Mira Craig

Status: Eliminated
Artist: Mira Craig
Song: We Still Here
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Second Chance
A wonderful opening performance by Mira! She really knows how to open a show like #mgp2022 Love Love Love
Loved the colour and style Mira brings to this performance, lots of energy and an engaging routine, the song is repetitive however for me #MGP2022 Norway
First up is with Mira Craig - 'We Still Here'. Now for those new to this last chance round, their semi-final performances are played again, so no new performances. But always interested to see how the songs stack up in a group of 12. #NRKMGP
mira voy desconectando porque vaya tela #nrkmgp
Mira que como cancion me encanta 'Pink Flamingo' y me encantaria que fuera repescada pero es que frente a otras candidaturas que tambien me gustan no me los puedo tomar en serio con esos disfraces. #MGP
Hvorfor har Mira Miraaaa pa seg parykk som skjort #nrkmgp
First up tonight we have the performance from Mira Craig with her song "We Still Here" Norway #mgp2022 #nrkmgp
MIRAAAAA #mgp2022
Tenker litt pa at sangen heter "We Still Here" og at "still" er et verb som betyr a hysje ned. #nrkmgp
#nrkmgp sa er Mira og strippekonkurransen i gang igjen.
Pues viendo la primera parte o semis () de la repesca del #NRKMGP, la preseleccion del tema de #Noruega para #Eurovision. Los presentadores estan en un estudio de radio y acaba de actuar la primera candidata, no se si en directo, Mira Craig y su We Still Here
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