Status: Winner
Artist: Subwoolfer
Song: Give That Wolf A Banana
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Final
#nrkmgp i am officially rooting for Northkid. They had a lovely charming song, they seem to be very touched by the reaction to a poignant, honest song, and deserving of winning over the hype, but Subwoolfer and Elsie Bay is close. But Norwegians please vote for Northkid. Na!!!
Norway Just like Citi Zeni for Latvia, credit to Norway for choosing Subwoolfer. It's fun and quirky but it's a great song with solid staging. It's got potential at #Eurovision this year. #nrkmgp
C'mon Subwoolfer Love If NorthKid wins it's OVER lmao #nrkmgp
Death of Us is so so so so stunningly beautiful I can't handle two men dressed as yellow wolves winning over Elsie. I'm literally begging you Norway. BEGGING! Elsie would do much better for you at Eurovision than Subwoolfer would! PLEASE! #nrkmgp
Despite ALL THE HATE about Subwoolfer, I still think it's a great song, PURE FUN and that would be AWESOME at Eurovision. Vocals are way better than before too! #mgp2022
Poland Unmute Slovenia Anabel Croatia Marko Norway Subwoolfer San Marino Achille Lauro Malta Could not care less I'm expecting a disappointing evening. But I'm delighted for a full on few hours of #Eurovision fun and excitement. Still undecided on what to watch (just not Malt
Poor Elsie, she deserved SO MUCH BETTER, like she deserved EVERYTHING tonight... Hope Subwoolfer will win because Northkid is clearly not that good to represent Norway #mgp2022
Idc idc Give That Wolf A Banana is such a fun and energetic song I really wouldn't mind if it wins #nrkmgp
If #Norway doesn't send #Subwoolfer to #Eurovision they won't have any chance to win. And I say chance because we all know that once #Finland chooses my beloved The Rasmus, they will win everything .
I don't get the love for subwoolfer but it's going to win. I know others love it and I hope it does well for you #nrkMGP Norway
Congratulations Subwoolfer for winning MGP. It has been a great journey, I'll keep streaming Death Of Us though #nrkmgp
Congratulations Subwoolfer, you have won even if it's not official yet because that's how predictable it's become. My favorites never win anyway. #nrkmgp
Give that wolf a banana : the song is funny and catchy but not sure about the performance it stays too simple for this song but a favorite for sure #nrkmgp
Hoping for subwoolfer to win they truly are our best shot in esc #nrkmgp
No wonder Subwoolfer is one of the big favourites to win this. #NRKMGP
What a Super Saturday so far. LPS winning in #EMA2022 (no one saw it coming) Mia D winning #Dora2022 (the fan favorite was Mia N or Bernarda) Subwoolfer winning #NRKMGP but what's more shocking is Elsie Bay not making the Top 2.
Norway Subwoolfer has won Norway's Melodi Grand Prix (@NRKmgp) with their song "Give That Wolf a Banana". They will represent Norway at #Eurovision 2022. Congrats @Subwoolferband!
Norway #NRKmgp The fun regional televote now. Subwoolfer win the South and Mid regions so far!
SUBWOOLFER WON!!!!! IM SO HAPPY! THANK YOU NORWAY! Norway #mgp2022 #MGP #Eurovision
Omg Subwoolfer singing Give That Wolf a Banana with the rest of the artists doing the choreo behind them I LOVE MELODI GRAND PRIX THANK YOU NORWAY #nrkmgp
So many national finals tonight! can't quite keep up with it all, but I will tune in to my three favorite of the night, Subwoolfer, LPS, and Aaron Sibley, good luck to all of you. #Eurovision #EMA2022 #UnaVocePerSanMarino #mgp2022
Okay maybe Subwoolfer don't have the most beautiful song (though very catchy), but as a whole package I think they can give us a lot in Eurovision as artists and performers #mgp2022
Norway did the best choice for Eurovision, Subwoolfer went viral since the first MGP night this year, so it's only fair they represent the country at Eurovision. Even though it looks like a joke entry, the song's fresh and unique, I think it will do well #nrkmgp
I wanted Made of Glass to win in MGPand I feel fairly indifferent about the winner out of NorthKid and Subwoolfer tbh neither will dent my top 20 this year #MelodiGrandPrix #eurovision Norway
Wow. The votes were piling in for Subwoolfer there and it's 100% televote tonight. Wolves and bananas for the win! #nrkmgp
it's nearly 5am but I'm still awake laughing my head off waiting for Subwoolfer to win, this is too iconic #NRKMGP
I absolutely adore Subwoolfer but if Elsie wins it tonight I will not be in the least bit mad. She's just stunning. #nrkmgp
I love Subwoolfer please win hahaha #nrkmgp
Elsie is eliminated. Wow - it's Subwoolfer vs Northkid then for the win in the Golden Duel. Do the right thing Norway! #nrkmgp
Melodi Grand Prix: Grand Final Gold Duel Results #Norway Norway #NRKMGP #Eurovion And the winner is Subwoolfer
Elsie would've been one of my favourites. Now I don't know who I want to win Norway. Subwoolfer, I suppose. #nrkMGP Norway
Let's go #nrkmgp ! Subwoolfer win pls. Love Norway
Sofie: Brilliant choice. Elsie: Fantastic. Subwoolfer: Obviously. NorthKid: NORWAY IS CANCELLED I CAN'T EVEN. #NRKMGP #Eurovision
Elsie Bay did that!! Subwoolfer did that!! As long as one of them win I'll be happy!! #mgp2022
Okay, this might be actually become reality... Northkid was my number 4, but I really hope #Subwoolfer wins! #nrkmgp
Norway #NRKmgp Your winner of Melodi Grand Prix 2022 and representing Norway in Turn, is ... Subwoolfer!
well my favorite was Elsie but we are rooting for Subwoolfer then lol #NRKmgp
I hope to god Subwoolfer wins, we need this level of gimmickry in Eurovision #mgp2022
Anna-Lisa Kumoji and Subwoolfer are easily my top two favourites in Melodi Grand Prix. That said, Subwoolfer definitely has the biggest Eurovision factor. #nrkmgp #mgp2022
Quedan 6 mins para que comience la final del #nrkmgp, mi preseleccion fav. No me ha dado tiempo a hacer top, pero mientras gane Give that wolf a banana o, en su defecto, Hammer of Thor o Death of us estare MUY contento Love .
[ Norway - #MGP2022 - #NRKMGP Finale] Encourages par le public, Subwoolfer a ete tres amusant sur scene avec sa choregraphie tres memorable. Il y a moyen pour que ce duo atypique remporte le Melodi Grand Prix. #Eurovision | #ESC2022| #Norway
Rooting for the NorthKid tonight. But Subwoolfer has the ball. Don't mind them winning. #NRKMGP
De kan synge, har en catchy lat, danser bra. Jeg blir underholdt og glad. Min stemme gar til Subwoolfer #nrkmgp
even tho i think subwoolfer is gonna win this i'm just gonna hope that northkid makes it! #mgp2022
Subwoolfer! Love them! Absolutely their best choice for #Eurovision
Okay but imagine how underwhelming the Subwoolfer face reveal would be if they didn't win lmao #mgp2022
subwoolfer are so much better tonight compared to heat 4, they're so winning #NRKMGP
Obviously Subwoolfer stand out tonight, still no idea if the song is really good just bc it's one of the best of this years' #NRKMGP tho
Give That Wolf a Banana is memorable, catchy, and a bop. VOTE FOR SUBWOOLFER #nrkmgp
Subwoolfer better win this #nrkmgp
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