Status: Eliminated
Artist: ---
Song: My Lonely Voice
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Final
My Lonely Voice is such a beautuful song!! So amazingly nice voice and wow!! Loved it to bits!! #NRKMGP
Kiim's song isn't a favourite of mine, I do reckon I'd eventually fall in love with it though. His voice is fucking silk. Gorgeous vocals. He seems so likeable too #NRKMGP
Kiim's vocals are stunning, but I wish I get into the song more (and yes, this was my winner from heat 4) #nrkmgp
Kiim's voice is really stunning. Like, really incredible #nrkmgp
Had the pleasure of collaborating with Kiim in Aalesund Opera choir's Disney show. He's a fabulous, versatile singer. Here as Alladin: #nrkmgp
My Lonely Voice is beautiful, and that staging is stunning tbh this could be a dark horse! #MGP2021
Kiim serves! Don't need of a stringe cage. But he is perfect! another winner of #nrkmgp however it ends
Keiinois 100% winning but I'm still in love with kiim and his voice #MGP2021
KIIM's got the most beautiful voice of the bunch tonight. Goosebumps. #NRKMGP
That Kiim got his start as a country singer on Idols is maybe my favorite glow up of this national final season. We stan finding your queerness. #nrkmgp
My Lonely Voice is a ballad that I can really appreciate. God it's beautiful #MGP2021
Kiim is one of my winners, he's really underrated. #NRKMGP
Norway #NRKMGP #Eurovision #ESC2021 KiiM is delivering! WHAT! A! PERFORMANCE! The applause from the website is just flying in like crazy and he really stepped it up from the semi-final, which was already amazing!
After making the Semi Finals of Idol 2007 and winning Semi Final 4, our next artist, who is from Notodden, is keen to represent Norway at this year's Eurovision. This is Kiim with My Lonely Voice. #NRKMGP Norway
That note was incredible from KiiM #nrkmgp
As much as the datedness of My Lonely Voice hurts me - the performance, vocal and passion from Kiim really sells it for me. Loved it. #MGP2021
Kiim's vocals are amazing #nrkmgp
Just wanted to say that Kiim's performance was amazing #MGP2021
the more i listen to KIIM the more his song reminds me of Arcade but, like, in a good way #nrkmgp
Kiim being amazing as always #nrkmgp
Kiim makes his song bigger than it is. He brings so much emotion to the performance. Sounding terrific #nrkmgp
No doubt that Kiim can sing, but I'm not in love with the song. #NRKMGP
Kiim you are amazing #nrkmgp
KIIM PLAUSIBLE - best sign of any NF tonight #NRKMGP
KIIM now!! I'M INLOVE WITH THIS SONG Norway Love Love Love #nrkmgp
One word for KIIM: Goosebumps! #nrkmgp
Great performance from KIIM again and those balloon things were coming! Not without a shot! #nrkmgp
Kiim is another song I think it's cool but not enough for qualifying in the actual Eurovision #MGP2021
Oh KIIM your voice Love #nrkmgp
Omg Kiim is quite good, he slayed #MGP2021
Whether you like the song or not. You can't deny that Kiim has a LOVELY voice. Simply to die for! #NRKmgp
KiiM was the best so far, easily #NRKMGP
I love my lonely voice. #NrkMgp
KIIM makes me speechless #nrkmgp
Kiim is perfect vocally but his song... #nrkmgp
Ah Kiim's voice is just Love #MGP2021
My lonely voice is really good, for me this is the dark horse #nrkmgp
KIIM Possible have a nice voice. #nrkmgp
Kiim has such a gorgeous voice #NRKMGP
Oh my kiim Love #nrkmgp
I have complete chills. That was gorgeous from Kiim. #nrkmgp
This KiiM has the best vocal so far #MGP
Kiim has such a great voice but this song doesn't do it for me #MGP2021
now kiim. i love his song and his voice! #nrkmgp #mgp2021
Kiim was so good !! #NrkMgp
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