Smash Into Pieces

Status: Eliminated
Artist: Smash Into Pieces
Song: Six Feet Under
Started: Heat 1
Finished: Live Final
#Melfest Smash Into Pieces: THIS IS SO GOOD. This is melfest rock perfection without compromising their sound. And the song is fantastic Come back soon and win the whole thing. I need them to podium now.
I just hope Smash Into Pieces make the Top 3 tonight, the staging and performance are incredible, the vocals are on point and the song is a Rock banger - it was also a success in terms of streams Sweden We need Sweden to send them in the future #Melfest
Ok semi want Smash Into Pieces to win because I saw them once in Baltimore and they were really good 😅 #Melfest
after a long time, a final with great songs... smash into pieces was really awesome🤩 #Melodifestivalen
after a long time, a final with great songs... #SmashIntoPieces was really awesome🤩 #Melodifestivalen
SMASH INTO PIECES SUPREMACY one of the best bands they deserve all the success they already have and more they made me love the rock genre #Melfest
swedish juries could u please rig it for smash into pieces to win thank you<3 #melfest
Smash into pieces elevated tonight. They have winner potential. #Melfest
Smash Into Pieces YESSSSS some good points for them!! Not enough to win for sure but still very good imo! #Melfest
so happy Smash Into Pieces are doing well in Sweden, Six Feet Under is an absolute banger & I hope it encourages more rock acts to put themselves forward #Melfest
These are my winners!!! Giving love from United Kingdom . #SmashIntoPieces #SixFeetUnder #Melfest #Melodifestivalen @SVTmelfest
LITERALLY MY FAVS TONIGHT ! i would love to see sweden sending rock in liverpool and smash into pieces could be a excellent option ! #Melodifestivalen #melodifestivalen2023
Ok Smash Into Pieces were fabulous! In any other year they'd have won with that performance #melfest
six feet under is awesome, i love the staging #Melfest
Really love smash into pieces! I hope they get a good result #melfest2023
Smash Into Pieces have one of the best stagings this year for sure. It looks so awesome #Melfest
Oh, I absolutely loved Smash Into Pieces! That's my kind of music 🤘😅 #Melfest
Smash Into Pieces were fantastic. Great staging and change in tempo #Melfest
Smash into Pieces getting the highest televote possible and surprise winning tonight I would love to see it #Melfest
#Melfest #Melodifestivalen que bueno que esta el guitarrista de Smash into pieces por dios 😍😍
Smash Into Pieces are good and have a catchy song but I'm constantly surprised at what passes as heavy at the ESC #melfest
Grabe yon, Smash into Pieces. Best staging. That performance blew me away 😮 #Melodifestivalen #Melfest
Oh I love Six Feet Under!!!❤️ #Melodifestivalen
Six Feet Under has such a great chorus! I actually adore this entry and would be a great 2nd place. #Melfest
Smash into Pieces' visual performance was even better than I remembered, brilliant and theatrical! "Six Feet Under" sparks that mass cross appeal #Melfest
#Melfest I see many on my TL rooting for Six Feet Under. Well, as a rocker, I feel like I have my good fellows going the right way.
Smash Into Pieces and "Six Feet Under" is an awesome rock song. It reminds me of the glory days of the 2000s with Linkin Park and Evanescence #Melfest #Melfestworld
Smash Into Pieces win PLEASE #Melfest
Six Feet Under is such a banger I love it #Melfest
Smash Into Pieces are going to be the runners up tonight. This is a sensational 3 minutes. #Melfest
Buen gusto y criterio con los votos, @evamora_tve! Puestos a que desde Espanita no podemos votar, me ha hecho ilusion que dieras los merecidos diez puntos a Smash Into Pieces! ❤️ #Melfest #Melodifestivalen
Smash into Pieces in #Melfest is like Megara in Benidorm Fest they're both rock acts who are massively underrated in their respective national finals & should have fought to represent other countries in #Eurovision this year instead 😅
I love Six Feet Under ! One of my fav song of the season ! #melfest
Great entertainment. Love from Germany. I keep my fingers crossed for Smash into pieces. #Melodifestivalen - Niklas
SMASH INTO PIECES TIME ♥️🥹 #Melodifestivalen #Melodifestivalen2023
Yo es que lo doy todo con Smash Into Pieces y me encantaria que ganaran la verdad!!! 😎😍 #Melfest
smash into pieces are fucking amazing #melfest2023
Amazing, Smash Into Pieces! #Melfest #Melodifestivalen
I WANT SMASH INTO PIECES TO WIN THERE I SAID IT Also SO TIRED of eurofans saying “we have so many rock bands this year already” like rock isn't the most diverse music genre of all, we don't have anything like six feet under this year come on 😭😭 #melfest2023
Smash into pieces top 3! ❤️#Melfest
Let's gooo Smash into Pieces 😃 My fave! #melfest
Smash Into Pieces my winner 🤘🤘 #melfest
Smash Into Pieces would be amazing in Liverpool #Melfest
Down under gives points to six feet under 🤣🤣 Sweden 👍 #melfest
Of the bookies 'favs', Smash Into Pieces is my fav #Melfest
Smash into Pieces will give us a surprise win tonight you heard it here first #Melfest
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