Status: Winner
Artist: ---
Song: Ut av morket
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Final
Instagram: @tixmusic
Wow. Norway sure knows how to put on a good show, so many great songs tonight but pleased to see TIX heading to Rotterdam. Fallen Angel is beautiful, one of the best @NRKmgp shows in years, so many potential winners. #MGP
Congratulations Tix, what an amazing song, he is such a kind and loving soul, I am so chuffed for him. He will do amazing in Rotterdam! Great pick Norway Norway #nrkmgp
Congrats to Tix!! This year of MGP has created so so so so many of my new NF favorite songs! Enjoyed every single show super much! Thank you Norway and all your amazing artists! #NRKMGP
#Tix #FallenAngel well done in a hard fought contest between two great songs. Norway are HUNGRY. Good luck Norge. #MGP2021
Well, my favorite didn't win #nrkmgp, but that happens. It was a fantastic show even if the voting is nutso. Very curious what TIX will do with the staging for Rotterdam!
Congratulations Tix for winning #MGP2021! He won fair and square whether you like it or not
Well done Tix, a well earned win. Fantastic final from Norway #NRKMGP
If #Tix wins is also okay, at least his presentation is not generic. Sending something different is good, some show and having more fun on stage is needed. #NRKMGP
I would be cool with Tix winning. Good song and hes an impressive performer. Wish hed ditch the glasses and headband though #NRKMGP
I don't even want to entertain a scenario where Tix wins. It's just so cheap to me. Wouldn't do amazing at Eurovision I don't think. Pretty generic. #nrkmgp
yknow im not a huge tix fan but he seems so happy i cant help but feel like whoever wins it's fine #nrkmgp
Ut av morket is so damn good, was he to sing that one at Eurovision I'd be happy with both winning but fallen angel just now :/ #MGP2021
It seems quite obvious that TIX is going to win and I'm okay with this. Not the kind of song I really like but I can understand why he's successful #nrkmgp
okay i don't mind any of them winning but i really want tix to win #nrkmgp
Yeah anyway so out of all the amazing songs that Norway had.. Tix won.. not my type but congrats #nrkmgp #mgp2021
Whilst that may not be the result a lot of us Eurofans may have wanted, please remember to be respectful to TiX. It is love that brings us together as a community, not hate. #NRKMGP #MGP2021 -D
Tix was super amazing!! Can't deny that is love this song more and more with every listen #NRKMGP
Tix seems so nice so I feel bad for this... but it was one of the weakest songs in a strong melodi grand prix #nrkmgp
TIX Fallen Angel He is much younger than he looks and sounds. This is untypical for the artist. Solid handywork in a timeless fashion, but a pitfall close to dozens of dozens of adult contemporary radio pop vehicles, but he doesn't fall. Good show! #nrkmgp #Eurovision #MGP2021
Congratulations Tix, its a great song but it's better in Norwegian please sing Ut av Morket at ESC!!! #nrkmgp
Norway : The winner of #NRKMGP 2021 and the official representative of Norway for #ESC2021 is... TIX with 'Fallen Angel' Are you happy with the final result? #Eurovision
I hate that Tix is going to win this and he didn't even sing live properly. I'd respect him if he didn't cheat here but quite frankly this is a robbery. I hope Norway are smart enough to see through it. #NRKMGP #MGP2021
Whatever happens, I'm so proud of you TIX Love I'm in tears #nrkmgp
Norway #NRKMGP #Eurovision #ESC2021 TIX' performance stays mostly the same since the semi-final performance. Some small changes in the dancing of the backing dancers and some different camera shots. Overall a great performance and lots of applause flying in from the app
if tix wins it's not gonna be a good time for me #nrkmgp
Song number 7 is the English translated version of "Ut av morket" which has been at the top of Norwegian streaming charts since its debut 5 weeks ago! Could he win tonight? It's TiX with the English version - "Fallen Angel" #NRKMGP #MGP2021 -D (Image Credit: NRK)
On the other side my other baby just finished performing! I'm still rooting for TIX! It's was soo good! His song makes me so emotional. #nrkmgp
#NRKMGP My gut feeling was right then .... well, good luck, TIX!
i might be the only non-norwegian who's really happy about tix winning oop #nrkmgp
#MGP2021 LET'S GO TIX!!!! I have nothing against the Aliexpress version of Aqua but they already had their chance in 2019, with a better song. They should be proud of their result and let someone else have some glory.
Very happy with either of these but I would enjoy the fury of Tix winning more #nrkmgp
Well done Tix! Very happy with the result. #nrkmgp
Norway if Tix wins this you give up all rights to being good judges of musical character forever. I'm sorry I don't make the rules. #MelodiGrandPrix
both tix and blind channel were amazing the way im winning #nrkmgp
i am kind of prepared for Tix to win #NRKMGP
The last 7 #MGP final duels have all been won by the person who performed second. Statistically speaking, TIX should be the winner of #MGP2021
Best of luck, TIX! #MGP2021 #nrkmgp
TIX please change ur mind and sing in norwegian please bestie Love #nrkmgp
Norway Norway: TIX wins Melodi Grand Prix 2021 #nrkmgp #ESC2021 #OpenUp
pls it would be hilarious if tix actually won this #nrkmgp
Melodi Grand Prix: Grand Final Gold Duel results. And the winner is.... TIX #NRKMGP #Norway Norway #Eurovision
I can't believe TIX has translated the song thinking it would do better at ESC. Which also implies he thinks he's winning. #NRKMGP
Tix is a radio friendly song but I can't see it as a winning song #nrkmgp
TIX still amazing, but Norwegian version is much better Norway #MGP2021 #Eurovision2021 #ESC2021
Hopefully Tix wins and gets a chance #nrkmgp
I love it, great vocals from Tix #nrkmgp
Tix's song works way better in Norwegian but dare I say it's kind of... sweet? #nrkmgp
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