Frode Vassel

Status: Eliminated
Artist: Frode Vassel
Song: Black Flowers
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Final
Frode is definitely my favorite so far! It's a really good rock track, full of energy, and very well performed. Not sure if he will make it to the top four, but this was really good! #MGP2022 #nrkmgp #BlackFlowers
Frode is the most attractive so far, so he should win #nrkmgp
Frode delivering us some soft (and I mean floating on a cloud soft) rock with 'Black Flowers'. Had some impressive vocal moments! #NRKMGP
jesus is frode actually going to win this #nrkmgp #mgp2022
Black flowers pull off a miracle???? #NRKMGP
My mom liked Frode Vassel's performance and that's not usually what she likes sooo #nrkmgp
Next up is the winner of the first semi final - Frode Vassel with "Black Flowers"! #MGP2022 #nrkmgp
okay actually let's just cancel the rest of norway's national final bc black flowers should hands down be the winning performance #nrkMGP
Frode giving the best performance until now. #NRKMGP
What if Norwgians actually send Frode? Lol #NRKMGP
What if Norwgian actually send Frode? Lol #NRKMGP
frode is SUCH a good vocalist #nrkmgp
And black flowers is good #nrkmgp
I still don't understand how Black Flowers got through. Like, it's fine, but it's not 2010. #NRKMGP #Eurovision
#nrkmgp Black Flowers is so catchy song
Sjolv om eg liker Black Flowers litt, blir eg distrahert av at trommane i starten er sa lik Katy Perrys I kissed a girl, og sa kjem Muses Uprising. Derfor nei fra meg #nrkmgp
Frode Vassel. Solid song, think he picked the performance up a notch for the audience! #nrkmgp
Frode's staging is a miss-match at times, but it's interesting #nrkmgp
Black Flowers will probably do better than expected #nrkmgp
Frode is so underrated #nrkmgp
[ Norway - #MGP2022 - #NRKMGP Finale] Frode est meilleur vocalement que lors de sa premiere demi-finale. J'aurais voulu qu'il change de mise en scene mais sinon c'est tres bien dans l'ensemble. #Eurovision | #ESC2022| #Norway
In my opinion this year's most underrated entry... Frode Vassel and Black Flowers! #nrkmgp
idc i just love frode #nrkmgp
I am vibing to Black Flowers, eurovision gods have mercy on me #nrkmgp
okay frode is SLAYING #nrkmgp
I like Black Flowers more than I should... #NRKmgp
Muse wish they had what Frode vassel has #nrkmgp
Bem legal a estrutura que colocaram no palco, mas "Black Flowers" nao tem muito futuro. Parece algo do Muse que veio pela Shopee... #nrkmgp #eurovision
Norway #NRKmgp Frode Vassel - 'Black Flowers' - SF1 qualifier - From backing singer with KEiiNO, JOWST and Rybak, to front man in his own right. Are your flowers blossoming or wilting for Frode tonight?
#Norway Norway Frode hagh vocals are singing at #nrkMGP. First qualified of Melodi at first semifinal!. #Eurovision #ESC2022 #TheSoundOfBeauty
lyrics are still not great but frode is !! he performs as if he's got a winner #mgp2022
I actually like Black Flowers. #nrkmgp
Malet mitt er a bli like ubrydd som sonnen til Frode Vassel #mgp2022
"Black Flowers" has solid lyrics and is how a song about the environment should be composed, nothing to do with eating salads #nrkmgp
might be voting for frode #nrkmgp
I'd sort of forgot about Frode, but I'm liking this performance a lot more now compared to the semi-final! #nrkmgp
Frode Vassel podria ser tambien candidato a la victoria #NRKMGP
Black Flowers is a real earworm #mgp2022
Frode er forste artist som synger rent i kveld! #nrkmgp
Black Floweeers #nrkmgp
Keep your black flowers in a cage. #MGP2022
No puedo con Frode. No entiendo que hace en la final #nrkmgp
ole Frode #nrkmgp
what was with the finnish flag shown after frode? #mgp2022
Black Flowers tiene su puntillo, pero el pack de Frodo con el casi gallito que suelta es un no. #nrkmgp
Skjonner ikke at Frode ikke gikk videre til gullfinalen #nrkmgp
El mejor hasta ahora, Frode. #nrkmgp
Lo infravalorado que esta Frode #NRKMGP
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