Status: Eliminated
Artist: VILDE
Song: Titans
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Second Chance
Vilde looks absolutely incredible on stage in all those sequins! Works so well with the lighting, this is a good performance and she really sells it well, I wouldn't rule it out tonight, but I realise I'm running out of slots! #nrkmgp #MGP2022 Norway
Vote Titans for clear skin and good luck #NRKMGP
Norway Who you want to qualify from the Last Chance Semifinal of #MGP2022? I am for Vilde and her 'Titans'.
I know #titans is dated and cheesy but the chorus makes me happy - great song to drive or shower to. #nrkmgp #mgp2022
The staging really lifted Vilde's song up, so she very deservedly won the first duel. #mgp2022
Vilde come on now #mgp2022 #MGP
Hoping Vilde goes through #NRKMGP #MGP
It's Vilde with 'Titans' in what is a very Melfest inspired performance. She was runner-up in semi 3 to 'Hammer of Thor' #NRKMGP
Our 9th act this evening is Vilde with "Titans" #nrkmgp #MGP2022 Norway
dios es que la de vilde fue un cuadro #nrkmgp
una pena porque titans en estudio es una joyita pero en directo #nrkmgp
Flere som er stodigere sangere, men jeg har stemt pa den beste lata. Vilde ma nok up her game pa lordag om hun far muligheten. #Titans #nrkmgp #MGP #sistesjansen
Egentlig ikke overrasket over at VILDE tapte kampen om en plass i #sistesjansen #nrkmgp Vokal og fremforelse var for darlig, men knallbra lat. Dette viser bare hvor viktig riktig artist er, for den rette laten #mgp2022 #mgp #Eurovision2022
But I'm pretty sure that Titans will be one of the songs in that round so I'm gonna lose at least one of my favorites tonight... #NRKMGP
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