Jake Wightman

Status: Eliminated
Started: Grand Final
Finished: Grand Final
Twitter: @JakeSWightman
Instagram: @jakeswightman
I'm voting for @JakeSWightman for #SPOTY Such an incredible moment on the track. It's hard to quantify the gruelling, lonely graft in what looks like a few minutes of running but it's what makes the achievement all the more glorious! What a world champ!
Unsurprisingly, as an athletics fan, I will be voting for @JakeSWightman for #SPOTY. To win the men's 1500m at a World Champs is extraordinarily difficult, which is why no British man has managed it for nigh-on 40 years.
Great interview from @JakeSWightman on #SPOTY Real hard graft over the winter including cross country racing got him to the top of the rostrum when winning World 1500m Gold beating the Olympic Champion. Vote Jake tonight. @scotathletics
#SPOTY voted for Jake for an amazing run on the world stage, but unlike Ovett, Coe and Cram, I can't see him even getting in the top three let alone winning.
My vote went to Jake this year. Suspect the Lioness will win but I personally loved watching this moment #SPOTY #christmas
Would love to see Jake Wightman win. #SPOTY
Such a lovely guy, @JakeSWightman ... feet on the ground (pretty useful for a runner... 😉) #spoty podium?
Vote Jake tonight, please, British runners. #SPOTY @parkrunUK @LondonMarathon @Great_Run @NewBalanceUK @lborouniversity @sportscotland @bushyparkrun @runnersworlduk @TeamGB @Team_Scotland @Jennifalconer @marathontalk @letsrundotcom @RunTogether_ @runbritain @WomensRunning 👍❤️
Got to vote for @JakeSWightman today in #SPOTY not only winning a world championship but beating one of the greatest athletes of all time in doing so! @WightmanGeoff
Jake Whiteman is a lovely guy. What a great interview. #SPOTY
Great shortlist But my ❤️ is athletics So for me, this year, having followed his career & been at so many of those british champs & him finally getting that🥇then converting it to a world 🥇 (& getting up to watch in middle of the night) he's my #SPOTY #votejake @JakeSWightman
Jake Wightman get my vote for winning 1500m at World champs and for his dads commentary. #spoty
Jake Wightman get my vote for winning 1500m and for his dads commentary. #spoty
BBC #SPOTY kicks off in a few hours and one of our members Jake Jones has been working on the production. "I've had some great experiences looking after edits and seeing them go out live gives you a real buzz and pride."
I'd like to see Jake Wightman win #spoty
#spoty my vote has to be for @JakeSWightman to win
Jake Wightman seems like a lovely bloke #SPOTY
Personally would have gone for Jake Wightman - that achievement will probably never be replicated. Lionesses likely to have a lot more success to come. #SPOTY
Get voting for @EdinburghAC 1500m World Champion @JakeSWightman for BBC Sports Personality of the Year on tonight!! #Athletics #SPOTY #spoty2022
Get ready to vote for @JakeSWightman in Sports Personality of the Year. Very proud indeed! #SPOTY @fettescommunity @Fettes_College
Jake who? Whats the voting number for @MattFitz94 #spoty absolute joke show these days.
Voting on #Spoty now open so let's get voting for @JakeSWightman Vote Jake @scotathletics @BritAthletics
Vote now for Jake! 6228206 from your mobile! @scotathletics @BritAthletics #spoty
Voting for Jake Wightman #SPOTY
Watching #SPOTY and I already know @JakeSWightman will be getting my vote!
Jake Wightman's training regime is really inspiring me to... What? Another After Eight? Rude not to... #SPOTY
Not just a great athlete - but a gentleman - taking time to chat - Vote @JakeSWightman #SPOTY
Any of the ladies or Jake Wightman for #SPOTY
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