dance 1
Judges' Pick: Debbie McGee & Giovanni Pernice Salsa to Cant Take My Eyes Off You - Final 2017
Week 12 : Dance 2
Debbie and Giovanni Foxtrot to Isnt She Lovely by Stevie Wonder - Strictly Come Dancing 2017
Week 12 : Dance 1
Debbie and Giovanni Im So Excited by the Pointer Sisters - Strictly Come Dancing 2017
Week 11
Debbie and Giovanni American Smooth to Memory from Cats - Strictly Come Dancing 2017
Week 10
Debbie & Giovanni Argentine Tango to Por Una Cabeza - Strictly Come Dancing 2017
Week 9
Debbie and Giovanni Samba to 'Wannabe / Who Do You Think You Are' - Strictly Come Dancing 2017
Week 8
Debbie & Giovanni Salsa to 'I Cant Take My Eyes Off Of You' - Strictly Come Dancing 2017
Week 7
Debbie and Giovanni Tango to 'I Gotta Feeling' - Strictly Come Dancing 2017
Week 6
Debbie & Giovanni Charleston to 'Frankie' by Sister Sledge - Strictly Come Dancing 2017
Week 5
Debbie and Giovanni Rumba to 'Baby Can I Hold You' - Strictly Come Dancing 2017
Week 4
Debbie McGee & Giovanni Pernice Cha Cha to 'The Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss)' - Strictly 2017
Week 3
Debbie & Giovanni Quickstep to 'Let's Call The Whole Thing Off' - Strictly Come Dancing 2017
Week 2
Debbie McGee and Giovanni Pernice Viennese Waltz to She's Always A Woman'
Week 1
Debbie McGee and Giovanni Pernice Paso to Be Italian by Fergie
Launch Show
Meet Debbie McGee - Strictly Come Dancing 2017: Launch
And thats why @thedebbiemcgee and @pernicegiovann1 are my winners, their chemistry and close bond just sold that dance so beautifully. Just exquisite. A gorgeous sparkling angel. That showdance deserved 40. #Strictly
#Strictly brilliant final! Any one of the finalists would make a deserving winner but would love to see Debbie win.
#Strictly Why didn't #Graig give #debbiemcgee a 10, l think he favours #AlexandraBurk he's worked closely with her, l hope the public get behind Debbie, and #Vote for her, l would like her to Win, their all great dancers, l like Debbie the best, l would love her to get the break.
@thedebbiemcgee you are amazing! My winner for sure that Argentina Tango was insane! Congratulations so happy for you and your #Strictly journey, your VT made me cry! #inspirational
What a final Saturday Night TV at its best brilliant band and music, fabulous costumes and amazing dancers. Its anyone's glitter ball but my vote goes to Debbie. #strictly
I predict @thedebbiemcgee the winner of #Strictly Come Dancing 2017. This lady has had such a hard year. However, her dancing talent outshines everyone else. She's 57! Stunning. So much love & respect Debbie. Tim xx PS: Pls vote! @bbcstrictly #DebbieMcGee #Dance #Ballroom #BBC
Fab-u-lous! I wasnt a fan of Debbie but have been won over by her completely in #strictly #Incredible #argentinetango
What a wonderful & magnificent tango!!! Debbie McGee... phenomenal dance!!! #StrictlyFinal #Strictly Im blown away
Not ashamed to say I'm in tears at that one. Sheer beauty. Well done Debbie and Giovanni #Strictly
Ive done all the voting I can, good luck @thedebbiemcgee and @pernicegiovann1. So proud of you both and youre the winners in my heart no matter what happens. #Strictly
Debbie Salsa love this dance well done amazing #Strictly love this Song!!Wow!!X
Gorgeous, emotional & ethereal Yes, there were a lot of lifts but it does take skill to be lifted and remain graceful in position. I felt this Showdance told a story & was fluid thematically. Loved it @thedebbiemcgee @pernicegiovann1 #Strictly #strictlyfinal @bbcstrictly
Love #Darcy best #Strictly judge @thedebbiemcgee is unreal a joy to watch ! Wish we could vote in Ireland because she would absolutely have mine @bbcstrictly
Debbie just amazes me. I can only hope I can dance half as well as she can when I'm 59. Fantastic! Debbie & Giovanni to win! #Strictly #StrictlyFinal
Awww that was actually a really lovely thing for @CraigRevHorwood to say to @thedebbiemcgee really is a new beginning for you & I adore the friendship with @pernicegiovann1 @ShirleyBallas said it best, Gio's has really let Debbie shine #Strictly
@The_JamesJordan I agree with Bruno also. Win or lose Debbie McGee has inspired me the most this year. You are not dead over 50 yrs of age. Bravo Debbie @bbcstrictly #Strictly #StrictlyFinal
Phenomenal Debbie. Slick and clean work. Lovely partnership #Strictly
well voting is closed. all is done. win or lose, i have so much love for my team @thedebbiemcgee & @pernicegiovann1 a proud fan forever. #strictly #strictlyfinal
Good luck to @pernicegiovann1 and @thedebbiemcgee in tonight's @bbcstrictly final! It was great to welcome you to @yorksport1 earlier this week! #strictly @YorkSportUnion
#Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing #Strictly2017 Debbie...have to hand it to you...brilliant all round performance week after week... In spite of your dance background and training i would not mind you winning...well done
That the lovely @thedebbiemcgee was just beautiful #onedayillflyaway #StrictlyComeDancing2017 #strictlyfinal #strictly #bravo
Hope Debbie wins tonight. Her show dance was incredible! #Strictly
I havent seen anyone talk about how Debbies training, and profession, as a magicians assistant plays a big part in her #Strictly success. Strength, timing, trust, intelligence. Not to mention learning each trick/routine backwards. Good on her.
Hope Debbie McGee wins #Strictly , amazing to dance like she does at nearly 60 years of age.
Have said this since the very first week, I bloomin' well love @thedebbiemcgee!! The partnership between her and @pernicegiovann1 is incredible & she makes every dance look effortless! #Strictly
Perfection! The technique! Love @thedebbiemcgee Brilliant! More, more, more! #Strictly #StrictlyFinal
I want Debbie to win simply because I love Giovanni loool #Strictly
Oh wow #strictly I am in tears #SadiqKhan buttrue Debbie amazing. Romance rocks.
Wouldn't ya love to be as proud of your gusset as Debbie is ... Fair Play- she's brilliant. #StrictlyFinal #Strictly
All I can say is @thedebbiemcgee & @pernicegiovann1 are amazing!! Had tears in my eyes watching the VT & the dance! Beautiful #StrictlyFinal debbie #strictly #scd
#Strictly come on vote for Debbie it is amazing whats shes done. Her and Gios partnership is beautiful
Never been a fan of the Salsa as a dance style personally, but Debbie and Giovanni did amazingly well. Spectacular #strictly
Debbie's show dance! Gorgeous goosebumps ! The perfect end to her journey. The Queen has found her Prince in Giovanni !! 10 from Len #strictly
Wow. And Debbie finally lets go and dances with complete freedom and joy. Lovely to see #strictly
Debbie is just amazing. I'm so pleased she's taken part in #Strictly and made it to the final. Lovely lady.
Oh Debbie what a #Strictly stunner! Super Argentine Tango. Can't tell you how much I loved it. Superb! Thankyou!!!
Debbie and Giovanni are so genuinely adorable that I want to cry, bless Shirley for highlighting how caring and tender Giovanni has been with her. You can see and feel how much they truly love each other. #Strictly
Debbie & Giovannis show dance was beautiful and quite emotional. I think shell win! #strictly
Cue people kicking off because Debbie used to do ballet Shes amazing! For a 59 year old! Wish I could dance like her, that was outstanding #StrictlyFinal #Strictly #strictlycomedancing
#Strictly Debbie #strictly Giovanni Wow stunning show dance, beautiful!
Come on Debbie, wouldnt be fab for her to win #Strictly going to be a late night catching up with the results later
@thedebbiemcgee you've been consistently amazing & inspirational throughout #strictly you know we'll love you next week when this is over
Yesssssss Debbie and Giovanni!!! That showdance was a winning performance. Outstanding!! @bbcstrictly #strictlyfinal #strictly
Debbie's Argentine Tango has been one the most sensational #Strictly performances. Superb. #StrictlyFinal #Strictly2017 #scd
.@thedebbiemcgee and @pernicegiovann1 have been brilliant. Really hope they win #Strictly #Debbieforthewin
No doubt. @thedebbiemcgee and @pernicegiovann1 have created one of the greatest #Strictly partnerships. Fabulous - thank you.
THAT WAS STUNNING!!! I am honestly in love with Debbie & Giovanni, the partnership between them is so adorable I can't cope #Strictly
After that last dance I want Debbie to win. Shes so brilliant and seems so lovely too. Now Im so torn. I honestly cant decide who I want to win #strictly
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