Victor Crone

Status: Eliminated
Artist: Victor Crone
Song: Diamonds
Started: Heat 1
Finished: Semi-Final
#Melfest 'Diamonds' by Victor Crone Always great seeing Victor 😉 I'd be happy seeing him and this upbeat song in the final
Victor Crone giving his best with 'Diamonds' - it's a nice pop song just needs something extra to shine more brighter (please dont @ me) ~ Kyriakos #melfest #melfest2023
no matter what happens I've had such a fun time supporting Victor again this year and I am so proud of him. I've loved seeing him perform this year & can't wait for what's next! #Melfest
I love Victors song, I love his voice so so much and I really hope he qualifies 🥰 #Melfest
Sweden #Melfest Next up is Victor Crone! "Diamonds" is the perfect pop tune and the performance already was great in the heat so not many changes. So far he made it to the final once in 2020 and to the second chance in 2015. Lets see where he is heading tonight #Eurovision #ESC2023
Okay... I was just smiling during the whole Victor Crone's performance. The song is so lovely 😊 #Melfest
Victor sounding great. Brilliant camera script. #Melfest
Victor staging package and song is slick -- but as the song went on the vocal really started to struggle (especially in his higher register) -- I expect this STILL goes through b/c of his star power, but if he is going to WIN the whole thing he's going to need to improve #Melfest
victor i love him 💙 #melfest
Victor did well, the song is nice and he is good looking #Melfest
I'm sorry… This song that Victor has entered is so bland. The only redeemable quality is his amazing looking! Haha 😆 #SorryNotSorry #Melfest #Eurovision
Victor Crone is bae though. Has been since melfest 2015 ❤️🤤 #Melfest
I like victor's song but it's too basic to win #Melfest
Victor's performance was better than in the heat, I'm so happy #melfest
Victor Crone sends radio friendly songs that just hardly ever work for me. Second listen, just doesn't grow, sits right there. Which means it'll probably qualify #melfest
Victor Crone sounds like me when I think I sings good #melfest
Nu koer vi! Sweden 💚 (Victor Crone to the final please!!) #Melfest
Victor's best ESC offering ever, there I said it! #Melfest
Being honest Victor is looking very nice tonight #melfest
victor crone's song feels like if someone made a yt video called something like "Easy Beginners Tutorial (2023): Make an avicii style song" and then he copied the tutorial and submitted it #Melfest
I vart fall en catchy refrang fran Victor Crone kan absolut na final i #Melfest men det blir absolut inte en ny resa till #Eurovision #mello
Victor Krone. Almost felt like a faster song tonight. Really wish he did more with the stage but respect the performance. He's on the bubble to get in imo… . #Melfest
I hope Victor will qualify #melfest
VICTOR CRONE!!! 💚 Sweden #Melfest
I love you Victor Crone #melfest
Victor Crone har en underbar lat 🥰 Men tror inte han gar vidare tyvarr #Melfest #Melodifestivalen2023
Pues que buena final se ha quedado, solo faltan Victor y Wiktoria😢 #melfest
Sweden 3. DIAMONDS #Melfest 🧡 ¡Melodi nummer tre! Victor Crone se juega el pase a la final con una actuacion muy sencilla y dinamica, similar a su Troubled Waters (2020). 👀 Tras conseguir el mayor numero de 12 de todos los semifinalistas, ¿le veremos de nuevo sobre el Friends?
victor crone's dedication to always release the most basic song you've ever heard amazes me #melfest
God… Victor Crone is still THAT ESC crush 😍😍😍 #melfest
"Diamonds" esta bien, pero es que la puesta en escena es la nada mas absoluta, la verdad #melfest
Victor relies so heavily on the backing track... #Melfest
La nada que es la cancion de Victor? Es que no puede haber cosa mas basica por favor #melfest
Hay un poco de voz de Victor Crone en los coros pregrabados 😂😂😂😂 #melfest
Victor 🥺😭Pues este ano no ha podido ser pero igualmente feliz por los finalistas!! 😇 #Melfest
Pero Victor Crone canta algo o nomes te espasmes sobre l'escenari? Diria que practicament tota la canco la canten els coristes... 🥲 #Melfest #Melodifestivalen
Victor cantar ha cantado poquito pero tbh me ha acabado gustando bastante su cancion y aunque la puesta en escena sea super simple, la verdad que tambien me parece como super limpia. En plan es minimalismo (=1 dolar) pero bien hecho. #melfest
I'm refusing to let my mum watch #melfest ever again she's slating every single song so far apart from diamonds 😂☠️
I actually like Victor and his music made for stay-at-home-moms but this song just doesn't work for me. It's too phoned in even for his standards. Also where is the staging #melfest
Sweden, vote for Victor Crone, I need more meme material #melfest
Does Victor Crone call his fans "croneys"? ... does Victor Crone have fans? #Melfest
i feel like victor is too hot for sweden not to vote him into the final. like the song literally doesn't matter rn #melfest
I really like Diamonds, Victor Crone's music works for me #melfest
Bidrag nummer 3 i semifinalen heter ”Diamonds” och framfoers av Victor Crone! #melfest via @24liveblog
Victor next!! #melfest
Victor Crone could get it 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ #Melfest
Minns verkligen inte alla hur Victor Crones sang later??? #Melfest
Between Victor Crone and… this, #melfest going all in on being the American Song Contest of Sweden.
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