Status: Eliminated
Artist: Theoz
Song: Mer Av Dig
Started: Heat 1
Finished: Live Final
#Melodifestivalen What a sweet kid, #Theoz. Flawless performance, too! Hope he wins someday 🀞
Theoz is terribly charming and has a great confidence. Catchy song. One of my favourites this year. #melfest
Theoz radiates positive energy, I love the vibe of his (SWEDISH!) song! And he is so fucking beautiful. #Melfest #Melodifestivalen
Theoz bringing the Swedish banger of the Final is awesome, such a great performer Sweden #melfest2023
Tine for THEOZ! Surprisngly somewhat had to advance through the second chance semi final last week, but his fun Swedish pop bop will certainly get Friends Arena grooving and moving #Melfest
Theoz can't do no wrong. He brings exactly the upbeat happy moment every #melfest finale brings. It always makes me wanna dance when he's on stage cos he's so infectious energy-wise. But not sure it would stand out in Liverpool.
Theoz you are great, this is such a bop 🀩πŸ₯³ #Melfest
Mer av dig - feel good brilliance #Melfest #Melodifestivalen #Mello #Eurovision #EurovisionQueens
Theoz is so sweet, I love his song😭❀️ #Melodifestivalen
Theoz bringing so much fun onto this stage we love to see it #Melfest
Theoz is so fun i love him #melfest
Theoz is just the most fun. I love every little bit of this. #Melfest #Melodifestivalen #Eurovision
β€œMer av dig” is suuuuch a fun nonchalant song. I love it. Love it!!! #melfest
Que voy a decir ya a estas alturas de Theoz si cada vez que se presenta se trae toda la energia positiva con el!! 😍😍 (Also, quiero ser su bestie! πŸ˜‡) #Melfest
What a catchy number!!! Theoz coming for the top 2 tonight! And that whistle hook, love it!!! #melfest
Such a happy performance! Well done Theoz! #melfest
First: This opening shoot is amazing!!! Second: I think I'm in love with THEOZ #melfest2023 #Melfest
So so good! Theoz such a great performer #melfest2023
theoz you're a king and the song is good too but i KNOW you're worth more than it #melfest
I love Theoz's upbeat poppy performance. The staging is such a party πŸŽ‡ #Melfest
This tune from Theoz is so fun and cute, very feel-good and summer-y #Melfest
Theoz is so polished and the song is fun. #Melodifestivalen
Okay so a 21 point lead isn't that safe… I think M&M or Theoz will win the televote so… πŸ’€πŸ’€ #MelFest
Got to love a key change in a 2.44 song #Theoz Mer av dig #Melfest great song
Prefer Theoz song from last year but this performance is fun! #Melfest
Theoz always provides fun energy with his songs #Melfest
βœ… Sweden Bueno pues Theoz en su linea, muy bien. Tambien que sea guapete pues hace mucho. #Melfest
I'm not the demographic for Theoz but I like his little songs. They are just so much fun, I like him. #melfest
Theoz has to win soon Sweden as a country has to come together and agree to make it happen #Melfest
Aunque su propuesta anterior me gustaba mas, esta es buenisima tambien πŸ™Œ Theoz es de esos que da felicidad saber que regresan πŸ’• #Melfest
I LOVE Mer Av Dig and I hope it comes top 5 #Melfest
Come on Theoz πŸ₯° #melfest
The world needs feelgood bops like Melodifestivalen Winner Theoz! What a bop. #melfest
Mer av dig is such a bop and it makes me so happy every time I listen to it (which has been a lot! πŸ˜…) #melfest
Theoz nailed his performance, very energetic πŸ₯³ #Melfest
Theoz was amazing ! #melfest
Theoz won't win Melfest tonight. But Twink Of The Year is guaranteed. #mello #melfest
I've had mer av dig in my head ALL DAY Theoz is surely a future winner #melfest
Theoz's song is like comfort food, you can't help but feel good after listening to it. #Melfest
Theoz! Had a smile on my face throughout the whole performance πŸ€— #Melfest
Bravo Theoz! Dos anos seguidos enganchado a sus dos canciones en el #Melfest #Melodifestivalen
mer av dig is pop perfection #Melfest
Theoz making finalen back-to-back as a teenager is quite remarkable and his stage presence is decent too #Melfest
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