Tone Sekelius

Status: Eliminated
Artist: Tone Sekelius
Song: Rhythm Of My Show
Started: Heat 1
Finished: Live Final
Rhythm Of My Show is soo good, and much better than her song last year, I love itπŸ₯° #Melfest
Tone is beautiful I love her 😍 #melfest
YESSSS TONE WAS SO MUCH BETTER THAN AT THE SEMI!!! she slayed it's so great to see her living the pop girl life πŸ’– #melfest
I'm glad Tone got such a good result last year, hope that makes last place this year easier to take #Melfest
Tone Sekelius is so beautiful and so cute! I love her song as well! #Melodifestivalen
I LOVE Tone Sekelius! And I want her to win Melodifestivalen one year! #Melfest
Yay Tone! She totally won me over in last year's final. I don't really stream her songs but I love seeing her perform. #MelFest
Muy buena Tone, ojala vuelva algun ano para ganar. Y bueno, 'The Rythm Of My Show' bien quemada la tengo ya en spoty #Melfest
yeess tone queen that was amazing ❀️ #melfest
Love Tone's strong stage presence and catchy track #Melfest
i love tone so much, pls let her have a super strong and interesting song for once, i need to see her representing sweden in eurovision in my lifetime😭 #melfest
Happy #Melfest Final! Today, we are all like Tone ❀️
Tone Sekelius is a legend in the making! she performs with sass and flavour "Rhythm of my Show" is utterly fabulous #Melfest
Tone Sekelius "Rhythm of My Show" would be a wonderful addition to the soundtrack of Love Island #Melfest #Melfestworld
Tone's doing her damn best to elevate the song, bless her #Melfest
Give Tone Sekelius a better song next year,please. (this one is fine. But Tone deserves better than fine,) #Melfest
Lo bien que lo ha hecho Tone por favor, es brutal, si va prometo poner a Suecia primera πŸ₯ΉπŸ’™ #Melfest #melfest2023
Any Swedes following me please vote for them and Tone I beg of you πŸ”₯β€οΈπŸ™πŸ»πŸ₯Ί #Melfest
expected more choreo from tone (probably bc of the STRONG kpop vibes) but she sounded good and was v charismatic #Melfest
i love tone but i just wish she didn't have to sing a song with this kind of message in such a #melfest way
Toneeeee I love you ❀️ It's the rhythm of my show 🎼 #Melodifestivalen
tone sekelius is so fabulous and we should aspire to be like her #melodifestivalen
Tone is such a trailblazer for her community! Glad she's returned! πŸ’š #Melfest
I just love Tone Selekius, this is great! #melfest2023
TONE QUEEN!!! THAT WAS INCREDIBLE!!! #Melodifestivalen #Sweden #Eurovision
Tone Sekelius with 'Rhythm of My Show' πŸ”₯ a poignant message, powerful performance and an absolute tune. Another special performance from Tone Sekelius πŸ’ƒ#Melfest
Lo bien que lo ha hecho Tone y lo mucho que la quieroπŸ₯ΊπŸ’› #melfest
Tone Sekelius could run me over in her car and I'd thank her! I adore her with every fibre of my being #Melodifestivalen
Melfest give Tone a winner worthy song challenge #melfest
So happy to see growth of Tone Sekelius from Melfest 22 to Melfest 23. #melfest2023 #Melodifestivalen
Recordando como Tone puso a todo el Friends Arena en pie el ano pasado. 😍 #Melfest
Tone Sekelius, like the QUEEN she is, owning the stage!! 😍 #Melfest
love Tone, but she deserves a stronger song #mello #melfest
Que bien Tone 😍😍😍😍 #Melodifestivalen
Tone te amooooo, poderosa, encantadora, eres increible #Melfest πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’— my body, my body, feeling like I am a Van Gogh
Tone absolutely nailed that. Will be my winner tonight no matter what happens. #Melfest #Melfestworld
I love Tone! I love her! I want her at #Eurovision one year … maybe not this year πŸ‘€ #Melfest
Fabulous lady approaching, heeeeere's Tone Sekelius! #Melfest
Tone!! Slay king!! He's great #melfest
tone sekelius is so beautiful 😭😭🫢🏻🫢🏻 #Melfest
Tone please know that we love you so much #melfest2023
Tone my dear My Way was so much better πŸ’” #Melfest
Tone is such an icon for the LGBTQ+ community, love her so much! #Melfest
Tone is so incredibly pretty OMG 😍 #melfest2023 #Melfest
Tone's song sounds dated, but it's a banger and it's a better song than the song she had last year. #melfest #melfest2023 #escSE
God Tone is serving. Stunning stunning stunning #melfest
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