Ronnie O'Sullivan

Status: Eliminated
Started: Grand Final
Finished: Grand Final
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It's 34 years since Steve Davis became the only snooker player to be voted #bbcspoty. 7 times world champion (over a breathtaking span of 21 years) Ronnie O'Sullivan must win tonight. Picking someone from a team sport in preference to a solo multiple world champion? Nah. #spoty
I'd always vote Ronnie O'Sullivan to win any award. My favourite Sportsperson. #Genius #GOAT𓃡 #spoty
#SPOTY tonight... in bits already. How good is sport? Now if only I could be as cool as Ronnie O'Sullivan or Usain Bolt πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘Œ β€οΈπŸ’›
If @ronnieo147 does not win #spoty , I will be staggered. For 30 yrs he has shown to be the GOAT at World Snooker & at 47 yrs old, is quite simply STILL a master of his craft. No offence to the gymnast, curler or footballer etc, but it is about sustained excellence over decades
I don't think the British public comprehend the timeless brilliance of Ronnie O'Sullivan. Were his abilities transferred to golf, he'd have Tiger Woods record and Freddie Couples swing, he'd be internationally famous and a billionaire to boot. #SPOTY #GreatestOfAllTime #Snooker
As much as we all know Matt Fitzpatrick is the real winner, I've voted Ronnie. Genuine genius. #SPOTY
My #SPOTY is @ronnieo147. Understand the voting is by the public, but Ronnie has been a champion all along and long may it continue... Congratulations to all the winners...
Would like to see Ronnie win it been amazing since i first saw him when he was 17, but don't suppose he Will. #SPOTY
Ronnie O'Sullivan is the greatest,most talented British sportsperson ever.. Will he win #SPOTY ⁉️ Probably notπŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
Everyone please vote for Ronnie - he is an icon - on a level of greatness in comparison to Pele, Ali, Messi - he has taken snooker to a different level and his likes will never been seen again #Ronnie #SPOTY
There's a few worthy candidates, but I'm hoping for the mercurial, subversive genius that is Ronnie O'Sullivan to win through. #spoty
If The Rocket Ronnie O'Sullivan, the greatest ever player in history to pick up a snooker cue doesn't win it this year he never will. 15 maximum 147 breaks 1170 century breaks 7 World titles amongst a load of others over a 30 year period 😳 #BBCSPOTY #SPOTY @BBCSport
Damn, Ronnie's winners speech would have been interesting πŸ€£πŸ™ˆ #SPOTY
O'Sullivan should walk this year's Sports personality of the year... He is the Messi of snooker, pure genius. The greatest player to ever pick up a cue and won 39 major trophies! But he won't, because he plays snooker and doesn't play woman's football that won 1 πŸ™„ #spoty2022
If Ronnie doesn't win this years #SPOTY then there will have to be a major Stewards enquiry. This is a weak line up but he's a legend regardless that deserves this kind of recognition.
Is @ronnieo147 ever actually going to win a #SPOTY award??
#TeamRonnie πŸ˜€πŸŽ±πŸ‘β€οΈ #SPOTY @ronnieo147
Voted Ronnie for #SPOTY but this year it should've been Kevin Sinfield amazing inspiration
Would love to see Ronnie O'Sullivan get some recognition for his incredible career. Unfortunately dont think enough of the public will see it #spoty
Good luck @ronnieo147 , we'll be voting for you! #SPOTY
If Ronnie O'Sullivan wins #SPOTY tonight, he'll be the first ever winner to actually have a personality
O'Sullivan gets my vote. I've spent my entire life watching him play. Would've liked to have seen combat sports represented in the final nominees... Leon Edwards is the real winner, but the BBC play their own game. #SPOTY #BBCSPOTY #MMA
Mid week #SPOTY this year Hoping for a @ronnieo147 win. #GoOnRonnie #Seven #BBCSPOTY
#Snooker fans: If you want #RonnieOSullivan to have a chance in #SPOTY you have to actually vote. It's free online but you have to sign up.
Ronnie is a genius and the greatest cueman of all time. But it says Sports Personality.... Not pub games personality of the year. #SPOTY
Was surprised to see Ronnie O'Sullivan has never won #SPOTY before. Looking at names who have won, it's extraordinary the greatest player in snooker history hasn't been recognised before #BBCSPOTY
Also, know he ain't winning it but gave my vote to Ronnie O'Sullivan, that final was bonkers. The other sporting 🐐 cemented. #SPOTY #ItsMeadRelax
Definitely the best sportsman I've seen live. Enjoy #Dubai @ronnieo147 #SPOTY
Just voted for @ronnieo147 - he totally deserves to win Sports Personality of the Year, this is his moment! #SPOTY #SPOTY2022 #Snooker
#spoty Ronnie all day long! 30 years of world class sportsmanship. Thanks Ronnie, love you no matter how it goes.
Come on Ronnie 😍 #SPOTY
A few reasons why Ronnie O'Sullivan would deserve to be Sports Personality of the Year aside from his actual snooker brilliance #SPOTY
What a load of bollocks how did @ronnieo147 not come in the top 3 for #SPOTY he should of won it !
Ronnie O'Sullivan needs to win #SPOTY
Ronnie has to win #SPOTY
Ronnie to win #SPOTY
Is this even a contest? @ronnieo147 is the greatest ever in his chosen sport and has a personality to go with it. What makes me an expert? I have had a break of 12 at least twice and on the big table #SPOTY #spoty2022 #Snooker
It's about time Ronnie took the award #SPOTY
Ronnie is the only one who shows his true personality, time and time again, vulnerable or not. He won't win but he should. #SPOTY
Vote Ronnie O'Sullivan for #SPOTY πŸ‘
#ronnie should win #SPOTY unfortunately snooker isn't the power it used to be 😒 no characters anymore 😴
#SPOTY Used to be an honour to be invited to the BBC sports review. O'Sullivan booked a holiday instead.
Wow Ronnie not even in the top 3! #SPOTY
With 21 majors in his sport @ronnieo147 has more personality than the rest put together. Will he win #SPOTY no, because people thinks he arrogant. Botham, Bristow, Davis, Hendry, these were deemed arrogant. Wrong they were all geniuses and winners. #VoteRonnie
#SPOTY unfortunately we all know Ronnie should win, but won't. Nobody else in the list comes anywhere close to his talents and achievements over the last 30 years. But it's the @BBC so he won't win. Real shame.... πŸ˜”
Ronnie O'Sullivan totally deserves to win Sports Personality of the Year, this is his moment, don't let him get robbed of for Ronnie #SPOTY #SPOTY2022
Fml Ronnie O'Sullivan looks like a ray of sunshine on the live link #SPOTY
Vote Ronnie O'sullivan, 30 years at the top of snooker #BBCSPOTY #SPOTY
Go on Ronnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnaaay πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ #SPOTY #Ronnie
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