Status: Eliminated
Artist: ---
Song: Barndomsgater
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Final
Norway Stavangerkameratene's folk-inspired song is a nice change of pace from two very high-energy entries, and while the lyrics have changed, their earnestness and beautiful harmonies are just as good. #NRKMGP
#WhoIAm isn't offensive at all. Pleasant to listen to but somehow feels dated for me. #Stavangerkameratene have stunning voices. #MGP2021
Haven't seen enough love here for Who I Am and I just wanna gush about how touching and beautiful this song is Norway Love #MGP2021
Stavangerkameratene Kemmeeggeeee-kemmeeggeeee-kemmeeggeeee-Kemmeeggeeee (english version: Who I Am) "Assappoyaluckthuppathuskey"? Believe me: it sounds great in Norwegian, in their beautiful dialect, but distinctly NOT-eurovision. 2 points from Eire #nrkmgp #MGP2021 #Eurovision
Stavangerkameratene doing their best Ed Sheeran impression good for them #nrkmgp
Who i am!!!! I love this to absolute bits! And i have seen a rubber duck!! The best comibination ever! #nrkmgp
Won't trouble the top of the scoreboard but I'm really enjoying who I am #nrkmgp
Who I Am is a very happy song, I'm enjoying this so much #nrkmgp
Who I Am sounds a lot better than I thought it would Nice job #nrkmgp
Wish they kept it In Norwegian, but still love Who I Am #nrkmgp
I absolutely love Barndomsgater and much prefer it in Norwegian, but I can tolerate the version in English I guess #NRKMGP #MGP2021
Barndomsgater way prefer it in Norwegian.. still great song though! #NRKMGP
Who I Am was okay. I enjoy the warm feel of the chorus. I find they tried too hard with the pyros to make themselves stand out #nrkmgp
I love Who I am. #nrkmgp
I actually like Stavangerkameratene better in Norwegian. #nrkmgp
Who I Am is nice but was probably better in Norwegian. Shame... #NRKmgp
It's who I am, who I am AAAA SO MANY GOOD SONGS #nrkmgp
Song number 3: Stavangerkameratene " Who I am " - better lyrics in the norwegian version... #nrkmgp #nrkmgp2021
Who I am grew on me their song is such a cute song #nrkmgp
I think I preferred the Norwegian version of "Who I Am" but this is still enjoyable #nrkmgp
After debuting their song in Semi Final 2, they decided to translate it into English. The four friends from Stavanger have each either participatedn Norway's Idol, The Voice or X Factor. Performing Who I Am, this is Stavangerkameratene. #NRKMGP Norway
I really enjoyed Stavangerkameratene, English edition #nrkmgp
Would be fun to send Stavangerkameratene just to hear the commentators struggle to pronounce their name #nrkmgp
A much improved performance from Stavangerkameratene with their song in English. Not sure it'll be enough though.... #nrkmgp ~ Dale
The switch to English for Stavangerkameratene is helpful (think Malta 2014), but the tempo feels like it's been artificially slowed down. It just lacks energy. #nrkmgp
ugh I fucking love Stavangerkameratene so much - honestly everyone is sleeping on them and I wouldn't be surprised if they go left hand side xx #MGP2021
Devastated that Stavangerkameratene didn't qualify but I sorta saw it coming, so proud of them though Love #NRKMGP
who i am is next fucking level omg i actually prefer the english?? #MGP2021
Who I am ? Nah I prefer Barndomsgater #nrkmgp
Not me crying during the performance of Who I Am really missing my home sometimes #MGP2021
Stavangerkameratene. Hmm, language change. Haven't compared to the original but it definitely has a different feel. #nrkmgp
Stavangerkameratene have really grown on me! #nrkmgp
IT'S WHO I AM WHO I AM Norway #nrkmgp
#UMK21 #NRKMGP Oh Who I Am was ok i guess
Who I Am = me aburre #nrkmgp
Ohhhhhh now it's my song ! "Who I am" #nrkmgp
Hm, who i am was just basic #MGP2021
Norway Our third act tonight is our first translated song of the evening. Stavangerkameratene performed Barndomsgater in their first go, but have translated this to Who I Am for the final. #NRKMGP
Westlife after rehab #mgp #stavangerkameratene
Up third are Stavangerkameratene (Stavanger Comrades) performing for the first time the English version of their song - "Who I Am"! #NRKMGP #MGP2021 -D
I really didnt mind Stavangerkameratene, who coulda thunk it #nrkmgp
This violin thing is weird, but otherwise: fan of Stavangerkameratene, even if they do have a stupidly long name. #nrkmgp
Not keen on who I am. More violin please #nrkmgp
Norway #NRKMGP #Eurovision #ESC2021 Stavangerkameratene are next on stage performing the English version of their entry tonight called "Who I Am".
I swear I heard this Stavangerkameratene on the Late Late Show the year Jedward first represented Ireland. #nrkmgp
Stavangerkameratene honestly would be a WINNNIG entry in DMGP - it is the exact brand of beige that the Danes would be wet for #MGP2021
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