Anna-Lisa Kumoji

Status: Eliminated
Artist: Anna-Lisa Kumoji
Song: Queen Bees
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Final
Queen bees var amazing. Favoritten sa langt og stolt om de representerer oss. Kunne onske jeg var halvparten sa fab som backup danserne Love #nrkmgp #mgp2022
"Queen Bees" is all fun and catchy, but it's nowhere near as good as Anna-Lisa's previous entry "Holla"... #MGP2022 #nrkmgp
ANNA LISAS LIVE VOCALS FOR QUEEN BEES AND THE STAGING I LOVEEEEE I really want this to win even if ik it won't #mgp2022
"Queen Bees" would be better if it were in the same language as Bzikebi's incredible song "Bzz.." #mgp2022
[ Norway - #MGP2022 - #NRKMGP] Alors la c'est du spectacle ! La reine des abeilles Anna-Lisa Kumoji a regne sur scene pendant ses 3 minutes avec perfection ! Le public a adore ! #Eurovision | #ESC2022| #Norway
Anna-Lisa Kumoji and Subwoolfer are easily my top two favourites in Melodi Grand Prix. That said, Subwoolfer definitely has the biggest Eurovision factor. #nrkmgp #mgp2022
Anna-Lisa Kumoji. Fun little song and great performance. #nrkmgp
Queen Bees, such a fun song!! Love the vibes Love #nrkmgp
Anna-Lisa Kumoji up next in Norway. The Second Cherry boys were impressed with her previous entry. Does this stand a chance tonight though? Norway #NRKmgp
Queen Bees is such a fresh bop, getting slight cabaret vibes from the act, love it #MGP
Anna-Lisa Kumoji: Amazing artist! Nar blir det for alvor hennes tur?? #nrkmgp
Queen Bees so underrated, IT'S SO GOOOOOD!! #mgp2022
I'm still buzzing after Queen Bees that I zoned out on Farida #nrkmgp
Que buena ha estado la cancion de Anna-Lisa Kumoji #mgp2022
I unironically love "Queen Bees". She's just having the time of her life. #MGP2022 #NRKMGP
Queen Bees looks cute in any NF but that's it #nrkmgp
[ Norway - #MGP2022 - #NRKMGP Finale] Annika Momrak interroge Anna-Lisa Kumoji, puis Maria Mohn qui passera en 8eme position ce soir. De l'autre cote, Kare Magnus interviewe NorthKid decidemment bien populaire. #Eurovision | #ESC2022| #Norway
Queen bees esta bien, pero que tuviese un pase directo a la final... #nrkmgp
Norway FINAL Norway Top before live! Norway Death of us Norway Give that wolf a banana Fly 4- Queen bees 5- Black flowers 6- Hammer of Thor 7- Dangerous 8- Wonder of the world 9- Made of glass 10- Someone #MelodiGrandPrix #MGP2022 #MGP
Norway Cuanto me alegro de no haber visto el #MGP2022 hasta la final. Que competicion tan floja Este es mi Top 10 1. Subwoolfer 2. NorthKid 3. Elsie Bay 4. Farida 5. Oda Gondrosen 6. Christian Ingebrigtsen 7. Sofie Fjellvang 8. Frode Vassel 9. Maria Mohn 10. Anna-Lisa Kumoji
i love queen bees in an ironic way, but im still shocked this is an automatic qualifier like who thought this was one of the top 5 songs of the entire selection? #nrkmgp #mgp
Queen Bees always reminds me of my biology teacher from 7th grade because she was so obsessed with bees that we legit did nothing else than talk about bees for half a school year #nrkmgp
My top 10 after performances #mgp2022 : 1. Give That Wolf A Banana 2. Death of Us 3. Fly 4. Dangerous 5. Made of Glass 6. Hammer of Thor 7. Someone 8. Black Flowers 9. Queen Bees 10. Wonder of the World
Queen Bees : I think we have enough joke entries this year sorry #nrkmgp
Anna-Lisa Kumoji being the Queen Bee that she is! #nrkmgp
12: Maria Mohn - Fly 10: NorthKid - Someone 8: Elsie Bay - Death of Us 7: Christian Ingebrigtsen - Wonders of the World 6: Anna-Lisa Kumoji - Queen Bees 5: SubWoolfer - Give That Wolf a Banana 4: Sofie Fjellvang - Made of Glass 3: Frode Vassel 2: Oda Gondrosen 1: Farida #nrkmgp
Ze brengt Queen Bees bepaald indrukwekkend, maar of ze het uiteindelijk gaat redden tegen Give that Wolf a Banana is nog maar de vraag #MGP #MGP2022
Queen Bees podria gustarme pero la cancion es no me acaba de gustar #NRKMGP
I just can't stand queen bees #NRKMGP
Anna-Lisa Kumoji ready to serve her Queen Bees #nrkmgp
Queen Bees ist mein Guilty Pleasure im norwegischen Vorentscheid. Ich mag es voll und Anna-Lisa Kumoji hat einfach eine klasse Stimme. #nrkmgp
Omg Anna-Lisa Kumoji next, we're NOT ready #nrkmgp
Norway Next up is Anna-Lisa Kumoji who is bringing all the buzz along with her bees #nrkmgp This is her second entry in the contest. Which one do you prefer?
Pues lo tengo clarisimo. Elsie Bay Subwoolfer Maria Mohn 4. Oda Gondrosen 5. Farida 6. NorthKid 7. Christian Ingebrigtsen 8. Frode Vassel 9. Sofie Fjellvang 10. Anna-Lisa Kumoji #NRKMGP
Queen Bees roza o camp #nrkmgp
Topp 3: Subwoolfer, Farida & Anna-Lisa Kumoji #nrkmgp
Apart from Subwoolfer, Queen Bees really stands out in this recap #nrkmgp
what is this queen bees song doing here tho? #NRKMGP
Anna-Lisa Kumoji next with #MGP2022 #nrkmgp
Queen Bees is such a Norway song smh #nrkmgp
My rankings of tonight's performances 1) Elsie Bay 2) Sofie Fjellvang 3) Oda Gondrosen 4) Farida 5) Frode Vassel 6) Subwoolfer 7) Maria Mohn 8) Christian Ingebrigtsen 9) Northkid 10) Anna-Lisa Kumoji #MGP2022 #nrkmgp
QUEEN BEES #nrkmgp #mgp2022
Norway #NRKmgp Anna-Lisa Kumoji - 'Queen Bees' - auto-qualifier - Holla, Holla! Anna-Lisa Kumoji returns to MGP tonight after last appearing in 2019. Will she reign or will she get targeted by Beyonce's 'Bey Hive' for that song title?
Queen Bees a mi me gusta #nrkmgp
[ Norway - #MGP2022 - #NRKMGP] Finaliste du MGP 2019 avec Holla, @Annalisakumoji est de retour et va cette fois tenter de remporter la competition avec Queen Bees. #Eurovision | #ESC2022| #Norway
"Mi cancion se llama Queen Bees y mi actuacion se inspira... dejame que piense... exacto, en abejas! Mi mente es cosmica, galactica, CEREBROGALAXIA" #NRKMGP
La "Queen bees" mas vale que se hubiese quedado en la colmena. #mgp2022
[ Norway - #MGP2022 - #NRKMGP] Ce soir, 10 artistes s'affrontent lors de la finale : @OdaGordrosen, @NorthKidMusic, @Annalisakumoji, @musicbyfarida, Sofie Fjellvang, Frode Vassel, @a1christian, Maria Mohn, @Subwoolferband et @iamElsieBay ! #Eurovision | #ESC2022| #Norway
Anna-Lisa Kumoji is a stellar performer, and that's a fact! #mgp2022
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