Tennessee Tears

Status: Eliminated
Artist: Tennessee Tears
Song: Now I Know
Started: Heat 1
Finished: Semi-Final
Sweden #Melfest Up for some country? Tennesse Tears are next with "Now I know"! If you love country pop like I do this is for you! We get a pyro curtain and lots of energy. This very good. Love it! Wanna clap along the whole time 🥳 #Eurovision #ESC2023
If Tennessee Tears were competing in the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, they would've win with ease #Melfest
OK Tennessee Tears with 'Now I Know' has grown on me, they are great with the crowd and can't hurt to have country in the #Melfest Final #melfest2023 ~ Kyriakos
I absolutely love that! Tennessee Tears are solid performers and light up an atmosphere. #Melfest
Tennessee Tears bring such a fun vibe, I really hope they do well #Melfest
I'm gonna say it again -- Tennessee Tears NEED to come to United States with this song -- they would be absolute INSTANT stars in country here -- her vocal is def. BETTER than it was in their heat and I think this EASILY goes to the final #Melfest
Ngl but I love 'Now I Know'. I hope it goes to the final. #Melodifestivalen
#Melfest 'Now I Know' Tennessee Tears Wow... amazing performance!
Tennessee Tears. I still find it weird to hear country in the competition, but they do such a good job with this number. Hoping it goes through… #Melfest
Tennessee Tears me recuerda tanto al rollo de "Lady Antebellum" y "The Common Linnets", que me flipa 🥰. No me importa que pasasen a la final #Melfest
Muy buena las lagrimas de Tennessee #Melfest
Sweden 4. NOW I KNOW #Melfest 🧡 ¡Melodi nummer fyra! Los Tennessee Tears llegan con su country desde el lejano Oeste a la gelida Oevik tras pasar contra todo pronostico el corte de la subcompetencia. 👀 ¿Volveran a contar con el apoyo de los grupos de edad mas mayores?
Tennessee Tears are REALLY good! That's it! That's the tweet. #Melfest
#Melfest Coming out as a Now I Know by Tennessee Tears stan
I actually love Tennessee Tears, ngl. #Melfest Sweden
Nu har jag roestat pa Tennessee tears. 😊 #tennesseetears #mello #melfest #melodifestivalen #Melodifestivalen2023
Tennessee Tears actually the first interesting act of the #melfest semi final ngl
I like Tennessee Tears. #Melfest #Melodifestivalen2023
Tennessee Tears, like Naviband but more yeehaw #melfest
Sweden, please send Tennessee Tears through tonight. They deserve it so much #Melfest
Older people vote for Tennessee Tears or else #melfest
So sad about Tennessee Tears 😭 but still very happy with those results!! 🎉 #Melfest
I really hope Tennessee Tears will qualify even if I'm hopeless #melfest
The Tennessee Tears guy looks like David Tenant to me #Melfest
Tennessee Tears wannabe Smith & Tell. #Melfest @svt
A mi Now I know me encanta pero no creo que los suecos me los pasen 😭 #Melfest
Tennessee Tears ar ocksa bra. Det blir svart ikvall. #Melfest #Melodifestivalen2023
Gillade inte Now I Know foerst, men efter jag har lyssnat pa den fler ganger sa har den verkligen vaxt pa mig. Dock sa tror jag inte att den gar vidare (tyvarr). #melfest #melodifestivalen
I need Tennessee Tears at the final pls #Melfest
Tennessee Tears ar lika intressanta som navelludd pa frukostflingor #mello #melfest #melodifestivalen
Tennessee Tears kind of hitting for absolutely no reason that I can explain #melfest
La variedad que ofrecen Tennessee Tears es muy necesaria en la final, la verdad #Melfest
Tennessee Tears far prata med Farah Abadi efter deras framtradande #melfest via @24liveblog
Tennessee Tears los mejores de hoy #Melfest
Tennessee Tears finalistas opino #Melfest
Quiero que los Tennessee tears pasen a la final #melfest
El cor de #TennesseeTears si que es per posar-se a plorar... 😭😭😭 #Melfest #Melodifestivalen
Vill gilla Tennessee Tears men de haller inte hela vagen tyvarr. #melfest #mello
Da har det blivit dags foer Tennessee Tears med bidrag nummer 4: ”Now I Know” #melfest via @24liveblog
Ufff ahora Tennessee Tears, su cancion es el rollo country q me encanta, los quiero en la final si o si #Melfest
Cowboy/Cowgirl hats on kids! Tennessee Tears are up next #Melfest
kan inte komma pa vilken avicii-lat som ”now i know” paminner om men nog ar det likt #Melfest
Mas vale que los suecos me lleven a los Tennessee Tears a la final. #Melfest
«DaH jISov» = "Nu vet jag" = #NowIKnow «qongmeSpu' chaH'a'?» = "Ar de syskon?" #melfest #TennesseeTears
Tennessee Tears ar det danskaste danska som nansin danskat. #melfest
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