Paul Rey

Status: Eliminated
Artist: Paul Rey
Song: Royals
Started: Heat 1
Finished: Live Final
"Royals" is a banger and bloody good song! I won't hear otherwise! Paul Rey is a great performer and seems like a really nice guy too #Melfest
look idrc if the last two entries of this final are basic, they're so HAPPY sounding TO ME and I love myself the type of happy music that makes me feel alive (and that's precisely why Paul Rey is lowkey my winner of this final) #Melodifestivalen
#Melfest #Melodifestivalen2023 Song 12: Paul Rey - "Royals" Shades of 2015 #eurovision winner "Heroes" here although the singer comes across as an apprentice dressing up to do karaoke. Good chorus, strong staging, but not much else to it as a song. 7/10
Closing out #Melfest 2023 - Paul Rey with 'Royals'. A nice little way to wrap up the evening - inoffensive pop that can appeal to any age group. Good movement, anthemic and a fabulous way for Paul to show a different side of his vocals to the public.
This is easily Paul Rey's best attempt by far, glad it qualified straight to the final #Melfest
I was a fan of Paul Rey at his past #Melfest appearances. Royals is not bad but I think I prefer his slower/romantic songs more
I love the energy on stage and the staging is visually appealing, though Royals as a song doesn't do a whole lot for me. #Melfest
Paul Rey has really a good show ending song. It sounds like a Coca Cola song but it's a pretty nice one. #Melfest
Royals is a nice song, but I prefer Paul Rey in his ballads😁 #Melodifestivalen
outing myself as royals stan- it's just so good😭 #melfest
I love Paul's song also the staging was quite nice #Melfest
Paul Rey, the song is great but the staging seemed messy… didn't impress me but overall a fun ending 🀩 #Melfest
Paul lo dio todo. Ojala y lo valoren bien πŸ’• #Melfest
Paul Rey, el nombre lo dice todo πŸ˜‡Y el TEMAZO que es Royals!! 😍 #Melfest
Royals is Paul's best entry yet imo tbh 😌☺️ #melfest
Paul Reys' best Melfest entry btw πŸ‘ #Melfest
Paul Rey did amazing closing the show! #Melfest
Well... at least Paul Rey is very beautiful. #melfest2023 #melfest #Melodifestivalen
Ojala y siga asi de bien para Paul 🀭 #Melfest
Royals already have 24 wow πŸ‘πŸ½ #melfest
I actually really like Royals so I'm pleased it's doing well #melfest
Royals is like Voices but not as catchy. #Melfest
Paul Rey should come back next year and win. #Melfest
Paul has a great entry I really like this #Melfest
Even Royals is a banger isn't it. I've enjoyed every performance tonight and that never happens. #melfest
Muy bien los jurados valorando Royals sabiendo que el televoto probablemente lo deje bottom 3 πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» #Melfest
Plot twist the heterosexual industry lets Paul Rey win #melfest2023
eh?? visste inte att royals skulle va sa popular halla where is the appeal #melodifestivalen
Que buen cantante es #PaulRey 😻 deberia tener un alcance internacional mucho mas excelente su actuacion final #Melodifestivalen2023 #melfest
paul rey is jury materia ngl, its his best entry so far I think #Melfest
Paul Rey is such a cutie! #Melodifestivalen
Good for Paul Rey to be doing so well! #Melfest
I didn't realise Royals was this good! #Melfest
LOVE this for Paul Rey btw #Melfest
paul rey lol #melfest
Paul Rey , one word, ridey 😍 #melfest
Royals in 3rd is wild but I'm very happy #melfest
Paul Rey only 1 point? 😱 Oh my God. I love juries now more and more. πŸ’ͺπŸ»πŸ˜‚ #Melfest #Melfest2023 #Mello #ESC2023 #Eurovision
Am I only one who loves Royals ???!!! #Melfest
what do the juries find interesting about royals i am genuinely curious #melfest
pues sorprendida y muy chulo lo de Paul Rey, buena cancion para cerrar #Melfest
royals 1 point, that's hilarious xdddd #melfest
Royals is definitely Paul Rey's best Melfest song #melfest
Paul Rey's best royals performance #melfest2023
El jurado votando a Royals cuando es un mojon? lol #melfest
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